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The most priceless memories of any individual have to be the firsts of their child. It is a part of the growth years of a child, especially when they are infants. A baby’s first smile, first tooth, first step, and first word are worth remembering for a lifetime. To cherish these memories, you can now use baby journals and document each milestone or memory. If you are in search of such journals, read on to know some of the best ones available in India.

1. The Wonderful Baby You Are: A Record of Baby's First Year

The ‘Wonderful Baby You Are’ is a record for your baby’s first year. It has guided pages and ample space to accommodate photos.

It is the perfect keepsake for your baby to cherish his/her memorable firsts. From the pregnancy test result to your baby’s first birthday, this record book has space for each milestone.

There is also space to record your thoughts, tiny experiences, everyday feelings, and also guests who visited.

Made by Emily Winfield Martin, this record book showcases some enchanting illustrations done by her.

With this book, you get a silk grosgrain ribbon tie, three bound-in envelopes, a folder in the back, a gatefold family tree, twelve-monthly sticker badges, and more.

There are 80 pages in this book enclosed on a hardcover. It is perfect for first-time parents or as a gift to parents-to-be.

2. Little Me, A Baby Memory Book

Little Me is a baby journal with a gender-neutral theme to keep the smallest of your baby’s achievements. You can store notes, pictures and documents up until the 5th birthday.

This baby journal has 56 pages including parents’ details,, pregnancy photos, baby shower photos, birth announcements, finger and footprint, family tree and photos and every first of the baby.

The journal has thick, eco-friendly, archival-quality pages that can preserve all the memories for years to come.

3. Baby's First Year Journal: A Keepsake of Milestone Moments

Baby’s First Year Journal is a 64-page book to record and store your baby’s first-year memories and milestones.

This book has a unique design in which you pull the front section and turn it into a journal type book.

You can jot down details of the year your child is born in. You can also fill in the family tree and write down your birth experience.

The author of this book, Annabel Karmel, has included information and advice about your baby’s development.

This journal is a lovely gift to a relative or friend who has just begun their journey towards being a parent. It includes month-by-month sections to record new achievements.

If you wish to cherish memories of specific days, you can click pictures of them and store them in the pockets within this book. It also has five recipes of delicious baby food that you can try for your little one.

4. My Baby Record Book

My Baby Record Book is a simple baby journal in which you can store all the priceless memories of your child’s first year.

It has an elegant ribbon-tied design that encloses 48 pages. It helps you keep track of your baby’s growth with photos and notes. Each page has ample space to stick a photograph and jot down important events of the year.

This book is made with good quality material and contains adorable illustrations in bright colors.

Right from the birth time to the naming ceremony this book is designed to note down every beautiful memory of your child’s first year. You can record your baby’s first visit to the doctor, first day of crawling, and much more.

There is a family tree included that can be filled with photos or drawings. This is a beautiful keepsake book to cherish your baby’s first-year memories and present it when they grow older.

5. Le Petit Baby Book

Le Petit Baby Book is the ideal baby journal for new mothers and it is also a perfect gift for an expectant mother. It contains many creative ways of capturing the milestones and special memories of your baby’s first year.

You can record every detail right from pregnancy. It is packed in a compact album with a foil-stamped cover and fabric spine. It contains mesmerizing illustrations and prompts.

This 90-page book includes an envelope for ultrasound scans. It also has a spin-wheel for the baby’s astrological sign.

You can keep photos and notes in this journal. There is also a family tree and growth chart included. The mini envelopes can be used to write and store notes for your baby.

The illustrated pop-ups in this book make it an interactive way of journaling your baby’s precious first year moments.

6. Baby's Record Book

Baby’s Record Book helps you keep your baby’s memories well-organized. It contains classic lullabies and nursery rhymes throughout the book.

The charming illustrations and prompts make baby journaling a fun task. You can record your baby’s measurements, milestones, and special memories all in one book. This is a 94-page book designed by Amy Nebens.

The spacious pages in this book allow your store envelopes and pockets to keep notes, baby hair, and other mementos. This keepsake is a beautiful way to bond with your children when they grow older.

There are six pockets and four envelopes included in this journal.

It contains enough space to fill in special moments of your baby’s first five years. The classic design makes it a perfect gift for expectant mothers or new mothers.

Buying Guide

Baby journals are a great way of jotting down a baby’s milestones and journaling your experience as a new parent. Use these features while searching for the right baby journal.



Baby journals are available in many formats. Some are plain books with important milestones and some are interactive with pop-ups and illustrations. 

Based on your preference choose a baby book that you feel will make a good keepsake for your child.



Some baby journals are meant to record only the baby’s first-year memories, while there are others that cover the first 4-5 years. 

If you are someone who loves more detail you can invest in yearly journals. If you would like to have more memories in one journal, invest in one that can accommodate a few years of memories.



Some journals are thick due to the back cover or pop-ups included. Others are designed to be as compact as possible. Choose one that fits your preference.


Additional Features

If you want your baby journal to be as interactive as possible, look for one that includes additional features like envelopes, family tree, stickers, etc.

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