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Be it in the winter evenings or when you are craving something hot, steamy, nutritious, a bowl of chicken soup is always a delight. The problem is that even if you make soup at home, it is not as yummy and your children may refuse to eat. What if you could get fresh, homemade soup that tastes just like chef-made restaurant quality? Instant soup is the answer. We have provided you with a range of tasty instant chicken soups that are delicious and nutritious too.

1. Knorr Chicken Soup

This soup pack is rich and creamy, and it takes just a few simple steps to get a delectable bowl of soup. It contains dehydrated vegetables and chicken.

The soup is low on fat and healthy. There are no added preservatives in the product as well. This pack serves about 4 people.

2. Knorr International Shanghai Hot & Sour Chicken Soup Pouch

Knorr international series offers Shanghai hot and sour chicken soup that contains real chicken and vegetable pieces.

The soup does not contain any preservatives. Instead, the chicken pieces are made with freeze-drying technology that gives the taste and texture of fresh chicken.

Knorr soup is very easy to make and it gets ready in just three simple steps. Enjoy this soup in any weather, along with knorr Chinese Manchurian and Hakka noodles. This one pack of 38 grams serves 4.

3. Maggi Chicken Soup 

All will enjoy this instant chicken noodle soup in your family.

It is tasty as well as filling. It is also marked as a halal product. The pack is not very high on calories either as it provides just 3% of your calorie intake.

4. Keya Chicken Soup

A single 52 g pack of this hot and sour chicken soup serves four individuals. It contains dehydrated chicken and vegetables and hence is nutritious. 100 g of this soup has about 6.87 g of protein.

The trans fat content is negligible, less than 0.1 g per 100 g. Though the soup tastes authentic Chinese, it contains no MSG.

The pack has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. You should keep it in a cool and dry place to prevent the soup from spoiling.

5. Batchelor's Chicken Soup 

A single carton has four sachets; each sachet can make a cup of hot steaming soup.

Making soup is a no brainer with this pack, just pour the contents into a cup and add hot boiling water (about 250 ml).

These packs are especially ideal for working professionals and can be carried in your pocket or purse. There is no artificial colour or preservative in the product.

Also, the soup is low in fat and sugar. It has actual chicken, roughly 2.3%. You should store it in a cool and dry place and consume it before the expiry date stated on the pack.

Buying Guide


In Chinese and South-East Asian cooking MSG or monosodium glutamate is used quite often.

This ingredient has been at the helm of controversy, claiming that it is toxic for the human body. However, research studies are divided in their opinions.

The FDA considers proper amounts of MSG in food to be safe for consumption. In instant food, especially noodles and soups, you will find this ingredient. Sometimes it is mentioned as MSG, and at others, it is present as E621 or INS621.

But is MSG good for you? Well for infants MSG is not good definitely and should be avoided. Research suggests that people sensitive to this compound do have asthma attacks and headaches. Overconsumption can even lead to brain damage.

One study showed that people who reported MSG sensitivity consumed 5 g or more of MSG.

The most common symptoms they complained of were muscle tightness, numbness, weakness, flushing, headache, and a tingling sensation.

Some have considered MSG to be responsible for increased calorie intake and obesity.

However, counter research is also present that suggests that MSG is not responsible for obesity and overeating. More research supporting either of the beliefs needs to be published to determine MSG’s weight management role.


Trans Fat

Instant food is easy to make and is tasty. But it is not always healthy. They look healthy but may contain hydrogenated oils that reduce good cholesterol HDL and increase LDL or bad cholesterol.

Hydrogenated oils contain cholesterol and trans fat, both unhealthy, and long-term consumption leads to clogging of arteries, obesity, and even heart attacks. Eating instant food occasionally has no harm to your body.


Palmolein Oil

You will come across packs that claim that they are low on trans fat or free of trans fat, which means no hydrogenated oil is used. Instead, palmolein oil or palm oil is used, and it is better than hydrogenated oils.

But that said these are also not free of unhealthy saturated fats. Another issue is that palmolein oil releases toxins when it is overused. There is no way you can determine that the instant soup you are buying has been made with fresh or reused palmolein oil.

Usually, popular and quality brands ensure that they keep these health issues in mind, so always look for FSSAI certifications. Product quality is tested before it is released in the market.



Salt is a must in savoury food. Instant soups contain salt, so they are high in sodium. Just 100 g of instant soup can contain 45 mg or more of sodium, which is quite high, as we require just 2,300 mg of it per day.



Instant food contains a lot of synthetic preservatives, usually to increase the shelf life of the product.

Synthetic preservatives are chemicals, and such chemicals may have an immediate impact on your health by causing allergic reactions or in the long term cause serious health ailments, including cancer.



Most of the soups contain milk or milk solids to give them a more rich consistency. Lactose in milk is a common allergen, so before buying always check the ingredients list. Another common allergen, soya is a very popular ingredient when it comes to instant soups.

If you are allergic to soya, be wary, and read the allergen information. Gluten may also be present in the soup as some manufacturers use wheat as a natural thickener. For people with gluten sensitivity, buying food that clearly states “gluten-free” is best.


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