Best Cardboard Lever Arch Box Files

Cardboard Lever arch box files are used in offices, schools, homes, and institutions to keep the important documents safe and handy. These files are incredibly beneficial for keeping a clean track of useful documents. You can keep them in a way so that you can take out any papers without much hassle. Some people who have many documents at home can also use it. We will be looking at such cardboard lever arch box files that are handy, stylish, and easy to use.

1. Ace Files Cardboard Lever Arch Box File

Ace files Cardboard Lever Arch Box files are another example of excellent files used effectively to keep large documents safely. The quality is not at all compromised and keeps the papers crease-free.

It is very affordable and available in a variety of colours. This means that you have access to the expansive space to keep any necessary certificate or paper securely.

No plastic lamination is used, and the design is very corporate. It provides a feeling of secrecy and importance. The material used to create these files is 100% recyclable.

2. Ipop Retail Office Voucher Arch Lever Box File

A vibrant pack of 4 files that keep all your certificates, medical reports and prescriptions, bills, and substantial loose sheets all in the same place.

The cover is exceptionally glossy and durable. It is also lightweight and easy to handle.

It can hold up to 300 sheets of documents. So, you do not have to worry about the space factor. Placing and taking out the documents from the file is very easy.

The clip that holds each document inside is extraordinarily sturdy and shiny. These files also last very long and can be carried anywhere.

3. Goti House Cardboard Lever Arch Box File

Goti house files are of premium quality and used to keep certificates, leaflets, and legal documents large in size. The design is unique, and the cover has a stylish and corporate look.

The box files are PVC coated polymer, and it opens at 180 degrees that helps arrange files correctly. Also, these files are easy to use, and there is no hassle when taking them out.

The steel clip is imported and is exceptionally lightweight so you can use it for several documents. After keeping the documents, they are visible, allowing easy access when you need to take one out.

Goti office files can hold up to 350 sheets. The file has springs inside that are extremely helpful in organizing your certificates, official documents, medical reports systematically.

4. BindEx Office Lever Arch Box File

Another unique file manufactured by BindEx Office, these files are easy to keep and replace documents. These files have the perfect shape, so you can easily keep them on the shelf.

You can store at least 500 pages in the file. Though it will depend more on the thickness of the papers, it is a good choice.

It is an easy way of organizing the piled up documents. Also, it makes it easy and time-saving when you need essential documents.

The quality of the files is super sturdy. So, it holds the documents properly without a crease or bend. The file also has sound clips that hold the papers inside and reduces the risk of losing them.

5. Shakti Lever Arch Box Files

Shakti files are perfect to be used at places where keeping documents orderly is essential. The cover colour comes in many varieties and mixes well with any ambience.

Each file is capable of holding sheets up to 300. The laminated art paper does the binding. The file materials are 100% recyclable, and cardboard is of premium quality.

6. Neel Arch File Cardboard Box Files 

Neel Arch file CardBoard PVC Box files are perfect for keeping official or confidential documents. The multicolour files also give you the option to keep the documents based on your colour choice.

You can keep emergency and frequently used documents on one coloured file and less used documents on another coloured file.

As most of the documents come in A4 size sheets, they will be perfect for holding such documents. The quality of the files is top-notch and incredibly lightweight.

Buying Guide

Keeping documents in a safe and sturdy file is what we all want. There are some check-points that you should keep in mind before buying such files.


Checking the Size

Some crucial papers can be larger than what we expect. So, it is better to go for the larger files so that your papers can be stored easily without any crease.



No matter how many documents you have, it is always better to give files that much space to keep everything in one place.


Colour Option

Choose files with different colour options. It will help you to organize files as per the importance.

Bottom Line

Selecting the correct file for your important papers can be challenging as there are many options available. So, we have arranged this list with premium quality files for all your needs. We hope it helps you to find the perfect file for you.


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