Best Baby Boys Shoes

As your baby boy begins to move about, it is essential to get them the right kind of shoes. Shoes for growing baby boys go beyond fashion, as you all have to consider the comfort, health benefits and how these shoes will aid the growth of the baby boy.

As the baby boy grows and learns how to move, the shoes will provide the baby support and aid in their movement. At the younger stage, when their feet begin to take shape that will enable them to stand firm and walk properly, and therefore it is essential to consider the kind of shoe they wear.

The kind of shoe you buy for your baby boy should be safe and comfortable for them to wear. Avoid wearing the baby’s shoes that are very tight on their feet. Tight footwear will hinder the growth of the feet of the baby and may lead to some deformation of the feet.

There are fashionable baby boys shoes, made up of top quality materials that are available in online stores. The manufacturer of these baby shoes used advanced technology to help in the production of top quality shoes and with the right materials used in making the shoes.

Since the market has variable options when it comes to buying Baby first walking shoes, in this guide, we will discuss the way to make the right choice. We will cover the reason why your baby needs a shoe, how to check if he has any issues in his feet, how to buy the best baby boy shoes, frequently asked questions and the top kids shoes for boys available.

Top 11 Baby Boy Shoes

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Highly Durable
Stylish Shoe for Baby Boy
Trendy and Colorful Baby Shoe
Durable Baby Boy Footwear
Soft Comfortable Baby Shoes
Stylish Boot for Your Kids
Soft Sole Baby Shoe
Best Casual Wear for Baby Boy
Comfortable Footwear for your Baby Boy
Comfortable and trendy baby shoe

Why Your Baby Boy Needs to Wear Shoe

People usually feel that your baby boy does not need to wear shoes or they are yet too little to emphasize much on their shoes.

Parents usually do not pay much attention to the shoes they buy for their baby. There are so many reasons why your baby should wear the best toddler shoes for walking, and they include:

  • You kids become comfortable with walking with shoes when you get them to wear shoes early. Some kids take a long time to get comfortable walking with shoes when they did not start using shoes to walk on time. So as they start moving, get them comfortable shoes and let them get used to you using shoes to walk.
  • Shoes help to keep your baby’s feet warm and ensure they are comfortable. One of the best ways to prevent kids from getting cold is to get them warm footwear. You should get them a shoe that is water resistant so the feet will not get soaked when they stepped on a puddle or get during rain. The feet are one of the easier channels for the body to get cold and this is why you should protect them with suitable footwear.
  • Shoes help to keep your baby’s feet safe from sharp objects such as nails. The shoes will keep their feet clean safe from insects, sharp objects and other foreign bodies. Get them shoes that they can use especially when they are outdoors to protect them from hurting themselves.
  • Some kids need to wear corrective shoes to help them correct any deformity. You can find some of these features on shoes available online. If your baby boy has flatfoot, then look for a shoe with inserts or shoes you can place inserts on for the flatfoot.
  • You might not be aware, but shoe help provides support for your kids. They help keep them balance when they stand and move around. These shoes designed with the best features on the soles and heels to provide support.
  • Shoes are fashionable outfits that give style and compliment dresses. Make your kids look smart with trendy footwear that will compliment their dresses.

How to Check for Feet Problem for Corrective Shoes

Now, your baby may experience some deformity and the wrong kinds of shoes can be of severe damage to the feet. In such cases, you are going to get special shoes for your baby boy, and the following are ways you can identify anomalies in the feet of your baby:

  • Check for abnormally shaped toes of your baby.
  • Growth that occurs in the toenails and they are usually painful.
  • Stiffness
  • Baby is limping unnecessarily.
  • Whining and cries a lot while walking or when they wear footwear.
  • When your baby has abnormally flat feet.
  • When your baby boy fails to walk beyond the stipulated years that children begin to walk.

When you notice these symptoms in your baby boy, ensure that you use special shoes to help reduce discomfort and pain. You should see a doctor determine if they are some procedures you can carry out to correct these anomalies at the early stages when the child is growing up.

How to Select The Best toddler shoes for walking

Picking up a shoe for your baby boy can be a fun activity, especially with the wide range of products available. It may as well as become complicated when you put some factors like the comfort of your baby, how the shoe will aid in their growth and prevent bad posture and if the baby may require supportive tissues on their shoes.

Now we are going to look out some of the major factors to consider when picking up shoes for your baby.

Size of the Shoe

The size of the shoe is an important factor to consider when looking for the best shoe for your baby boy.

The size of the shoe will determine how fit the shoe will be and how comfortable. It will determine how well the boy will walk with the shoes and also determine how comfortable the shoes will be on their feet.

Parents have this attitude of buying oversized shoes for their babies so they will grow into the shoes. They will want to save money by buying a little oversized the show length of the kids because babies grow faster as they outgrow their shoes quickly.

The problem with buying oversized shoes is that it makes it difficult for the kids to walk with the shoes. This will affect the babies as they are learning how to walk and may affect their posture in the long run.

To get the perfect shoe size for your baby, you can go to the shoe shop and check their legs on shoes and note the size that fits perfectly. Also, you can use a string to measure their legs to get the size and used them along with shoes to get the actual size number.

Also, keep on checking the size of the baby’s feet as they grow to ensure you get their correct size when you get those shoes.

One thing you have to consider when selecting the size of the shoe is to ensure that there is space for expansion. You have to consider that the babies are growing, and you should leave a small space between the toe and sole end of the shoe.

A little space will ensure that it is not tight to cause discomfort. Also, as the babies are growing, a little allowance will give the kids feet enough space to grow.

The texture of the Shoe

A baby requires comfort on their feet to keep them feeling good and ensure they feel not hurting on their feet. With this in mind, you have to consider the texture of the shoes of your baby boy and make sure they are soft and easy.

A hard shoe will make it difficult for the baby to wear and will cause pain on the feet. These hurts and pains may cause deformity on the feet as they affect the growth and lead to walking problems as the kids grow.

Look for materials that are easy on the feet and serves as a cushion to ensure comfort on the feet. I will recommend shoes that are lined with foam and soft materials as the kind of material used in making the shoes is important.

Easy to Clean Shoes

Kids will always be kids, and they will likely step on all kinds of stuff with their shoes. So it is important to buy a shoe that you can easily wash and maintained.

You wash their shoes to keep them looking good and also to maintain the quality of the shoes. The materials used in making the shoes should be easy to wash as well as dry up fast, so the kids do not put on wet shoes.

Water Resistant Material

One of the things I will recommend is that you get a shoe made of water-resistant materials. With water-resistant shoes, the feet of your baby boy will be warm and comfortable.

Water resistant shoes will protect the feet of your baby from the weather especially during rain. Also, kids can jump on a puddle of water as they move around and water resistant shoes will keep them dry and prevent them from catching a cold.

This will also prevent stench odors on the feet and prevent the feet from disease or ill the g related to wet conditions.

Quality Sole of Shoe

Shoes are made to protect your feet as well as to keep the feet comfortable. When selecting for a shoe for your baby boy, check out the sole of the shoe. Ensure the sole of the shoe is made up of quality materials that are strong enough to protect the feet of the baby.

The sole should protect the baby from sharp objects and other stuff that can harm the feet. Check that the sole of the shoe is sturdy and comfortable enough to wear, to protect their tender feet and provide enough space for growth.

The durability of the Shoe

The material used in the manufacturing of the shoe will determine the durability. This is important as you do not want to spend money buying shoes all over in a short period.

To ensure durability, check for the material used in producing are of top standard and safe to use. Ensure that they are biodegradable materials, something that will not wear and tear in a short time.

A good way to analyze the quality of the shoes is to research about shoe quality of baby boy’s shoes. You can also check out the review of those that have bought the products to ensure the first-hand experience.

Shoes with Laces, Straps, and Fasteners

When selecting a shoe for your baby boys, check for a shoe that has laces, straps or snap fasteners to help tighten the shoes on their feet. Shoes that loosen will cause an accident and make the kids slip and fall.

Check for shoes that provide solid tightening with comfortable and easy to use strap or fastener.

Price of the Shoe

The prices of shoes are another consideration made when buying shoes for your kids. You will find that there is a wide range of prices for shoes. What I will advise is to look beyond the price when selecting shoes for your baby boy.

Expensive baby shoes do not mean that the shoe is the best of the lot. You can find a good shoe for your baby boy at an affordable price if you are on a budget.

Get to look at the features of the shoes and if the price is right, then go for it. At times, a shoe made up of quality material can be really of a higher price than a shoe made up of inferior materials.

1. Hot-X Baby Boys Shoes – Our Pick

Hot-X Baby Boys Shoes
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Make your baby boy look smarter with this sporty shoe from Hot X. The shoe is comfortable on the feet and keeps their tender feet secured. The shoes come in 3 colorful combos which are very attractive and trendy.

The shoes are made up of bright and attractive colors, and they are incredibly light which make it easy for baby to move with the shoes. With a protective sole, the kids fey are safe and kept warm and healthy.

The shoe is relatively affordable as it comes in 3 combos for once purchase.

Main Features
  • The shoe sole is made of PVC materials.
  • The shoe is made up of synthetic fabric material.
  • The closure is laced up.
  • The dimension of the shoe is 17 x 8 x 9 cm; 340 g
  • The shoe is extremely light in weight.
  • The shoe is less than 1 inch flat which provides the kids with enough room to move about.
  • The shoe design comes in 3 combos.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoe is very light and gives the baby the chance to move freely.
  • Provide support for babies that are learning how to move.
  • It is very comfortable and protects the feet. 
  • The shoes are very colorful and attractive.
  • Easy to wear with it’s laced up closure.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It may not appear as it seems on the platform.
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2. FemmeStopper Baby Boy Shoes 


While buying a product for your babies, you have to be very careful because safety and comfort is a huge concern. FemmeStopper Baby Boy Wooden Button Baby Shoes has an anti-skid sole and has a thick sponge lining, which makes it very comfortable for them to wear. The slip-on closure allows them to wear it easily without any fuss. Let us have a look at the features of this product.

Main Features
  • The baby shoes are made up of durable knitted fabric (100% Cotton) that ensures the comfort of little feet.
  • The shoes have inner cloth made up of cotton, which makes the shoe soft and comfortable to be worn. It also has a thick sponge for better comfort.
  • The Cushioning footbed, which comes along with this shoe, keeps their foot warm and soft.
  • It is recommended for babies of age group 6-12 months.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoes are soft and comfortable for babies. This will help keep the muscles, tendons, and bones of babies safe.
  • The slip-on closure makes it fuss-free & easy to wear.
  • The Anti-skid sole makes it safe for babies.
  • It is an all-season comfortable shoe.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons were observed

3. NeskaModa Baby Infant Soft Booties – Stylish Shoe for Baby Boy

NeskaModa Baby Infant Soft Booties
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Keep your baby’s feet warm and dry all seasons with the NeskaModa Baby infant shoes. The shoe is designed for kids between 6 to 18 months and provides comfort to their feet.

The material used in making the shoe is soft fabrics that give the feet a comfortable touch. The soft fabric is safe on the skin of the baby and provides the best support to keep their feet safe and clean as they move around.

A very trendy style of shoe that will make your baby boy looks smarter and happy. It keeps them warm and comfortable inside at all time.

Maintaining the shoe is difficult, and you have to follow the strict direction provided in the manual. Make use of lukewarm water and do not mix the water with any other color to maintain the shoe.

Main Features
  • The sole of the shoe made up of soft fabrics for protection of the feet.
  • It has cotton booties for babies up to 12 months old.
  • The product dimension is 12 x 5 x 5 cm; 81.6 g
  • It has soft booties which ensure baby feet are kept warm at all time.
  • Toe to heel is 12cm in length.
  • Fastened tight for free movement.
  • Stylish, trendy and comfortable.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The NeskaModa is made up of top quality material.
  • Nice material which is very soft and provides comfort for your kids.
  • It feels comfortable and tight on the feet.
  • Keeps the baby feet warm always.
  • Stylish and trendy footwear.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not suitable for kids over 16 months.
  • It is difficult to maintain and wash the shoes. You have to follow the instructions properly as given to maintain the shoes and keep them in good conditions.
  • It may be too hot on the feet in a climate with high temperatures over time.
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4. Thari Choice Baby Kids Light Shoe – Trendy and Colorful Baby Shoe

Thari Choice Baby Kids Light Shoe
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Make life easy and comfortable for your babies wiry this trendy and soft baby boy shoes. The shoe is made up of top quality cotton material that keeps your baby’s feet comfortable and warm.

The shoe does not have any effect on the skin since it is made up of 100% fabric. It is easy to wear and fastened and gives your baby the freedom to play around comfortably. The shoe with its interlocking fabric design helps to protect your baby’s soft muscles, tensor, and bones. The shoe is suitable for babies because it is fun with its light that comes on with every steps.

The shoe is trendy with the perfect and colorful design that makes it attractive. The shoe is affordable, and fun with its LED light.

Main Features
  • It has an LED on the sole.
  • With its soft strap design, your baby’s feet will fit perfectly.
  • It is soft and tender to protect tiny and tender feet of the baby.
  • Product dimensions 10 x 8 x 1 cm
  • The sole material is synthetic fabric.
  • The shoe requires battery.
  • The shoe is extremely light in weight.
  • It will not harm the feet of your kids.
  • It is very colorful.
  • It uses lace-up closure.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is extremely light on the feet and thus gives the baby the opportunity to move around easily.
  • It is easy to wear.
  • It is very stylish and trendy.
  • It does not cause pain on the feet of babies.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Some of the shoes delivered are smaller in size than specified.
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5. INSTABUYZ Unisex First Walking Baby Shoe – Durable Baby Boy Footwear

INSTABUYZ Unisex First Walking Baby Shoe
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INSTABUYS is one of the leading manufacturers of baby footwear, and they did meet expectations with this baby boy shoe. The shoe is soft on the skin, made up of canvas, fabric and cotton which can stand the test of time.

Your baby boy is safe with these footwear as it has the necessary safety features. You can feel more relaxed as the kids play with their shoes as it provides comfort and anti-slide features on the shoe.

Stay trendy and keep your baby boy’s feet safe with this durable shoe. The shoe is also affordable and made up with quality and safe to use materials.

Main Features
  • It comes with lace up closure.
  • Cotton shoes that provide comfort and keep baby’s feet warm.
  • The product dimension differs according to age.
  • It has soft sole and protect the feet of your baby.
  • Trendy design with smarter looks.
  • Soft material to give comfort and keep feet warm.
  • Quality and eye-catching designs.
  • Made up of sturdy material.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Durable and quality shoe suitable for a baby boy.
  • Feels comfortable and soft on the feet and made up soft materials.
  • Pairs of baby boy shoes at an affordable price.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Keep the baby safe with an anti-skid guide to prevent baby from falling on the slippery floor.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It may tear easily.
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6. Superminis Baby Boys Ethnic Print Thick Base Shoes – Soft Comfortable Baby Shoes

Superminis Baby Boys Ethnic Print Thick Base Shoes
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The superminis baby boy shoes give your baby a soft and comfortable feel on their feet. The shoe is perfect for kids between 0 to 6 months as they prepare to take their first steps.

The shoe gives your baby boy a very strong grip and provides a good support for them as they learn how to walk. They are made up of quality soft materials that ensure that the kids feel no pain when they put on the shoe.

You can fasten this shoe tightly on the feet using a snap to secure firmly. You can protect the feet of your kids from all kind of conditions which makes it suitable for all seasons.

Main Features
  • The base of the sandal is thick for optimal protection of the feet.
  • It keeps the feet of your babies protected for all seasons.
  • The package dimension is 19 x 16.8 x 7.2 cm.
  • The shoe is made up of fabrics.
  • Easy to clean using cloth or rags.
  • Let your boy walks easily with an anti-skid and wears resistant designs.
  • It is very attractive with its beautiful color prints design.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very soft on the skin and makes it comfortable for the kids to walk perfectly.
  • Provide the needed support for all seasons.
  • Thick base, so it protects the baby boy feet from sharp objects and keeps them clean
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Babies over six months cannot use this shoe.
  • Baby does outgrow these shoes in a short time.
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7. J0Y J0 Casual Wear Shoe for Boys – Stylish Boot for Your Kids


The Joy Jo Casual Shoe is a stylish and trendy baby shoe for your baby boy to make him look smart and trendy. The shoe is sturdy and made up of high-quality synthetic material that is durable and tough enough.

The inner part of the boot is very soft and provides adequate comfort to the baby. The inner part of the boot is made up of quality cotton material.

The sole of the boots are also soft and can keep the baby’s feet safe and warm. It features a lace closure type and very suitable for a cold climate to keep the feet warm. Provides adequate support for your baby boy as they run and walk in their carefree manner.

The casual shoe is affordable and will provide the best support and protection for your baby boy.

Main Features
  • The shoe is made up of soft fabric.
  • The sole of the shoe is made with resin.
  • Lace-up closure type which provides firm and secured closure.
  • The inner material is made up of cotton.
  • Strong and sturdy sole for protection.
  • Durable material for a long lasting shoe.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sturdy shoes that protect your baby from sharp objects.
  • Keep the baby feet warm and comfortable with its soft cotton inner linings.
  • Stylish and trendy shoes for boys.
  • Strong fabric material for the outer part of the shoe.
  • Easy to wash and maintain.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Maybe too soft for outdoor.

8. FemmeStopper ROMIRUS Baby Shoes – Soft Sole Baby Shoe

FemmeStopper ROMIRUS Baby Shoes
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Check out this stylish and trendy shoe for your baby boys as they protect their feet and provide comfort as they move freely. The shoe provides comfort and add style to your baby as you make a fashion point..

It is stylish and fits properly as you give your boys a trendy and fashionable dressing. The shoes are strong and sturdy, made up of durable materials that are safe for the skin of your kids.

The lace up casual shoe protects your kid’s feet from cold, especially during extremely cold weather. The shoe is made up of soft cotton material in the inner part while the outer part is made up of strong synthetic materials.

Main Features
  • Closed toe.
  • Made up of cotton.
  • Size for 5 to 10 month
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • It is very attractive.
  • Casual shoe.
  • Lace-up closure.
  • Strong sole.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It gives comfort and protects your baby feet against extreme cold weather.
  • The shoe is durable since it is made up of authentic leather material.
  • Boys from the age of 5 to 12 months can wear the shoe with various sizes available.
  • A durable shoe with a sturdy sole.
  • Comfortable with a soft interior.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The shoe may not appear the way it is on the picture according to the complaint of some customers.
  • Not suitable for older babies for more than 12 months.
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9. Lil Firestar Baby Eva Clogs – Best Casual Wear for Baby Boy

Lil Firestar Baby Eva Clogs
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The Firestar Baby Boy’s Blue Clogs is the perfect casual slip-on for your baby boy, designed to give absolute comfort with no compromises on style. The shoe is easy to wear and fasten firmly with hook closure at the side of the shoe.

The shoe is easy to maintain and keep in good order as you can easily wipe it clean with wet clothes. The shoe is useful to help the baby’s feet stay warm always and it is made up of Eva material.

Main Features
  • Slip-on shoes.
  • Slip on closures.
  • Eva materials used in the making of the shoe.
  • Suitable for just casual use.
  • Eva sole
  • Manufactured by Firestar
  • The shoe is suitable for boys.
  • It is a lovely shoe.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoe is simple and easy to wear.
  • Made up of Eva material that is soft on the feet.
  • Easy to fasten with slip on closure at the side of the shoe.
  • Keep the feet comfortable and warm.
  • It is affordable.
  • Solid sole for protection of the feet.
  • You do not need polish or shiny to keep the shoe in good condition, and this is an advantage to people using the shoe.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It can retain heat.
  • The inside of the shoe can retain heat and thus be stuffy, which can cause odor emanating from the shoe.
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10. Superminis Baby Boys Rabbit Style Shoes – Comfortable Footwear for your Baby Boy

Superminis Baby Boys Rabbit Style Shoes
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Protect your kid’s feet at all time and during all seasons with the superminis baby boy shoe. You can wear the shoe across all season, and it is very comfortable with its soft fabrics in making the shoe.

The shoe is incredibly soft and lightweight with its inner made up of light clothing material. Watch your kids play carefree with these shoes as it does not hinder their movement but make them feel very comfortable. Kids love the attractive and bright colors of the shoe, and it’s a joy to watch them play around with the shoes.

Main Features
  • The sandal is firm and comfortable on the feet.
  • The shoe is suitable for all season to provide comfort and keep the feet warm.
  • It has an anti-skid and wears resistant.
  • It is made up of fabric material.
  • The shoe dimension is 14 x 14 x 4 cm
  • It does not require a battery.
  • It features a beautiful print that can be found on top of the shoe.
  • Easy to wear slip on.
  • Soft inner material for extra comfort.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It provides comfort for your kids all season.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Easy to clean with just a clean cloth and brush.
  • Provide adequate support for the kids with its anti-skid protection.
  • Protect your kids from foreign objects with their solid sole.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Appears different than what appears on the picture.
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11. Mishlee Baby Boy Shoes – Comfortable and trendy baby shoe

Mishlee Baby Boy Shoes
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This is a boot for your baby boy to keep their tender feet secured as they walk and move around. The boot is made up of solid material that protects the feet from sharp objects, keep them clean and safe.

The shoe is suitable for baby boys of 12 months to about five years with a wide range of size available. The shoes are in black and very fashionable, make your kids look smart as they move around with the shoes.

The shoe is designed to provide comfort and with enough spaces inside to allow the feet to breathe and grow.

Main Features
  • A wide range of sizes is available, which make it suitable for children between 12 months to 5 years.
  • The sole is TPR.
  • The shoe is lightweight and ensures easy movement.
  • The shoe comes in very attractive color and design.
  • Made up of durable materials.
  • It fits different kinds of feet
  • Solid protective sole.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The shoe is suitable for different kinds of shoes from narrow feet, flat feet, and wide feet and so on.
  • Shoes designed to enable feet to breathe with enough room for the feet to grow.
  • Keep feet clean and protect them as you can use them for all season.
  • They are suitable for tender feet as they protect and provide comfort when you walk with these shoes.
  • Stylish and trendy shoe.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The shoe does look different than what we see on the platform.
  • There may be variations or differences in the sizes of the shoes when delivered.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My Son Usually Feels Pain When Wearing Shoes Even Though I Took The Right Measurements Always?

Most people make the mistake of not giving small allowances when buying shoes for their babies. Remember that baby grows fast, and they might outgrow these shoes in no time, and it is important to make room for their legs to breath in the shoe.

So it is important to allow for some room of freedom when buying shoes and doesn’t buy the exact size of the shoes.

2. I added allowances to the shoes, but the baby boy still feel uncomfortable with the shoe as he always cries when wearing shoes, what might be the problem?

You may not have considered the width of the leg of the baby, and this may be the reason why the shoe is tight. Always take the width of the shoe along with the length into consideration. A shoe that is too tight may restrain the growth or cause some deformity. Always check on the baby whenever you noticed they cry nonstop when they wear shoes.

3. How do I get the right size of the shoe when I purchase online?

You can always use a ruler to measure and get the actual size of your baby shoe from a physical shop. With this, you can make an online purchase with the same requirements you check out on the physical shoe shop.

With a ruler, you can convert it online to get the actual size according to the shoe size the store uses. Also, you can contact the customer care of the online shop and get them to help you out to get the actual shoe size. They have a representative who is capable of providing you with such support and help you out.

4. My baby just started taking his first steps, is it advisable to wear his shoes while he learns how to walk?

It is OK if you wear him a shoe while he learns how to work. Wearing him the right shoes will help to gain balance and help them walk properly.

The right set of the shoe will give baby comfort and support when they move. The baby boys shoes are designed to provide the baby with the right kind of support that will aid their movement.

5. Is it proper to wear my baby shoes always, he is less than a year?

Wearing your kid’s shoe at an early age has no medical effect on the baby as long as it is the right size and proper shoes for baby. It is better you wear them a comfortable shoe that will soothe their feet and keep them warm.

Shoes are not just some fashionable outfit, for they help keep the baby safe and warm. You should ensure to wear your baby shoes especially as they start walking. This will keep their feet secured from sharp foreign objects as they walk.

6. Are shoes with flashing light suitable for my kids?

There is no problem wearing your kid’s shoes that are flashy or has flashy light. These light are very attractive, and they keep the kids busy as they play around and have fun. Some parent prefers to buy such lighting shoes for baby boy to keep them walking around especially when they start walking.

This will make their feet strong and firm as they play around with the flashy footwear. I will recommend you get such attractive shoes for your baby.

7. How do I take care of my baby boy shoe?

Maintenance of your baby shoes is important to keep the shoes in good order and use them for a longer time. Different baby shoes are made up of different materials, and the kind of materials will determine how you take care of the shoes.

Some require minimum maintenance using clothes or brush to clean up the shoe. While some may be difficult to maintain and you will have to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to take care of the shoe.

Clean the shoe after each use and place them in a good place. Remember cleaning up the shoe keep them in good condition and make them last for a long time.

8. How do I check the durability of the shoe?

It is important to buy shoe made up of quality material that will make them sturdy and strong enough to withstand pressure.

This quality of the material will make them durable and last longer. This is one of the qualities that parents look for in a shoe because they do not want to spend money and buy a new one because of the poor quality of the shoe.

You can check for the quality of the shoe by looking at the features of the shoe. Good and durable shoes are made up of top quality materials like synthetic materials, tough materials that w7ll withstand the stress the children put the shoe through when in use.

9. How do the materials used in making the shoes affect the health of my baby?

It is important to take into consideration the type of material used in making the shoe. Some material may affect the soft skin of the baby and causes skin irritation.

This is why it is important to consider that the shoe had gone under a safety test and is made up of biodegradable materials. These materials are safe and will not cause any adverse effect on the skin of the baby.

Protect your baby by ensuring that the material used in making the shoes are of top quality and healthy for kid’s use.

10. What kind of shoes should I get for my boy with feet deformity?

Baby with deformed feet like a flat foot, wide feet, and other deformity needs special attention, and you have to pay attention to the kind of shoes they wear.

While some shoes have inserts which can make it easy for the baby to move effortlessly, you may have to visit the doctor. It is important you check on the baby with the doctor to examine the baby.

Some conditions will require surgery or advanced treatment that only the doctor can recommend. Some condition may require that the kids put on special shoes for support and ease of movement.

For any kind of deformity or if you noticed slight changes in movement of your baby, then visit the doctor as soon as possible. Most of these cases can be treated at the earlier stage of the formation to prevent it escalating.

11. What Kind of closure is suitable for babies?

The kind of closure will depend on the age of the kid, but if you are the one that fixes the closure of the kid’s shoe, then it does not matter.

However, as the baby gets older, they start wearing their shoes by themselves, and it is better to find something simple. You can get them snap closure which is easier than tying the lace up.

So snap closure is suitable for your kids between the ages of 3 to 12 years as they start to learn how to wear their shoes.

12. My kids outgrow their shoes too fast; what do I do?

Well, they are no going around this as kids feet grow fast and you may have to change their shoes as often as possible. In this case, you can buy a shoe just slightly off the original size of the shoe.

But you should be careful not to get the baby shoes that are too big for him with the hope that he will grow into the shoes. This will make it difficult for the baby to walk efficiently or may cause them to fall when they move with the shoe.


We have discussed the importance of baby shoe and the reasons why you should wear your baby’s shoe. In this article, we discussed 11 best baby boy shoes on amazon and their features and why you should get them for your baby boy. And with this ten best baby boy shoes, we have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about shoes for your babies.

From these our experts have chosen Hot-X Baby Boys Shoes, FemmeStopper Baby Boy Shoes and Neska Moda Baby Infant Soft Booties as the top 3 Best baby boy shoes from the list of 11.

This article had been of help in answering your questions and also listing some of the best shoes in the market for your babies.

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