Best Buddha Statue for Home in India

Are you looking for a simple change to bring harmony to your life? Is stress bothering you and eating up your mind?

According to feng shui, the Chinese practice of using energy forces to bring harmony, keeping symbols of peace in your vicinity can help minimize the effects of negative energy. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using a Buddha statue.

Through this article, we aim to enlighten you about using a Buddha statue to transform your space into a source of positivity. Read ahead to know the best Buddha statues available in India, the different types, and the benefits of using a Buddha statue

Placement of Buddha Statue

The placement of the Buddha statue has certain etiquettes that should be followed:

  1. Avoid placing the statue facing the walls.
  2. The area plays a significant role in the success of placing a Buddha statue. Do not place it in areas like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.
  3. The Buddha statue should always face the entrance of the house to keep negative energy at bay.
  4. There should be ample light falling on the Buddha statue. Avoid keeping it in a place where it is constantly dark.
  5. The Buddha statue should be visible and seen.
  6. Keep the Buddha on a table or any surface that is at least 2 and a half feet above the ground.

Benefits of Buddha Statue as per its Placement

According to Feng Shui, the Buddha statue has different benefits when placed at different locations. Each position influences the chi of the place it is kept.


When the Buddha statue is placed facing the front door, it deflects any negative energy that could enter the house. It attracts only positive energy into the house.

On the Desk

Placing a Buddha statue on a desk in your home or office attracts positive energy and brings prosperity.

Study Area 

Keep a Buddha statue on a desk or a shelf in the study area in such a way that you can view it while working or studying at your desk. It helps in enhancing knowledge and achieving academic goals.

Living Room 

Place a Buddha statue in a living room to add a peaceful ambience to the area.

There are different benefits of the Buddha statue based on the location and the mudra.

Nirvana Buddha

This is the sleeping pose of Buddha that encourages the mind to seek harmony internally. It is ideal to be placed reclining to the right and facing West. Placing the sleeping Buddha in any space brings positivity and calmness.

Bhumisparsha Buddha

This is a symbolic pose of Buddha that represents eternal knowledge. It shows Buddha meditating with one hand touching the ground. Place this in your home or office facing East. If you are seeking enlightenment this statue will help you.

Head Of Buddha

Although this is not a pose, there is significance in placing Buddha Head in your home as it represents his vast knowledge. This is a contemporary version of Buddha and doesn’t have any strict rules for placements.

It can be placed in any place except work areas, laundry, and bathroom.

Praying Buddha 

It is Buddha’s praying position with its hands folded. It should be placed above the eye level because it represents Buddha’s dedication towards prayers. Placing the praying Buddha statue in your home at the entrance will help you gain a higher level of spirituality.

Meditating Buddha 

This is the most commonly found Buddha statue. It represents positivity and helps in attaining eternal peace. The mediating Buddha statue shows Buddha sitting with his legs folded and hands on the lap.

This deep mediation of Buddha helps the mind to relax and focus on meditation. It should be placed in any quiet area where you would like to meditate or relax.

Types of Buddha Statues

Based on the mudras of Buddha, the statues can be classified as:

Abhaya Mudra

This is the pose of protection where the left hand is in the meditation mudra, and the right-hand faces outwards. All the fingers point upwards.

Vitarka Mudra

This is the pose of intellect and knowledge. It shows Buddha sitting with the left hand placed in front of the navel and facing upwards. The right-hand faces outwards with the index and thumb fingers joining in a ring.

Bhumisparsha Mudra 

This is a well-known mudra in which Buddha is seated with the left hand in the mediation mudra and the right hand touching the earth.

Dhyana Mudra 

This is commonly called the meditation mudra in which both hands join each other by placing the right palm on the left palm.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some key factors you may want to consider before investing in the right Buddha statue


Before investing in a Buddha statue, understand your purpose in buying it. This will help you decide which mudra to choose.


Budhha statues are available in different materials like metal and resin. Metal statues are heavy but last long. They are suitable for larger statues that are meant to be kept stationary. Resin statues are light-weight and easy to move around.


Buddha statues are available in different colours like black, brown, white, blue, etc. Choose a colour that matches the interiors of the space you plan to keep it in.


Depending on where you intend to place the Buddha statue, choose one that fits in that location. If you want the statue to be the central piece of attraction, look for bigger-sized Buddha statues.

For smaller areas like shelves and desktops, look for lightweight and smaller-sized Buddha statues.

Top 6 Buddha Statues

1. Kartique Brass Buddha Idol Statue

This statue is of Budhha’s Bhumisparsha mudra. It is by far the most symbolic pose at it represents Buddha’s enlightenment when Gautam Buddha was meditating for years and the demon Mara tried to interrupt him.

Main Features
  • This statue measures 16 inches in height, 10 inches in width, and 8 inches in depth
  • It is made of brass and weighs 9.5kgs
  • This statue should be placed facing East
  • The statue represents eternal knowledge
  • It depicts intricate and distinctively beautiful craftsmanship
  • It can be placed in your home and office area
PROS (What we liked)
  • This statue is crafted with excellence and precision
  • The quality is solid and durable
  • It will attract positive energy
  • It makes a great gift
  • The handcrafted details on this statue catch the eye of guests
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The base could be more stable

2. Global Grabbers Sitting Buddha Idol Statue

This is a statue of meditating Buddha. It is ideal to place in any room in a showcase.

It can also be gifted to your loved ones on any special occasion. It is one of the best Buddha statues designed to remove negativity from your surroundings.

Main Features
  • This statue measures 8×18.5x24cm and weighs 300gm
  • It is made of polyresin
  • The detailing is intricate on this statue with the black body, orange cloak, and studded borders
  • There are detailed floral carvings on the dress of Buddha
  • It is painted with high-quality paint
PROS (What we liked)
  • The facial expressions of Buddha in this statue are designed to bring peace to the mind
  • The sparkling mirrors embedded in this statue give it a premium look
  • It is resistant to fading
  • It is light-weight and thus easy to move around
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were observed so far

3. Goldiluxe Vinayak Creations Sitting Buddha Idol

This is a statue of Buddha sitting in a meditating pose. The blue and white combination of this statue makes it ideal to be used as a showpiece. It has delicate and detailed work done on it.

Main Features
  • This statue is made of polyresin and weighs 200gms
  • It is crafted by skilled artisans using conventional techniques
  • The dress is painted blue with golden borders
  • The statue sits on a base that resembles the mountain stones
  • The dimensions of this statue are 24x18x8cm
PROS (What we liked)
  • It can be put in a showcase as a decorative item
  • It is known for bringing luck and prosperity
  • It brings in the energies of protection, peace, and strength
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • The small size makes it easy to carry or move around
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality is not up to the mark

4. StoresHub® Palm Buddha Idol Statue

This statue of Buddha is a symbol of good luck. It is perfect for displaying on the showcase or for gifting someone. It can also be placed in your car’s dashboard to bring good luck. The serene expression on the face of this statue is precise and clear.

Main Features
  • This statue is made of resin
  • It can be placed on a shelf, desktop, or study area
  • It measures 7x13x10cm and weighs 250 gms
  • It has a black matte finish with golden details
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is lightweight and small in size
  • This statue can easily be moved from one spot to another
  • It does not fade or lose shine
  • It brings positive and calm vibes
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The statue is not as attractive as shown in the images

5. Mariner’s Creation Resin & Marble Buddha Idol

This product is a combination of 3 statues of Buddha. These are idols of Buddha playing musical instruments.

These peace Buddha statues are painted black with silver, golden, and bronze details. It is a set of trendy and adorable showpieces that will look elegant in any modern home.

Main Features
  • Each statue measures 12.5x10x22cm
  • They are crafted from high-grade resin and marble dust
  • These statues are an ideal gifting option for friends and family
  • The details on each statue are intricate and emit style
  • All these postures of Buddha bring peace and tranquillity in any space
PROS (What we liked)
  • These statues are not too big and hence can fit in any space
  • They are free of rust and cracks
  • It is easy to clean and maintain these statues with the use of a soft cloth
  • Each piece can be placed separately or together
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality could have been better

6. Mariner’s Creation® Buddha Idol

This is a set of a Buddha statue and a wooden tray to place the statue on. The statue and tray are painted black with golden details.

The statue is of Buddha’s meditation pose. Along with the wooden tray, this small Buddha statue for home looks quite stylish and is suitable to be placed in any space.

Main Features
  • The statue is 30cm in height and the wooden tray has dimensions of 31x11cm
  • Crafted from high-grade resin and marble dust
  • They are made by the skilled hands of Indian artists
  • This set is suitable as an elegant figurine in the drawing-room or living room
  • This statue makes an ideal gift
PROS (What we liked)
  • The black and gold combination of this statue looks stylish and modern
  • Will bring peace and harmony to your home
  • It can be easily moved around or transported
  • Free from rusting and fading
  • It looks good in any space
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The gold details are not finished properly


1. How to clean a Buddha statue?

Use a clean cloth and water to clean the statue. But if it is studded, make sure to not use warm water as the glue might melt. Be gentle while cleaning the statue. Always wipe away dust and keep the statue in a dry place.

2.Why are the eyes of my Buddha statue closed?

This is because it depicts Buddha’s meditation and focuses on harvesting peace.

3.What does the dot on the forehead of the Buddha statue mean?

The circle on the forehead of the Buddha statue is called Urma. It symbolises the third eye that can see divinity.

4.Can Buddha statues be gifted to someone?

It depends on their philosophical beliefs. It is usually considered a good sign to gift the Buddha statue to someone.


A Buddha statue symbolises a person’s efforts at driving away negativity and working towards positivity. It impacts their surroundings and internal vibes.

Since there are different mudras of Buddha available in the form of statues, it is important to know which one you would like to bring into your space.

Our top picks for you are Kartique Brass Buddha Idol Statue and Global Grabbers Sitting Buddha Idol Statue

Before investing in a Buddha statue, we recommend considering all the points we have mentioned in this article. We have shed some light on the factors that you need to consider after buying the Buddha statue as well.

Buddha statues have gained the trust of millions of people worldwide because of the impact of Buddha’s teachings. This simple yet effective means of gaining peace can work wonders if you are finding it difficult to ward away negativity.

So go ahead and buy that Buddha statue you have been eyeing. It is sure to bring you peace and harmony.


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