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Most carrycots also serve as a car seat, which saves a lot of time when you are in a hurry. It is one of the best carriers to keep your child secure and comfortable. We have here reviewed some of the most multi-functional, safe, and comfortable carrycots in the market for you to choose from.

LuvLap 4-in-1 Baby Car Seat and Carry Cot

This well-made carrycot has a ECER44/04 certification, which is the highest safety standard available in the EU. It has 4-in-1 functionality where it can be used as a car seat, carrycot, rocker, and feeding chair.

It also has an easy one-pull harness system to secure the baby in no time.

The 5-point safety harness has been designed to keep your baby safe in all eventualities; it buckles your baby’s shoulder, waist, and crotch.

There is soft and deep padding on the harness, head as well as the seat for comfort. There are three levels that the headrest and harness can be adjusted to.

The canopy of the carrycot can be adjusted for better protection. The seat cover is removable and washable to maintain its hygiene.

It is suitable for newborns up to 15 months, and it can hold weight up to 13kg.

Fisher-Price – Infant Car Seat


This Fisher-Price infant car seat comes with a five-point harness for maximum safety. The seat is well cushioned for maximum safety. It comes with side impact protection and deep soft padded side wings.

The seat is certified with the most stringent European standards. It is lightweight since it is made from virgin plastic.

The multipurpose design of the seat allows you to use it as a car seat, carrycot, rocker and feeding chair.

This Fisher-Price infant seat comes with an integrated canopy to give protection to your baby from harmful sun rays. It is recommended for babies that weigh up to 13 kgs.

Little Pumpkin Infant Car Seat Cum Carrycot


Little Pumpkin infant car is equipped with a 3 point safety belt that is designed to adjust according to the child’s comfort and height. The seat comes with an inbuilt canopy to protect the baby from sunlight.

The carrycot is ultra-lightweight to protect your hand from getting tired. You can choose to convert it to a baby car seat, carrycot, rocker or feeding chair.

The safety belt in the seat protects the baby while you are using it. You can even choose from 4 position handle adjustments to carry the baby conveniently.

Tender Care Baby Cozy Carry Cot 

This is a versatile baby cot that can be used as a rocker, carry cot, feeding seat, reclining and baby chair positions. It features a large canopy to protect your baby in all weather conditions.

The rocking mechanism can be used to put the baby to sleep. The cot also has a storage section to safely keep all of your baby’s essentials easily accessible.

It comes with a sturdy, easy to grip handle and a double cushion washable cover.

R for Rabbit Picaboo 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Baby Carry Cot

This carrycot has also been made to the EU’s ECE R44/04 safety standards and carries its certification.

The design is lightweight to make it extremely portable. There is padding on the sides of the carrycot in addition to the bottom to give your baby impact protection.

The multi-functional nature of the cot allows it to be used as a carrycot, an infant car seat, a rocker, and a feeding chair.

The handle of this carrycot can be adjusted to 4 different positions depending on what the cot is being used for.

It comes with a canopy that keeps the baby safe from sunlight. The carrycot comes with a comfortable headrest so the baby can sleep peacefully.

Recommended for 0-15 months weight with maximum weight being 13 kg.

Ehomekart Carry Cot Cum Bouncer

Ehomekart carrycot is very portable and has dimensions of 67cm x 41cm x 24cm and weighs just 3.5kg.

It can be used in 7 different roles, including a feeding chair, baby chair, a rocker, a bathtub, a carrycot, a bouncer, and a swing.

The high-quality plastic, fabric, and metal used make this product highly durable.

The carrycot also has a canopy to protect from the sun and a mosquito net to protect your baby from the bugs. The carrycot can be adjusted in numerous ways as the child grows.

Its carrying capacity is 12 kgs and is recommended for 0-2 years old babies.

Mee Mee 5-in-1 Baby Cozy Carry Cot Cum Rocker

This carrycot has 5 different functional uses. It can be used as a rocker, a carrycot, a car seat, a rocker, and a chair.

There is a Y-shaped belt that holds your baby firmly while being transported. The quilted seat provides back support that is good for your baby’s posture.

The carrycot has been built to make it as easy as possible for you to carry a baby around the house while you are doing chores.

The cover of the product can be detached, and machine washed for convenience and hygiene. It is made of high-quality cotton that is soft on your baby’s skin.

There is a special section in the carrycot to keep your baby’s essentials handy while you both are outdoors.

Goyal’s 12-in-1 Premium Musical Carry Cot Cum Bouncer

This high-quality carrycot can be used in multiple ways. It can be used as a car seat, a swing (strings included), a bouncer, and a carrycot.

There is also a mosquito net that comes with it which makes it perfect for keeping the babies safe from bugs.

The angle of the cot can be adjusted for either sleeping or sitting by rotating locks on either side of the cot.

The quilted seat is designed to give your baby just the right amount of back support for perfect posture.

It is recommended for 0-1-year-old babies.

Buying Guide/Tips


You will be carrying your baby around in this cot, so it’s always good to make sure that the handle is such that you can carry the cot comfortably. It’s also important to make sure that the handle is strong enough to lift its weight with a baby in it repeatedly without bending or cracking.


Car Seat

The best thing about carrycots is that they can generally be used as car seats. One of the most difficult parts, when you go outdoors, might be making your baby sit comfortably into the car seat and then removing him/her from it. A carrycot that doubles as a car seat solves that and saves a lot of time to boot.



Some carrycots are made just to be used on steady ground. You might decide to take your little one on a picnic or have to balance him on uneven ground as you get your bearings at some point. Make sure that the carrycot’s stand is stable and made in a way that balances on any form of ground steadily.

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