Best Baby Hairbrushes for Smooth and Tangle-Free Grooming

A baby hairbrush is not just a grooming tool. It is also for massaging the scalp for healthy blood circulation and hair growth.

When buying a baby’s hairbrush, it is vital to consider quality, bristle type, handle grip, size and length, and durability. We have gathered a list of the best baby hairbrushes for you to choose from.

A buying guide is included to further help you make a wise purchase for your baby.

Buyer’s Guide


When buying a baby hairbrush, ensure to go for international quality food-grade material that is non-toxic and BPA free. Your baby may want to play with the brush and put it in his/her mouth. A product made from low-quality material may cause infection.


The brush’s bristles have to be soft and gentle on the baby’s scalp. The bristles may be made from synthetic fiber, natural animal hair, plastic, rubber, or silicone, so make sure to read through the label.


The handle of the brush should be long and anti-slip for a firm grip.


Go for a compact-sized brush as they are easy to carry and store.


For basic hygiene needs, you may want to wash the bristles. Read through the manufacturer’s information provided at the back of the packaging for wash-ability of the brush.

Not all hair brushes can be cleaned, and some come with special instructions for washing.

Top 7 Baby Hairbrush

1. Chicco Brush and Comb

The hairbrush and comb set by Chicco are gentle on baby hair. The bristles of the brush are soft and natural.

The comb teeth have rounded ends for the baby’s delicate scalp. The brush and comb set come in two colours – blue and pink. The baby hairbrush has a large handle for a comfortable and safe grip. The brush is ideal for a 0 plus months baby.

2. Fisher-Price Ultra Care Baby Hairbrush & Comb Set – Best Design

Designed exclusively for baby grooming, this set is built and tested for your baby’s healthy development. It will soothe and relax your little one and improve blood circulation.

The brush has soft bristles and is made of 100% BPA-free plastic. It is safe to use and won’t hurt your baby’s delicate skin. The comb’s teeth have rounded, ideal for your kid’s tender scalp.

The brush and comb have large handles for easy and safe grip. They can also fit in any baby bag hence easy to carry along when travelling with your baby.

3. Vega Baby Brush Best

The brush is made using premium quality material. It is oval-shaped and is 5 cm wide, 13 cm long, and is 2.5 cm in height.

The oval-shaped brush has soft and gentle bristles arranged in seven rows. The brush is specially designed for babies. It has an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip. The brush is ideal for the delicate hair and scalp of babies.

4. Baybee Comb and Brush Set

The baby comb and brush set by Baybee is made using BPA free material. The brush prevents cradle cap.

Its bristles are soft to massage the baby’s scalp. The comb has ball-like tips that prevent scratching. The comb can be used after a bath for a tidy look.

The combo set makes a perfect gift option for a baby shower. The brush and comb have a height of 15 cm, are easy to carry and store.

The set comes in assorted colors and is ideal for 0 months and up babies.

5. LuvLap Baby Hair Brush and Comb

The hairbrush and comb are made from non-toxic and BPA free material. The brush has soft nylon bristles that are soft to the baby’s scalp.

The comb teeth are precisely spaced and have round edges to prevent scratching the baby’s scalp. The handle of the brush and comb is made from anti-slip material.

The set is ideal for six months and up babies.

6. Mee Mee Comb and Brush Set

The comb and brush set is made from international quality food-grade, non-toxic, polypropylene plastic material. The set is durable and safe to use on a baby’s scalp.

The brush’s soft bristles help untangle the baby’s hair gently without harming the delicate skin and damaging the fine strands.

The baby comb has rounded teeth edges for untangling hair without pulling and breakage. The set is specially designed for string and comfortable grip.

The brush is ideal for 0 plus months of babies.

7. Beebaby Soft Brush and Comb

The baby brush and comb set is made from international quality food-grade polypropylene plastic material. It is a non-toxic, safe, and durable set.

The brush has ultra-soft nylon bristles for gently massaging the baby’s scalp to stimulate circulation and promote healthy hair growth. The brush and comb have a long handle for a comfortable grip.

The teeth ends of the comb are round-shaped for smooth untangling of the hair without pulling and breakage.

The comb and brush can be easily cleaned using warm water and liquid cleaner. Wait for the brush and comb to completely dry before using it. The brush and comb are ideal for 0 plus months babies.

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