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Scented candles are known to provide numerous health benefits via aromatherapy. They not only create an intimate ambience but also relieve your stress and put you at ease. That being said, you need a good candle holder if you regularly use candles. The dripping wax can be a real problem if it falls on your carpet, flooring, or furniture. Open candles are also a risk to have around pets and children. They also act as great furniture pieces when not in use. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at our guide to the best candle holders you can buy.

1. Obbi Crystal Rose Brass Candle Holder

These beautiful candle holders come in a pack of 2. Each holder is adorned with transparent beads that will surround the candle flame. It will reflect the light in many directions due to its shape to create a spectacular candle lighting effect. The designed stem makes it an ideal decorative piece for Christmas and many other festivals. The holders are made from pure brass.

2. Vilon Lotus Flower Tea Light Candle Holder

Violin lotus flower tea light candle holder is made from glass. It has three layers of lotus petals that make it look grand when placed as a decorative piece. When placed a light tea candle on it, the candle holder makes any corner of the house more festive.

The lotus is known to bring good luck and increase the sense of joy and happiness in the house. It is highly durable and can be placed directly under sunlight to spread the light all around the room.

3. Home Centre Galaxy Mini Candle Holder Set

Home Centre Galaxy Mini Candle Holder Set comes in a pack of 3 candle holders. It has a modern look and stylish design and comes with a two-sided swivel.

This product is made of glass and some parts with metal and has 8 x 8 x 12.5 cm dimensions. It can be used inside the house and outside as well.

4. Brown Village Birdcage Light holder

This light holder has a unique bird cage design that acts like an antique piece of decoration. Unlike normal candle holders, it can be hung instead of just being able to keep it on the table. The cage has a glossy and reflective coat that will enhance the light and give it a long life. This light holder makes for a perfect addition to your home.

5. Aadit Crreation Tea Light Candle Holder

Aadit Creation’s candle holders take an artistic approach with its design. It features two umbrella-carrying ladies that resemble ancient cave art. This vintage holder can elevate the room ambience to the next level. The materials used are cane and high-quality iron. It is appropriate to hold candles of small length.

6. The Purple Tree Candle Holder

The Purple Tree offers a candle holder with a beautiful Moroccan style design that is alluring to the eyes. It is intricately designed with four large spaces on each side and smaller spaces on its dome. The holder is manufactured with high production standards with good quality and smooth finish. It comes with a hanging chain to easily hang it where you want.

7. Willart Exclusive Handcrafted Pillar Candle Stand

This lovely handcrafted candle holder will light up the décor of any room it is placed in. It can be mounted on the wall and is adorned with sequins and a mirror. This will help better reflect the candle flame’s light and is a classic addition to your interiors, making it a perfect housewarming gift.

Buying Guide


Candles come in different shapes and sizes, and so do the holders. Measure the dimensions of the candles you plan to use so you can buy your holder accordingly.



The candle holder makes for a very attractive piece of decoration item. So, it is important that the design and colour of the holder match with your interiors.



Remember that you will need to clean the holders quite often. You should be able to reach the base and surrounding areas with ease.



Candle holders come in various types like hanging, table-top, or wall-mounted. Each serves a different purpose.

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