Best Clothing Gift Set For Baby Boy

The best gift you can give to a newly born is a comfortable outfit. Soft and skin-friendly clothes can make a baby relax. The options for baby clothing are limitless. But when choosing dresses for the baby, it is crucial to consider a few things, such as clothing material and care. We have gathered a list of baby dress sets that are beautiful and can be gifted. A buying guide follows the list for the perfect purchase.

1. Mini Berry Baby's Gift Set

The set is comfortable and soft to wear for newborns weighing up to 16.5 lbs. The clothing set can be washed in a machine. It comes in beautiful packaging containing a crew neck bodysuit with crotch snap closure, t-shirt, pants, bib, booties, a pair of mittens, a cap, a towel, and four wash clothes. The packaging weighs 0.4 grams and has a dimension of 15 x 7 x 20 cm.

2. Fancy Walas Presents New Born Baby Winter Clothing Set

Fancy walas newborn baby winter clothes set is a unisex set that can be used by both a baby boy or a baby girl. All the clothing pieces are made from high-quality soft cotton that feels comfortable on the skin.

The set is suitable for 0-3-month-old babies. The clothing pieces have fleece lining making a great choice for winter times. It has cute animal prints on it, making it stylish.

3. Lappu NewBorn Clothes Set

The Lappu newborn set is a 5 piece pack made from 100% cotton fleece material. It is soft on the baby’s skin and does not cause itching, irritation or rashes.

The fabric is breathable and healthy to wear. It maintains an ideal body temperature: neither too hot nor too cold. The clothes set includes one of each: pajama, leggings, vest, bib and a cap.

It is best suited to use in the winter season due to the warmth it offers. It can also be used as sleepwear for the baby.

4. Pikipoo Mini Berry Gift Set

The set contains 13 pieces of clothes, including a bodysuit, t-shirt, cap, mittens, booties, bib, long pants, shorts, and four wash clothes. It is available in two colors – blue and red. The set comes in attractive packing with a dimension of 47.4 x 7.9 x 5.4 cm.

5. Little Hub Clothing Set

The clothing set fits 0-3 months of babies. It is made of 100% cotton and is comfortable to wear daily. The set contains a shirt, pants, cap, hanky, a pair of mittens, and shoes. The clothing set is available in four color options – blue, green, peach, and pink.

The baby clothes can be washed in the machine and mild ironed. The packaging weighs 290 grams and has a dimension of 32 x 26.16 x 4.83 cm.

6. Green Tee Top and Bottom Sets

The Green Tee top and bottom set includes multicolor five t-shirts and bottoms for everyday use. It is ideal for 12-18 months of babies. The clothing set calls for careful care. It needs to be hand washed and dried in the shade.

7. Generic Baby Gift Set

The clothing set is made from 100% cotton. It is soft and comfortable to wear. The clothing set comes in attractive colors – blue, green, pink, and peach. The packaging contains six essential clothes that can be machine washed and mild ironed.

Buying Guide


When buying clothes for a newly born baby, it is crucial to ensure the cloth material is soft to the baby’s skin. Cotton is a comfortable and safe material for the baby’s delicate skin.


Wash Type

Go for the clothes that are easy to wash. Clothes of the baby may require to be washed several times a day. New mothers find machine-washable clothes convenient as hand wash calls for extra energy and time.



Blue is a universal color for the boy, while the pink color is for the girl. So, if you plan to buy clothes as a gift for a baby boy, consider the color.



When buying a baby clothing set, go through the contents imprinted on the box. Some packaging may contain shorts, which is ideal for babies born in summers. Reading through the content can help make a better choice.



Price is an important consideration when buying clothes for the baby. Babies grow quite quickly, which means the clothes that fit them now may not fit next month or ever after a few weeks. Therefore, there is no point in spending lots of money on clothes as you will also need to buy more of them.

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