Best Baby Nose and Ear Cleaning Products

A stuffed nose will give you one cranky baby. Newborns learn how to breathe through their nostrils first and you, therefore, need to keep their nasal passage clean at all times. With a blocked nose, your kid will have problems when trying to sleep as well. If you hate having a stuffy nose, you can bet how your kid will feel if you let her stay in the condition. You also need to clean your baby’s ears from time to time.

Ear wax is essential as it prevents dust from entering the ear canal, but too much of it will only bring your baby a lot of discomfort. You might find your baby suffering from itching, earaches and hearing problems. To make sure your baby has a clean nose and ear at all times, you need to get the right products to make this happen. A lot of ear and baby nose cleaners are in the market today, and all you need to do is get the best for your baby. Doing so might not be the easiest thing to do since you need to know what to look out for in such products before you purchase them.

If looking for such products, you’ve got nothing to worry about anymore. This review will not only narrow down your search but also get you informed on the various nose and ear cleaning essentials an how to clean baby ears as well as how to clean baby nose. You’ll also learn a few safety tips that you need to observe during the process as well as the things to consider before buying the productsWe also have answered the commonly asked questions by parents.

Top 10 Baby Nose and Ear Cleaning Products

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our pick
Best safety feature
Best safety feature
Best ease of use feature
Ideal for regular usage 
Light in weight
Best portability feature
best lightweight feature
Best suction control feature
Best cotton earbud

Different Ways of Cleaning the Nose

You can clean your baby’s nose naturally by making him sneeze. Sneezing expels the blockage and removes the mucus buildup. Making a newborn sneeze is quite difficult. Use the methods below to help you clean your newborn’s nostrils.

Use a saline nasal spray

Here, you only need to squeeze two or three drops of the spray into each nostril to help decongest the nose. You’ll then use a damp washcloth to wipe out the mucus. You can also use wet wipes.

 Baby nasal cleaner

Baby nasal cleaners offer relief to kids, but you need to ensure that you use the right solution. Use a milder solution for kids less than six months of age and a stronger solution for older kids.

Nasopharyngeal (NP) Suctioning

This suctioning is only done by a doctor or a respiratory therapist if your kid’s mucus can’t get removed with a bulb syringe or aspirator or if he has abnormal breathing sounds. You can also consider using this method if your baby needs more oxygen or having difficulty in eating and breathing simultaneously. To carry out the process, a saltwater solution is used to loosen the mucus making it moist. A small sanction tube gets inserted in a suction device then gently placed to touch the back of the throat. Suction is applied to remove the mucus and then the tube gently pulled out of the nose. You can repeat the process as many times as possible until the baby’s nose gets clear.

Different Ways of Cleaning Baby’s Ears

Using a washcloth

To clean your baby’s ears with a washcloth, you need to dampen it with warm water and ring it thoroughly to remove excess water. You do not want the water to drip inside your baby’s ears. After that, rub the cloth gently around the outer ear to pick out the excess wax build up. Never try to remove the wax from your kid’s ear canal as you can damage his eardrum in the process.

Ear drops

Eardrops help to remove wax from the ear canal. It is one of the most effective baby ear wax cleaner. Ensure that you administer the drops when your baby is calm. Rub the bottle to warm up the baby ear cleaning drops and then fill the dropper to the appropriate level and then put the drops one at a time. Let your baby lie for a few minutes as this will make the drops to enter freely into the ear canal. If the earwax drops fail to remove the wax, your doctor might opt to use an infant a wax removal tool referred to as current.

Precautions and Tips to use when cleaning your baby’s nose and ear

  • Never apply force when using a nasal aspirator or a bulb syringe, Aggressive suctioning may cause bleeding in the nasal tissues making the congestion worse.
  • Avoid suctioning your baby’s nose more than twice a day as this can damage the nose lining.
  • If you administer the solution into your baby’s nose and he sneezes it out, you have nothing to worry about since it will make its way back.
  • Avoid using saline drops for more than three continuous days as this can dry out the nose making the situation worse.
  • While buying a nasal aspirator, ensure that you get those specifically made for kids only. It should come designed for a baby’s tiny nostrils.
  • Never use a cotton swab to clean your baby’s eardrum. Also, avoid removing wax from his ear canal.
  • Do not stick your fingers in your baby’s ear when trying to remove excess wax as well.
  • Always follow the instructions that come with baby ear and nose cleaning products. You should also get familiar with them before you start using them.
  • Ensure that you clean and sterilize the products after use.

Baby Nose and Ear Cleaning Essentials

Safety Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are a safe way to get rid of the excess wax from your little angel’s outer ear. You need to clean the wax since if you want your baby to remain clean at all times. You also do not want him to develop hearing problems because of a simple problem you could easily rectify. Always ensure that the cotton ends are soft and safe to use on your baby

Nose Cleaning Tweezers

To clean your baby’s nostrils narrow areas, you need nasal cleaning tweezers. Ensure that you get those specifically made for kids as these come with rounded tips to keep your baby safe during the cleaning process. Most baby cleaning tweezers are plastic made and do not rust as a result. When you start using the tweezers, ensure that you sterilize them using hot water from time to time to kill disease-causing germs.

Nasal Moisturizing Solutions

Some kids tend to suffer from dry skin around the nose area when suffering from a color due to constant wiping. If this is the case with your baby, you need to get him a nasal moisturizing lotion as it will take care of the skin

The moisturizers clean and lubricate the skin around your young one’s nose making reducing the dryness and irritability. They are made with the sensitive nature of kid’s skin in mind thus very safe.

Nasal Aspirators/Bulb Syringe


These will help you to clean your baby’s nose and with ease safely. They suck visible mucus from the nose enabling your baby to breathe without difficulties. Since they come specifically for kids the sucking power is controlled to ensure that no harm befalls the baby during the process.

Never use the products after feeding to avoid complications. Also, use before bedtime to ensure that your baby gets a restful sleep without breathing problems.

Baby Ear Syringes

If you do not want to use cotton buds on your baby’s ears, you can use ear syringes. They loosen the earwax as the liquid targets the ear canal. Use the syringe to drain the liquid, wax, and debris from your kid’s ear canal.

Before you start using the product on your baby, ensure that you consult your baby’s doctor first.

Wash Clothes

         A damp washcloth will help clean your little one’s outer ear. Use a wet washcloth to remove the excess wax from your baby’s outer ear and avoid touching the ear canal at all costs. You can also use it to wipe the crust that builds upon the outer side of your kid’s nose.

Saline Drops

Saline drops are the best in clearing nasal congestion. To administer the drops, you need to lay your baby flat with his head tilted back a little. Use a dropper to drop saline drops in each nostril and wait for about a minute. After that, turn your baby on his stomach and let gravity drain the nose and then wipe it gently with a tissue.

Buyer’s Guide

The following are the things to look out for when buying nose and ear cleaning baby products

Nasal Aspirator

To get the best nasal aspirator for your young one, look out for the following features;

Level of suction

Do not purchase an aspirator with a minimum power suction, as this will only be effective when your baby has thin mucus. Maximum power will enable you to get your kid’s nose clean even the thickest mucus.

Nose Tip

Go for an aspirator with the softest tip you can find for your baby. Remember that kids are delicate and everything about them should be gentle on their skin. Aspirators with silicone tips are the best.

Long usage

When going for any product whether, for your baby or entire family’s use, you need to consider its durability. Get an aspirator that your baby will use for the longest time possible. You do not want to keep on shopping for the same product time and again.

Easy to clean

Always get an aspirator that you can clean with ease to avoid the buildup of disease-causing germs and bacteria. Most bulb aspirators can’t open and thus difficult to clean.

Easy to use

Purchase an aspirator that you’ll use to clean your baby’s congested nose with ease. Look for one that you can disassemble and assemble with ease.

Nasal Tweezers

To ensure that your baby remains safe when cleaning his nose with tweezers, consider the following;

Rounded tips

When it comes to baby grooming, the safety of your little one should always come first. You need to ensure that you don’t hurt her in any way during the process. When going for nasal tweezers, never go for those with sharp pointed tips. You’ll need the rounded ones, made specifically for kids to avoid hurting his delicate nose.

Rust free

Go for plastic made tweezers as these can’t rust. You do not want to use a pair full of rust on your baby’s nose as this can bring about health hazards. Get it plastic and healthy.

Easy to use

There’s never a nasty experience than purchasing a product, only to find out that you can use it after struggling for a very long time. Get tweezers that you can use with ease to make the nose cleaning process quick. You will have a lot of difficulties trying to groom your baby with such tweezers especially if your baby hates foreign objects in his nose.


You can use washcloths to clean your baby’s nose and ears. All you need to make sure is that you get different washcloths with different prints to avoid using those meant for the ears on your baby’s nose and vice versa. To get the best for your young one, look out for the following;


The washcloths you go for should be soft on your baby’s skin. Go for those with flannel or cotton fabrics, and you won’t have to worry about hurting your baby at any time. You can also consider purchasing those made from bamboo but are a little pricey.


The washcloths you go for your baby should be hypoallergenic to keep your kid’s skin safe from suffering from allergic reactions and irritations. Ensure that you check the label to ascertain these facts.

High absorbency

Go for a washcloth with a fabric that absorbs liquids with ease. For you to clean your baby’s ears and nose, you’ll have to dampen it first. A washcloth that lacks this feature will be a little difficult to use.


Purchase washcloths that you can use for the longest time possible. Avoid fabrics that peel with every wash if you do not want to spend a lot of your hard-earned money on washcloths. If you can get one with a fabric that gets softer after every wash, the better.


Always go for affordable products if available. You do not have to spend a lot of money on an item yet you can still get another one from a different brand with the same functionality at a lower price. However, you should never compromise quality because of the price.

Ear Syringes

Consider the following when purchasing ear syringes for your baby.

Ease of use

Always consider how easy it’ll be for you to use the syringe to get the stubborn wax out of your baby’s ears. The syringe should suction the drops and administer them in your little one’s ears with ease. If you find it difficult to do so, look for an alternative.

Syringe tip

Go for a syringe with a soft tip at all times. Remember that kids are delicate beings and everything used on them should be very gentle if you can get a syringe with a silicone tip, the better.

Easy to clean

Purchase a syringe that you can wash and also disinfect with ease. You do not want to add more pain to the injury by using dirty grooming essentials on your baby. If you can get one with removable parts, the easier it’ll be for you to clean.


You do not have to spend a lot of money when purchasing a syringe for your baby’s ears when you can get an effective one at a lower price from another brand. That said, never compromise quality because of the price.

Safety Earbuds

To get the right baby earbuds for your little one, look out for the following.


The earbuds you get for your baby should be gentle enough on your baby’s skin. You do not want your baby to suffer from allergic reactions or irritations.


Do not go for earbuds that loosen with ease as these can block your baby’s ears during the wax removal process. Always select a pack with firm cotton tips.

Number of the cotton swabs in a pack

When going for cotton baby earbuds for your baby, look for a pack with the most number of swabs. For example, if a packet from one brand has 60 swabs and another from another brand contains 100 swabs, common sense dictates that you go for the one with the highest number if it comes at the same price.

1. Pigeon Nose Cleaner Blister Pack – Our pick

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If looking for a nasal pump that will enable you to clean your baby’s nose with ease, you can never go wrong with this one. It has a soft tip that won’t damage his mucus membrane and thus very safe for you to use. The pump has a suction that you can control to achieve the desired results at all times. 

You can also control its suction power to a minimum when your baby has thin mucus and maximum if thick. It comes in a unique dropper type design that makes it easy for you to clean your baby’s nose. The product is also easy to clean and use and thus the best.

When using it, ensure that you hold your baby in your arms and compress the rubber pump before placing the nozzle into your baby’s nostril. Avoid squeezing the pump after inserting it in his nose.

Main Features
  • Has a soft tip that keeps kids’ mucus membrane safe during the cleaning process.
  • Has a suction that you can control with ease
  • Made from high-quality materials thus durable
  • Comes in a unique technique that helps greatly in cleaning your kid’s nose
PROS (What we liked)
  • Has a soft nozzle with a rubber pump
  • Easy to clean and use
  • 100% safe for your baby
  • Its unique design prevents bacteria and molds build-up
  • Many users have appreciated its effectiveness
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Has a small tip
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2. Kiddale Electric Baby Nose Cleaner

The Kaddale electric baby nose aspirator comes with disposable cups that need to be installed on the device. The silicone probes have a conical design and are available in three different sizes. These are suitable for children in the age groups 0 to 10 years.

The aspirator requires batteries to create suction. The suction pressure, in turn, draws out the mucus from your child’s nose efficiently and securely. The soft nozzle meets safety standards and ensures comfort to your child at all times.

Main Features

  • The electric nasal aspirator weighs 299 grams.
  • Comes with a kit of 25 disposable plastic cups.
  • It has a maximum aspiration power of 100%.
  • The three silicone probes are available for children from different age groups.
  • The product is designed to include a transparent cover, sealed water ring, and soft plastic switch.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Highly efficient, gentle, and easy cleaning of your baby’s nose.
  • Light-weight and portable design enables you to carry it anywhere you go.
  • The conical silicone probes are easy to clean with salt water.
  • It is safe and durable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Suction pressure could be better.

3. Kassy Pop Baby Nasal Pump – Best safety feature

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This tiny tool will help you clear your newborn’s sensitive nasal passage giving him immediate relief. If your baby is having a difficult time trying to breathe, the pump will help unblock the stuffy nose and enable him to feed and breathe simultaneously.

The pump is easy to use since all you’ll have to do is squeeze the air out of the bulb to create a vacuum. After that, insert the rubber tip into one nostril and then release the bulb to suction out mucus. It is also easy to clean and dry giving mold no chance to build up. The product is medically safe to use and operational powerful. With it, you’ll suck all the mucus, boogers and snorts out, enabling your baby to breathe with ease.

He will also eat and sleep without difficulties. With it, you’ll always have a happy baby. It is also lead-free, phthalates free and BPA free and thus very safe for your baby. It’s hospital grade material that won’t subject your little angel to suffering due to allergic reactions. You will also get to save a lot of cash on replacements since it’s very durable.

Main Features
  • BPA free, phthalates free and lead-free and thus very safe for your kid.
  • Operational powerful and thus sucks mucus and snorts with ease.
  • Gives you full control over suction
  • Medically safe and operational powerful
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very safe and effective
  • Mild and comfortable for newborns and toddlers
  • Unblocks baby’s nose with ease
  • Lasts for a very long time
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Expensive
  • Has a hard tip
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4. Mee Mee Baby Nose Cleaner – Best ease of use feature

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This nose pump will help you clean your baby’s nose without exposing him to skin irritations. It conforms with the international standard of safety and thus the best for your baby. It has a medical-grade soft silicone tip that is gentle on kid’s skin and will therefore not hurt his nose. 

This nose cleaner is also flexible for easy use. You will also have full control over suction power and thus apply minimum or maximum power in accordance to your baby’s condition. The cleaner will help you to remove congestion on your newborn or toddler at all times.

It comes specifically designed with a soft nozzle to help you clean thick mucus in your baby’s nostrils. With it, you won’t have to worry about damaging your kid’s delicate mucus membrane.

Main Features
  • Conforms with the international standards and therefore safe for your baby.
  • Has a soft silicone tip that is gentle on your baby’s nose.
  • Contains a flexible tip that makes it easy for you to use.
  • The cleaner has a soft nozzle for easy cleaning.
  • Made with BPA free material
PROS (What we liked)
  • Unique design makes it easy to clean
  • Gives you full control over the suction power
  • High-quality material makes it durable
  • You can carry it with ease since it’s portable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Low suction power
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5. Chicco Cotton Tip Sicurnet Ear Buds – Ideal for regular usage 

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If looking for cotton earbuds that will help you clean your baby’s ears with ease, Chicco earbuds will help you a great deal. They are double-ended, meaning that you’ll only need a few (about two) to get your baby ears clean and are ideal for daily cleaning and baby hygiene.

The ears buds are sterile and soft thus safe to use on your newborn’s ears. They come in a flexible design that makes it easy for you to clean all the corners of your baby’s ears. The tips provide smart and proper cleaning without harming or scratching your baby’s sensitive ears.

These ears buds are perfect to use on a regular basis without having any negative side effects on your baby. You can choose to share them with your baby since they are also effective for adults and will give you a wonderful experience as well.

The earbuds come in a special design that protects your baby’s eardrum from harm. You can also use the product to clean your baby’s tiny fingers and toes and all the delicate folds of the skin. Doing so will keep your baby safe from skin rashes and redness.

Main Features
  • Sterile and bacteria free for your baby’s safety
  • Come in a flexible design that makes ear cleaning an easy process
  • A pack has 64 pieces and with double tips and thus lasts for a long.
  • Come in a unique design for eardrum protection
  • Very soft and gentle on baby’s skin
PROS (What we liked)
  • Soft and easy to use
  • Gives your baby a comfortable cleaning experience
  • Ideal for regular usage
  • Great for whole family usage
  • Bacteria free cotton buds
  • Biodegradable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Loose cotton buds
  • Too big a size for kid’s ears
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6. Density Collection Led Flashlight Earpick  – Light in weight

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Don’t let your baby suffer from hearing problems because of wax build-up when you can solve the problem with this ear pick. It has Led flashlight that allows you to see inside your baby’s ear canal. You also get the chance to see the earhole clearly.

This product will help remove your baby’s wax easily and without inflicting pain. It’s very light in weight and will thus never give you a difficult time when cleaning your baby’s ears. It is also easy to handle and clean without problems.

The ear pick has a plastic body that makes it corrosion-free. The nontoxic plastic material safe and clean at all times. The product will last for a very long time since its made from a high-quality and durable plastic material. It also comes with a storage case that helps you in storage.

Main Features
  • Plastic made and therefore corrosion free
  • Light in weight and thus easy to use when grooming your baby’s ears
  • Comes with Led flashlight that enables you to see the ear canal with ease
  • Comes with a storage case that protects the ear pick from damage.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Makes it easy to clean baby ears
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Light in weight thus portable
  • High-quality plastic makes it durable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No  negative points observed about the product
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7. Rikang Baby Nasal Aspirator – Best portability feature

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This nose pump will help you clean all the mucus from your baby’s nose within the shortest time possible. It has a manual aspirator mechanism that gives you full suction control power, makes it easy to use and effective as well. The aspirator is very light in weight and also made of nontoxic materials. 

Your baby will remain safe at all times when using it. It has a soft tip and will never inflict pain on your baby’s ears. Should you decide to buy it, you’ll have made the right decision. With this aspirator, you won’t have to use any filters again and again. All you’ll have to do is wash and sterilize it after every use to get it ready for the next use.

Main Features
  • Contains a manual aspirator mechanism that makes it easy to use and effective.
  • Very light in weight and easy to carry around when traveling.
  • Has high suction power and therefore removes mucus from kids with ease.
  • Has a silicone nozzle that makes it safe to use on your baby.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Light in weight thus portable
  • Good value for money
  • Removes mucus with ease
  • Many users have found it very effective
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • May make you feel uncomfortable sucking the snot out
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8. GURU KRIPA Baby’s Silicone Nose Mucus Cleaner – Best light weight feature

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This nasal aspirator has a soft purtex tip that helps you to clean your baby’s mucus without damaging the mucus tissues. These aspirators from GURU KRIPA Come in a variety of vibrant colors, all of which are user-friendly. You will, therefore, get the chance to get one that you feel will work great for you and your baby.

It’s also made from chemical-free materials and thus very safe to use when cleaning your little angel’s nose. The product is easy to clean since you can disassemble and assemble it with a lot of ease. After washing, ensure that you always rinse it with water.

You will use this nasal cleaner for a long time since high-quality materials make it. You will also clean your baby’s nose with it from anywhere due to its portability nature. Ensure that you do not leave your baby unattended when using the cleaner to avoid accidents. Also, avoid compressing the pump with the nozzle in your baby’s nostrils.

Main Features
  • Has a soft tip that keeps your baby safe from harm.
  • Comes in a variety of colors giving you a chance to select your favorite
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble making it easy for you to clean
  • Gives you full control over suction power
PROS (What we liked)
  • Has a clear nozzle that allows you to see the effectiveness of suctioning?
  • Cleans kids’ nostrils effectively and with a lot of ease
  • Very easy to clean and disinfect
  • Easy to carry around
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Low suctioning power
  • No instructions thus a little difficult to use
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9 DALUCI Safety Nose Cleaner – Best suction control feature

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If looking for a nose cleaner that you can use and clean with ease, this is the pump to go for. Each of its components can be disassembled and assembled without difficulties. To ensure that it’s free of germs, you can also disinfect it. You can adjust the size of suction to expedite the process.

It is chemical-free and therefore very safe to use on your baby. It comes in a child-friendly design that keeps them safe from aspirating their noses. With it, your baby will always have a clear nose. The product comes from polypropylene and silicone materials and therefore, long-lasting. 

However, much you use it to clean your baby’s nose; he will always remain safe. It’s also dishwasher safe, a feature that makes it safe for you to sterilize it. If your baby has a nasal swelling, injury, or any other uncomfortable situation, avoid using the product.

Main Features
  • BPA free and therefore safe to use when cleaning your baby’s nose
  • Comes in a child-friendly design that keeps distracts them during the process.
  • You have full control over suctioning power
  • Dishwasher safe and thus easy to sterilize
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble and therefore easy to clean
  • Very effective on sucking out mucus
  • More useful than the bulb pump ones
  • Easy to sterilize and disinfect
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Hard silicone nozzle
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10. Bella Cotton Buds – Best cotton earbud

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These earbuds are made of 100% pure cotton, sterile free and thus very safe to use when removing wax from your baby’s ears. This cotton also ensures superior absorption leaving your kid’s ears completely clean. The buds are 150 in number and will help you groom your baby for a long time. You can also use the cotton buds to clean your baby’s navel, nose, eyes, and the outer ear. It is dermatologically tested and thus safe to use and also recommended for beauty, cosmetics, and hygienic purposes. The cotton buds come in a convenient box with a unique top for multiple opening and closing. It also keeps the buds clean and protected from humidity. When using the cotton buds, avoid inserting them into the ear canal or your baby’s nose.

Main Features
  • Has 100% natural cotton fibers with superior absorption power
  • A pack contains 150 pieces that last for a long time
  • Dermatologically tested and recommended for beauty, cosmetics, and hygienic purposes.
  • Come in a special box that prevents them from dirt and humidity
PROS (What we liked)
  • Excellent quality cotton buds that don’t get removed
  • Very user-friendly
  • Helps in cleaning baby navel and eyes as well
  • Very soft and gentle on your baby’s nose
  • The packaging keeps it clean and protects from humidity
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Cotton on the bud is very loose
  • The top cover fails to work effectively after removing the sticker
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best nasal aspirator for a baby?

The best nasal aspirators for babies are as follows:

    • Rikang Baby Nasal Aspirator
    • Mee Mee Baby Nose Cleaner
    • Kassy Pop Baby Nasal Pump
    • Kiddale Electric Baby Nose Cleaner Infant Nasal Aspirator

2. How often should you suction a baby’s nose?

You can suction a baby’s nose up to four times a day, to prevent nose irritation. It is essential to remember never to squeeze the bulb while the tip is in the baby’s nose. Ensure that the process is gentle so that air is not forced into the nostrils. Your baby should be comfortable at all times.

3. When should I suction and clean my little one’s nose?

You should always keep a keen eye on your baby’s nostrils to ensure that he’s always clean. You do not want him to suffer from breathing difficulties because of a blocked nose. So, always clean your baby’s nose when you notice that he has abnormal breathing sounds, when he needs more oxygen and when having difficulties when breathing and eating at the same time.

4. Can I clean my baby’s nose when bathing?

Yes, you can you’ll have to do to wipe around his nostrils with damp cotton balls gently. You also need to be extra careful to avoid cases of water entering your kid’s nose.

5. Can I use a bulb syringe on my newborn baby?

If you use it correctly, there shouldn’t be any cause of alarm. Newborns have a very delicate tissue lining in their nose is very sensitive and can get hurt with the slightest provocation. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you purchase one with a very soft tip.

6. Can my little one suffocate from a congested nose?

One of the reasons why you need to keep your baby with a clean nose at all times is for easy breathing. A blocked nose can give your kid a lot of difficulties when trying to breathe. If not well taken care of, your baby can even suffocate from the congestion. You need to remember that newborns only via the nostril only. If it’s affected, anything can happen.

7. What should I do if my baby gets fussy during nose cleaning?

Most kids get fussy and even cry during nose cleaning, but this shouldn’t deter you from carrying out this important practice. When using a nasal aspirator, for example, the process may hurt a little bit, making him uncomfortable. If it becomes too difficult for you to clean your baby, try doing so when he sleeps. Do the same when cleaning his ear. Also, avoid using a nasal aspirator for more than two days a day if you don’t want your baby to give you a lot of problems.

8. Should I be worried about my baby’s ear wax quantity?

If your baby’s ears start to release a lot of wax, more than you’ve seen before and regularly, you need to visit his doctor for consultation. Remember that kids are delicate and anything can happen. Do not wait for the condition to worsen.


Our top three picks in this review are Pigeon Nose Cleaner Blister PackDensity Collection Led Flashlight Ear Pick and Chicco Cotton Tip Sicurnet Earbuds. Pigeon Nose Cleaner Blister Pack comes at a reasonable price and gives complete suction control power. It is 100% safe for your baby and also easy to clean and use. With it, your baby will always have a clean nose.

Density Collection Led Flashlight Ear Pick will, on the other hand, enable you to clean your baby’s ears with a lot of ease. You won’t have to worry about damaging his eardrum since the flashlight will illuminate the ear for you. Chicco Cotton Tip Sicurnet Earbuds come at an affordable price, very useful and also safe to use when cleaning your baby’s ears. Other family members can use the earbuds as well. Kids hate stuffy noses, and yours is no exception.

A stuffy nose will make your baby not sleep comfortably and feeding him might also become a problem. A congested ear might also make your baby suffer from ear itching, pain, and even hearing complications. Go for the right grooming items and make your baby healthy and happy. You also don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on your kid’s medication. Select the products that appeal to you best and make baby grooming easy.

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