The Best Business Card Holders To Store Your Cards

A business card holder allows convenient access to business information; you can easily and quickly give out your information without much issue. Putting your business card in a holder keeps them accessible and neat. It reduces the chances of misplacing it and also getting dirty. The business card holder also lets you stay represented and informed at all times. Below-listed is some of the top card holders available online.

1. NISUN PU Leather Pocket Sized Credit Card Holder

The Nisun PU Leather Pocket Sized Credit Card Holder is a unique cardholder with a dimension that perfectly fits your pocket. This card comprises a stylish stitched PU leather finish exterior, velvet interior, and magnetic lid.

The card holder’s magnetic lid is easy to open and close, making it convenient to use. The Nisun PU Leather Pocket Sized Card Holder can accommodate up to 5 credit cards or 15 business cards for long use without wearing out. It is easy to handle, carry, and store in a bag or a small purse.

2. GoFree Business Card Holder Case

A business card holder is an important part of your office attire and accessories. The GoFree business card holder will make you stand out and make a statement with its classy looks.

The cardholder is stylish but in a subtle and minimalist manner. The inside and the outside of the holder is made from premium faux leather with excellent stitching and finish.

The holder may be compact, but it has a large capacity to hold up to 30 business cards. The cards are protected by a powerful and easy to use a magnetic lock.

3. OFIXO Business Card Holder

The ofixo Business Card Holder is a durable cardholder with a rectangle shape to give it a fantastic look. It is designed for storing ID Cards, credit cards, debit cards, and other types of business cards.

This business card can easily fit into your purse, purse, and bags. It can also fit conveniently into your traveling bag and shopping purse. The cardholder is sturdy and protects your credit cards, ID cards, and bank cards from wear and tear.

4. Storite PU Leather Steel Business Card Holder

This Storite PU Leather Steel Business Card Holder comes with sufficient capacity; it can hold up to 19 to 20 business cards and 5 or 6 credit or debit cards. It is extra slim and capable of offering optimal comfort whenever it is handled.

This business card holder is made of Stainless steel and PU leather delivering a stylish texture and attractive design. The magnetic closure of this business card holder is very durable, and it makes it easy for you to open and close without discomfort.

It comes with a fantastic look and design helpful for daily use, trip, shopping, travel, and more.

5. rts Imported Card Holder

The rts cardholder can hold various cards like business cards, credit cards, ID cards, driver’s license, access cards, metro cards, gym cards, and more. You can store 5 to 7 debit/credit/ID cards and 14 to 15 business or visiting cards.

This business card is a unique one with an attractive body design. This cardholder’s design is made up of velvet in the interior design, a stylish textured finish in the exterior, and a magnetic lid for open and close.

The rts business card holder is sturdy and durable for daily use. It gives you a professional look and delivers a great expression to your client and associates.

6. Smart iCards Card Holder (Style 6)

This smart iCards card holder comes with an invisible, powerful magnetic lid, which ensures convenient open and closure of the cardholder.

It is a one-sided card holder made of high-quality stainless steel and PU Leather. The cardholder has a velvet interior and stylish leather finish exterior.

It is portable and has a stylish look. Its compartment can accommodate 10 to 12 visiting cards and up to 3 to 4 credit cards depending on the cards’ thickness.

Buying Guide

The best business card holder will give you a professional look, durability, and easy handling of your business cards. In this section, we would discuss the factors to consider when choosing the best business cardholders.



The material of the business card is a vital factor to consider. Some business cards are designed with PU Leather material, while some business cards come with stainless steel material. So, you can decide to choose whichever material you like.



Business card holders come with different storage capacities. Make sure you choose cardholders that can keep your business cards like IDs, credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, and more.

Also, consider the storage space of the business card holder; it should be able to store 10 to 15 visiting or business cards and 5 to 6 credits cards.



Business card holders come in different sizes, styles, and prices. By choosing a cardholder that’s not comfortable, your business cards will be exposed, difficult to move around, and might get damaged easily.

So, it’s important to choose a comfortable business card. A comfortable business card will be easy to manage, excellent to move around with, and easily accommodating your cards without getting them damaged.



The weight of the business you want to acquire should be considered. This will let you know if the business card holder is heavy or light. A light business card holder will be great to keep your cards and easy to carry around. So, make sure you remember to consider the weight of the business card holder before acquiring it.

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