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Your babies may be used to sleeping in their cribs with a 360-degree rail. However, they need to be taught how to gain independence, especially while sleeping.  Are you ready to transition your baby’s sleeping arrangement from cribs to beds where they can practice being independent? But, you may get a bit worried about how safe they will be in their beds because toddlers and young kids have the tendency to fall off their beds.

Some young toddlers move when they are in a deep sleep. You can lessen your worries by using a bed rail in your child’s bed. Bed rails prevent your kids from rolling over the bed’s edge. These are adjustable metals or plastic bars in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are installed on both sides of the bed and usually extend a little of the bed’s length. By using these, you can be sure that your child is not spinning round and round the bed. Bed rails are the best training tools for your kids

If parents are looking for the best baby bed rails, then they could scroll down and read the following article as it will help them out. A buying guide, Advantages with frequently asked questions is also complied to help them out.

Advantages of Baby Bed Rails

Protection from falling off

Toddlers need plenty of sleep. However, they also tend to be very active and restless. Thus, bed rails protect them not just from escaping, but also from falling off the bed. Bed rails are truly a lifesaver for most of the parents, especially in times where you are transitioning from cribs to toddler beds.

For Added Comfort

When a kid’s bed comes with bed rails, it provides a comforting feeling for your child in his transition stage. When he’s used to a crib, its absence can leave a frightening experience, but a bed rail can provide him a better feeling while sleeping. Bed rails provide a peaceful sleep, not only to your child but also to you –knowing that he is safe.

Teaches Independence

Bed rails teach young ones the first steps of being independent. It enables them to easily climb in and out of bed with themselves. You can use it for just a short period or even for as many years as you want, depending on the progress of your child’s development stage.

Buyer’s Guide


Before buying a bed rail, measure your mattress first. You need to be certain about the width, length, and height that are of at least 16 centimeters or around 6.5 inches. For a deep mattress, an extra tall bed guard is needed. You will need an extra wide bed guard for a long mattress. If you have a lightweight and thin mattress, make sure that it is sufficient to hold a bed rail, such as a mesh bed rail, since it is smaller compared to others.

Bed Base

In choosing the right bed rail, the bed base needs to be considered. This is because you need to have a better understanding of how you’ll properly attach the rails to the bed base. You need to secure it so that it won’t come off easily. In the first place, its purpose is to keep your child safe and not the other way around.

Construction Materials

As much as every parent would love to adorn their toddler’s bed with the bed rails, there are other reasons in considering the bed rail’s material. Bed rails come in wooden, mesh, canvas, or plastic materials.

Wooden bed rails are sturdy but may be heavy and get dirty easily. Mesh materials are lighter but are weaker than those with canvas or plastic materials. But, unlike canvas and plastic materials, mesh bed rails offer great breathability and ventilation for kids. Choose a material that is comfortable and easy to clean.

Does not create gaps

In buying a bed rail, look for one that is capable of being anchored well. It needs to be attached well to the bed, so it does not create a space where the child may be stuck between the mattress and the bed rail. This may be harmful to your child when sleeping.


The option to fold down the rail is a good feature. But, make sure that your child cannot easily operate it to ensure security.

Safety Certifications

Always look for safety certifications in the chosen bed rails. This ensures that the materials and the construction of such bed rails passed and are approved to provide high-quality products.

Mattress Weight

Choose a bed rail that is suitable for the weight of your mattress. If you have a slim and lightweight mattress, it may not be able to retain the weight of the bed rail. Choose a bed rail that can be placed securely and safely by your mattress.


Before buying a bed rail, you must also ascertain your budget. A more expensive bed rail does not necessarily mean that it is of higher quality than the affordable ones. You may want to consider checking buyer reviews for certain brands and models and compare them. From that, you can decide on what to choose.

Easy to Install

Bed rail installation should be quick and easy. It should not require you to use many tools. Some would just need you to adjust it under the mattress; some would need you to screw the rails in place while others use straps and Velcro. Choose a model that is simple to assemble for convenience.

Other features

Some rails could be adjusted to half size or full size, depending on the growth of your child. This is a great option if you want to use the bed rail for quite some time so you won’t buy another if they get taller.

There are available straps that you can utilize to keep the bed rails from moving and keep them in place. This ensures that your bed rails are sturdy and do not easily fall off.

Collapsible bed rails come handy, especially when not in use.

6 Best Baby Bed Rails

1. Vic Kid Bed Rail Guard for Baby

Vic Kid ensures that maximum safety is provided to children for their protection and safety while sleeping by producing their very own bed rail guard. You will be at ease knowing that your baby might fall off the bed. Through Vic Kids’ bed rails, your little ones can turn and roll over the bed without the fear of falling off the bed.

Main Features
  • Three lengths to match different bed styles. Suitable for almost all of India’s bed sizes, whether it is a single, double, queen, king, or super king bed.
  • The bed rail is easy to assemble and install, so it does not take much of your time.
  • When not in use, you can easily fold the cloth down so your child can easily climb in or out of bed.
  • The materials used in the cover are easy to remove and wash.
  • High quality, stable, and strong steel are used for the frame to ensure durability.
  • It comes in four different colors for you to choose from.
  • The product has an adjustable height to match the mattress’ thickness.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The fitting is perfect for the bed.
  • Everything snaps in, thus making it convenient.
  • It comes with a manual that helps in assembling and installing the product.
  • This product has grooves that fit into standard heights.
  • This bed rail has a pocket where you can put some baby essentials such as toys, water bottles, and baby cloth.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is highly-priced.

2. Summer Infant Single Fold Safety Bed Rail

Summer Infant offers thoughtfully designed, pioneering infant and toddler care products to make family life easier, safer, and more fun. It introduces the Single Fold Safety Bedrail; it is considered as a baby essential, especially when transitioning from crib to a bed.

Main Features
  • The product can be folded for easy access to the bed.
  • It can accommodate twin to queen-sized mattresses and platform beds.
  • Covers a wide length area with its measure of 42.5” L x 21” H.
  • High quality is guaranteed with its ASTM F2085 bedrail standards.
  • You can easily assemble it.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This product is made from sturdy materials to ensure durability.
  • The good height of the product is an effective means of keeping the child from falling out of the bed.
  • The mesh design in the bed rail is made for better ventilation.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A little bulky compared to other brands.

3. Baybee Bed Rail Guard Barrier for Baby

Baybee is a brand of Goodluck Plastic Company. Its products are of premium quality, durable, and kids safe. Its Bed Rail Guard Barrier for Baby comes with a safety adjustable height to prevent the baby from falling from the bed while sleeping and playing. The bed rail barrier can be used anytime of the day and even at night when you are not nearby the infant.

Main Features


  • The bed rail guard barrier can be lifted vertically, which does away with the heavy bed’s need to install the railing.
  • The fabric of the barrier is soft and made with non-toxic material, which makes it safe for the kids. The mesh is strong enough to take the kicks of the child.
  • The rail guard has a pocket to keep baby essentials such as diapers and feeders.
  • The rail guard is easy to install, and it doesn’t use screwdrivers or any sharp objects that may hurt the baby.


PROS (What we liked)
  • The height of the rail guard can be adjusted with a push of a button.
  • It is foldable, compact, and easy to carry when travelling.
  • The rail guard has a mesh fabric that lets you watch the baby when you are away for household chores.
  • It fixes firmly on the bed and the cot.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were observed.

4. Kurtz Foldable Bed Rail

Kurtzy offers a falling safety guard for babies and toddlers – this is the foldable bed rail. These rail beds are fitted to secure your child’s bed providing a strong and durable to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

It gives you peace of mind without worrying too much if your child falls out of the bed whenever you are not around, and he or she is soundly sleeping. This is truly a perfect tool to transition from crib to a toddler bed.

Main Features
  • The product has an ultra-compact fold, which makes it easier to carry and convenient for traveling and storing.
  • It is easier to install and assemble with its no-tool-requirement. Set it up in just a few minutes.
  • The bed rail is made from metal frames for a stronger and safer barrier for your child.
  • This has a Gap Guard Protection system that features two braces that hold the bedrail tightly against the opposite side of the mattress to ensure it does not shift or slip during the night.
  • This product offers maximum coverage with its 180 cm long and sidewall of 57 cm to accommodate thick mattresses.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The bed rail comes with a removable and washable fitted cover.
  • The designs and colors are attractive.
  • The product has an accessible storage pouch for organizing baby essentials.
  • The bed rail is extra-long and extra high for an added level of security for your child.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons were observed

5. LuvLap Bed Rail Guard for Baby Safety

LuvLap endeavors to weave life’s little stories in their products with an emphasis on child safety and enrichment of features.

All LuvLap products undergo various quality checks before they are dispatched to stores. One product that is introduced is the Bed Rail Guard for Baby to ensure that your baby experiences high-quality safety as they embark on a transition stage of their childhood.

Main Features
  • The product is easy to fold for compact storage.
  • The material used is of high-quality fabric.
  • It fits in most beds and mattresses.
  • For hygienic purposes, the fabric is stretchable and washable.
  • The mesh material is made sure to provide better ventilation and visibility of your child’s actions.
  • Two rods can be easily fitted under the bed mattress to keep it from moving and slipping.
  • It covers a wide area with its 158cm x 44cm x 41xm when open and 158cm x 44cm x 5cm when folded.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes in a cute print and design that is attractive for your child.
  • The bed rail is easy to assemble because it has an instruction manual.
  • The product has a crossbar, which makes the bed rail sturdy even if the baby pushes against it.
  • There is no gap under the rail, so there is zero chance of injuring the baby’s finger.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other brands.
  • The height is fixed; thus, if the child starts standing up, it won’t be that useful.

6. Fisher-Price Foldable Bed Rail Guard

Fisher-Price is a company that produces educational toys for infants and other children. It offers this Foldable Bed Rail Guard for babies to protect them from falling off the bed either when sleeping or playing.

This product takes your fears away in terms of looking after your child, especially when sleeping. This is a must-have for parents in a transitioning stage of their children being independent.

Main Features
  • This bed rail has simple installation and can be set up in just a few minutes.
  • When not in use or you want to sit beside your child in bed, you can easily fold down the bed rail.
  • No need to worry about cleaning it because the cover can be removed and washed easily.
  • The bed rail guard has a full size of 150 cm x 58cm to cover a wide area.
  • This product has nylon straps that may be tied to the mattress to keep it still and prevent it from moving.
  • It is suitable for almost any kind of bed.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The anti-bacterial mesh wall provides breathability for the child.
  • It comes with a foam padding for added comfort.
  • It is durable and provides value for money
  • The product is available in kid-friendly prints, which makes it attractive.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is a tendency that it can leave a huge gap in the middle, which is a risk for your child to fall off.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best age to use baby bed rails?

Bed rails are recommended between ages 18 months to 5 years. However, it depends on every parent. There is no specific time when it is the best time to transition your child from using cribs to their own toddler beds, but the safest is until they are two years old. Your instinct as a parent is a perfect way to know whether or not your child is ready to use bed rails since there might be slight differences in the recommended age to use it.

2. When do you need to move your child to a toddler bed?

The best way to determine whether to move your child is when they have outgrown their crib. As your child grows and progresses, there is a tendency that they climb out or topple out of their crib. Thus, moving them into a more suitable bed for their height is beneficial.

3. What type of bed rail is best to use?

Bed rails can be made from different materials. They are available in wooden, mesh, or even inflatable materials to match your home decors.

Wooden bed rails are solid and are sturdy enough to keep your child safe while they are sleeping.  They are simpler to install and do not cause much damage to your beds. However, most wooden bed rails are not foldable and are heavier; thus, they are not portable for travel. They are also more expensive compared to the other types.

Mesh bed rails are lighter and suited for traveling. They are made from a metal frame with a breathable mesh. They offer ventilation and breathability compared to the other types.

On the other hand, inflatable bed rails are ideal for vacations because they save so much space. They come in slim designs that are fitted instantly under the bed when inflated. Most of them have a carry bag for portability.

4. When will a child be ready for a bed without rails?

For most, it may occur at age three. But for some, bed rails may be removed as soon as a child is able to climb in and out of bed. It mainly depends on the parents’ or the child’s discretion. They can decide together. Some opt to keep the bed rails even if the child can climb in or out of bed. For safety precaution, just place some cushions such as pillows or blankets on the floor beside the bed to protect him or her from any possible fall.

5. What is the difference between a half bed rail vs. full bed rail?

Half bed rails protect your child from falling off the bed and allow him or her to rise on their own. On the other hand, full bed rails cover from the top to the bottom of the bed.


Each of the bed rails mentioned come with different features but worked for the same purpose- to secure your child while sleeping. It is not just a “want” but a “need” that every parent must-have. It is challenging to decide which bed rail works best for you and your child. It all depends on you to discover and research based on the factors and considerations before buying one.

As long as it serves its purpose, and your little one is comfortable with it, then it should go fine. After all, you’ll be the one to decide what is best for your child’s safety.

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