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Whether it’s at home, in school, or any other set, they deserve comfortable seats just like adults. A comfortable chair must be strong enough to withstand the constant unsettled movements children tend to make. It should be comfortable to sit and lean on for kids. With an influx of production of these chairs in the market, it can be quite challenging getting a suitable one. This review seeks to help you settle for a chair that will serve the interests of your child.

1. Nilkamal LivShine Chair 

This chair is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is a must-have. The solid legs give the chair extra strength to prevent sinking when outdoors.

With a capacity of 60 kgs, this seat can be used for a long time by kids. The chair is made with lightweight, sturdy materials to ensure that kids can carry it without seeking help.

The bright colours are used to make the seats attractive to children and are perfect for schools. They are a fun way to introduce children to colours.

2. Supreme Kids Chair

Supreme is offering a fun rocking chair that your kid will surely enjoy. It is made out of good quality plastic which makes it super lightweight.

The chair is giraffe themed that kids love. It comes with a support bar in the front so that the kid does not fall facing the front. The rocking motion of this chair will surely calm any fussing child.

3. Nilkamal Chair

This seat is designed to carry a maximum weight of 60kgs. The chair is designed to be used indoors or outdoors regardless of the weather.

The seat is water-resistant. It is made from high-quality plastic materials that are non-toxic and safe for children.

This material is durable and can withstand children’s daily use in a school or home set up.

The seat is designed with strong legs and holes for stacking to clean the space the chairs occupied. The stacking abilities also mean they do not have to take a lot of space in the storage room.

4. Sunbaby Chair 

This chair is designed to be sturdy and strong with the capacity to carry up to 100kgs. The chair has a design on the backrest to prevent sweating and also to add class and style.

The chair’s sides and edges are smoothly finished to ensure that your child is safe when using the seat.

It comes in several attractive and beautiful colours to appeal to children. It is suitable for home or school use.

The chair is made from non-toxic plastic material and is designed to give ultimate relaxation to the children. This chair is the real deal as it is strong enough to warranty you lengthy service.

The chair has an ergonomic design to ensure that the user enjoys maximum relaxation with high back support. The chair also provides an upright seating posture which protects your child’s back and enables them to get up quite easily.

5. Baybee Chair

Made from premium polypropylene, this chair is designed for weight. It can carry up to 100kgs, meaning adults can sit on the chair as well.

The surfaces and edges are finished smooth to ensure that your child is safe when using this seat. With this chair, your child won’t have to fear scratches arising from the seat in any way.

The highly portable seat is made and designed to be lightweight; hence even kids can lift the seat without requiring help.

The chair is designed with beautiful colours to attract kids. This makes it suitable for school set up as kids will enjoy sitting on different colours.

These chairs can be used to introduce kids to different colours. This chair guarantees that the user will enjoy maximum relaxation with high back support with an ergonomic design.

Made from non-toxic plastic, this chair will not harm your child.

Buying Guide


When it comes to children’s chairs, durability is a key concern. Kids don’t know how to sit quietly and settle.

They constantly will be shifting position, or dragging the chair to switch places. With these kinds of activities, chairs made from soft materials do not last.

Thus, you have to go for lightweight yet strong seats for kids.



The kid’s chair must have interesting designs and colours. No child will want to sit in a chair with boring colours.

If you can get chairs with cartoon characters or superheroes, children will be very excited to sit on them. If you buy chairs that are single-coloured ensure the colour is bright and attractive.



Safety is the top priority for your child. You’ll have to focus on how strong the chair is.

It should be able to carry the weight of an average child without breaking. The other aspect of safety is ensuring the materials used are non-toxic to children.


It is easy to assume that buying a chair for your child is a simple task. Failure to consider proper care when buying can lead to unwanted accidents.

Consider reviews of other users before settling for a chair.

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