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Toys are undoubtedly the easiest way to calm a kid’s tantrums. But sometimes it takes more than just a soft toy to make a child happy. For such moments, let your kids enjoy the company of animal figures. There are many soft toys in the form of animal figures available in the market today. From bunnies, elephants, and deers to elephants, puppies, and tigers, there is a wide array of animal figures to choose from. The real-like feel of animal figure stuffed toys gives kids a sense of thrill and excitement. If this is what you are looking for to gift your kids, then read on to know the best animal figures available in India.

1. HUG 'n' FEEL SOFT TOYS Life Size Teddy Bear

This giant panda soft toy will mesmerize your kid with its adorable smile and innocent eyes. It measures 3 feet in length and is the perfect huggable toy your child needs.

Let your child cuddle or play with this giant panda that feels soft and bouncy. It can also be used as a part of your home décor. The material is washable and long-lasting.

Gift this giant-size huggable panda to your kid or a relative’s kid and see them leap with joy. This toy is light enough to make your child’s role play and creative games more fun.

2. SCOOBA Giraffe Animal Soft Toy

This Scooba giraffe animal soft toy is a multi-functional toy that can be used as a play toy, home decor piece, and room decor piece as well. The giraffe is made from durable material that is also safe for kids to play with.

The toy is 30 cm which makes it very compact and huggable. Playing with this toy can stimulate kids’ vision and interactive skills.

Your kid can use this toy as a bedtime cuddle buddy, which helps him or her fall asleep faster.

3. Deals India Giant Stuffed Tiger Animal Toy

This is a giant stuffed toy in the shape of a tiger. The features of this toy resemble a real tiger.

The soft material used to create this soft toy has stripes similar to that of a real tiger. The soft fur looks and feels like a real tiger so much that seems like a mini tiger.

This soft toy measures 16 inches in length, including the tail. It is made with fine quality cloth and is filled with high-quality fiber. It can be easily washed and maintained.

The hands, legs, and tail of this tiger soft toy can be easily bent due to the soft material. This tiger figure is an ideal gift for your kids or your relatives. It can also be used as a car décor or in your home.

4. Tickles Grey Mother Elephant Stuffed Soft Plush Toy

Tickles Elephant Mother and Baby duo soft toy is a soft and plush toy made of high-quality fabric. It is filled with soft fiber to give it a realistic look and feel.

The mother elephant soft toy measures 41cm. It is attached to a baby elephant soft toy at the trunk. It is not too bulky and can be easily carried around by kids, even in the car.

This soft toy is the perfect bedtime companion for little kids. You can present this soft toy as a gift to your kids for their birthday or to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

The material of this soft toy is safe to wash in the machine and can be easily dried in the sun. The inner material does not retain water and remains germ-free.

5. Techno Hight Battery Operated Puppy

Techno Hight Puppy is an electronic soft toy that can perform multiple gestures. It can bark, wag its tail, walk, and do somersaults in the air. The interactive features of this toy will keep your little one fuss-free and busy.

This soft toy has a button near the tail that adjusts its landing after performing a jump or flip.

It is made of soft material on the outside and ABS plastic on the inside. The tail can be adjusted to make the puppy stand still after performing a somersault.

It uses AA batteries and can be used for a long time in one set of batteries. The battery panel is located on the bottom of the soft toy keeping it safe for toddlers and young children.

This toy measures 18x17x9cm in dimensions and weighs only 290gms which makes it easy to handle for little kids.

The barking sound and wagging tail attracts their attention and keeps them distracted while you can carry on with your chores.

6. Wild Republic Cuddlekins 12" White-Tailed Deer

This Cuddlekins White-tailed Deer soft toy by Wild Republic measures 12 inches.

It is a snuggly soft toy that is perfect to gift to your loved one be it a child or an adult. This soft toy can make any person happy with its innocent features and soft fur.

The material of this soft toy is 100% washable making it easy to keep clean. The realistic features of this toy make it worth cuddling with. It is suitable for kids of all ages.

The outer fabric of this soft toy is strong and durable to withstand rough use. It is worth gifting to those who love to collect plushie toys and maintain a collection of different animals.

Buying Guide

Animal figure soft toys are the best option to gift your loved one for their birthday or any other special occasion. But before you do so, here are some factors that you may want to consider.



Make sure that the toy is soft and made with a bouncy fiber that will make it easy and fun to play with.



Depending on the purpose, choose a soft toy whose size is ideal for the person who receives it. For toddlers, soft toys of smaller size will be ideal. Larger size animal figures are suitable for elder kids and young adults.



The soft toy should be made of a strong material that can resist the roughness of a child’s play.



If you are planning to gift an animal figure to a little child, ensure that it is light-weighted.

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