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From having our greens to a daily dose of yoga or workout, there are different ways to be fit. In today’s world where we barely get time to rest, we try to live a healthy lifestyle as much as we can through the food we eat. 

Most of us are either non-vegetarian, vegetarian, or vegans. While non-vegetarians easily get proteins and vitamins from their meal, it’s vegetarians and vegans who need to make sure that they get adequate nutrition.

Along with fruits and vegetable nuts and dry fruits are also a great source of nutrition. In many countries like India, you will find that nuts and dry fruits have great importance in a meal.

Dry fruits like cashew nuts and almonds are often served on special occasions. That is only because it offers great nutritional value.

Here we are going to talk about almonds in particular because of the positive effect it has on our health.

Here you will find all the information on almonds such as types and uses of almonds, benefits of having almonds, buyers guide, and few faqs.

Lastly, you can also take a look at our top 8 recommended products that we have selected as Best almond brands in India.

Health benefits of including almond in your diet

Wholesome snack

Oftentimes in between our meals we get hungry and scavenge through our kitchen to fill our tummy. Most of the time we end up eating snacks that are unhealthy like instant noodles or junk food.

If you replace such snacks with a small bowl of almonds, not only will you fill your tummy but also you will get nutrients out of it. You will get fiber, healthy fat, manganese, magnesium and much more from almonds.

It is said that almonds can reduce hunger and having almonds more often can affect lower your calorie intake. So if you are trying to lose some weight then almond is your friend.

Helps with blood sugar

It is said that almonds are great for people who suffer from diabetes. Almonds are low in carbs and have good healthy fats, fiber and also provide protein.

They also have a high amount of magnesium that helps in control of blood sugar. Hence almonds are good for anyone that has type 2 diabetics.


Antioxidants cut the oxidants in our body. Oxidants are caused by stress and lead to cell damages. Having a regular intake of antioxidant-rich food reduces such oxidants and also helps with good skin. Almonds are a great source of antioxidants.

Great source of Vitamin E

We all need to have enough vitamins in our body to have a healthy body. For vitamin E almonds are considered the best option. Vitamin E is also a type of antioxidant and it helps in building up cell membranes.

Good for skin and hair

Almonds are great for anyone who has dry skin because it is rich in antioxidants. Almonds provide healthy fats that make your skin soft. For many years, almond oil has been the solution for dry hair.  Vitamin E present in the almonds gives amazing shine to dry hair.

Prevents heart diseases and cancer risk

Recent study shows that almonds can improve lipid or fat levels in the blood that helps in keeping the heart healthy. Nuts like almonds, peanuts and walnuts act as a protective layer in the formation of cancer in the breast. Having almonds daily offers multiple benefits.

Types of Almonds and Its Forms


Mainly there are 2 types of almonds – Soft shell and Hard shell. Soft shell almonds are produced in California and hard shell almonds come from Portugal. Soft shell almonds have sweet taste while hard shell almonds have bitter taste.

Natural or Blanched

You will find either natural or blanched almonds. Natural almonds mean whole almond with the skin, unsalted and unroasted. Blanched almonds are one without skin and works well as garnish over a dish.

Slices, flakes and chopped

You can find sliced, flaked and chopped almonds ready but you can do that yourself at home. Sliced almonds are used as garnish, flakes and chopped almonds are used in sweet dishes, smoothie bowls and milkshakes as well.

Almond milk and flour

]You can easily find almond milk and almond flour as a substitute for regular milk and flour. Almond flour can be used as sauce thickener and flavour enhancer in cakes cookies. Almond milk is the best alternative for regular milk if you are lactose intolerant.

Almond butter

Similar to peanut butter, almond butter tastes great as spread over bread or chapatis. It tastes great with chocolate and cereal bars as well.

Almond oil

Almond oil is used for many years to make dull dry hair into shiny hair. The Vitamin E present in it helps in moisturizing our hair and it is often used in cosmetic products.

Buyer’s Guide

Sealed packaging

Make sure to always buy almonds that are sealed packed. When nuts are properly sealed in a package they tend to retain their taste and texture better than those who are open in air.

It is better to buy packed almonds rather than bulk buy open almonds. This is because the almonds that you have to scoop in your bag are already exposed to air. This can decrease its life and often lead to weird texture.

Size of the almond

Although most almonds look the same but they are available in different sizes. The bigger the almond the better it is considered. Remember that small sized almonds taste the same.

Net quantity

Also check the net quantity of the almonds before purchasing. It’s mandatory for manufacturers to put weight information on the packaging.

You can easily get almonds in the net quantity of 200 g, 500g and 1kg packages. Select the size according to your needs. Almonds compared to fruits last longer but if you get them in excess and not finish in time, then it can go stale.


Almonds in general are quite expensive. Make sure to note all the prices available online before making the purchase. A balanced budget is important, you can find almonds that will fit under your budget.

Top 8 Almond Brands in India

1. Solimo Premium Almonds

Solimo is an in-house Amazon brand. Solimo almonds are packed with premium quality almonds that your family deserves. The almonds are vacuum-sealed so that when you eat them it has freshness and the right texture.

Main Features
  • Available in 250g, 500g and 1kg pack
  • Hygienically vacuum packed to meet food safety standards.
  • Shelf life is 1 year from the manufacturing date.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Consist of big sized almonds with only a few small to medium-sized almonds.
  • Has a fresh flavour and crunchy texture.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Packed in a unit where other nuts are also packed. If you are allergic to nuts then eating these almonds can cause allergic reactions.

2. Farmley Premium California Almonds

Farmley is a brand you can rely on for quality products. The brand provides 100% natural and all nutrient preserved products. The brand’s almonds are handpicked and packed, ensuring they are rich in proteins, nutrients and free from adulteration.

Main Features
  • It is rich in protein and dietary fibre, which makes it healthy to include in the diet.
  • The product is rich in Omega 3, Iron, and antioxidants that help boost immunity.
  • It is a yummy snack to have any time of the day.
  • It is free from GMO, gluten, and impurity.
  • The almonds are crispy and crunchy to chew, making them good for oral massage.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Make yummy and healthy snacks for kids.
  • Almonds can be used for garnishing a variety of dishes.
  • Every bite feels crispy.
  • It is premium quality.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were observed.

3. Vedaka Almonds

Vedaka has been offering premium quality nuts and seeds online. Vedaka offers quality assured almonds without the shell so that you can snack on them directly.

Main Features
  • You can choose from  a 200 g, 500g and 1kg package
  • Meets FSSAI food safety standards while packing these almonds
PROS (What we liked)
  • Vacuumed in food safe material
  • Fresh and crunchy almonds
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Can cause an allergic reaction since it is packed in a unit where different nuts are packed

4. Wonderland Foods California Almonds

Wonderland Foods offers high-quality California Almonds at a reasonable price. The almonds are fresh and hygienically packed in an FSSAI certified facility.

The product delivers 1 kg (2 packs – 500 grams each) of premium California nuts in individual air-tight containers.

Main Features
  • It includes uniform-sized premium almonds recommended for good health.
  • It is delivered in air-tight containers making storage easy even at room temperature
  • It is easy and healthy for snacking.
  • It is available in two individual jars helpful in retaining the freshness of the nuts.


PROS (What we liked)
  • The product supplies nutritious premium quality nuts at a reasonable price.
  • It is rich in dietary fiber, maintains brain health, and helps lowering calorie intake.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Nothing negative observed as of now.

5. California Almonds from Nutraj Nuts

Nutraj Nuts offers California Almonds that are of premium quality. The product is available in packs of 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 Kg.

Main Features
  • It is rich in magnesium and other nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamin E, calcium, copper, and riboflavin that are good for heart health.
  • It is available in an innovatively packed air-tight package.
  • It is agricultural produce directly from the United States.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is both good for heart health and skin – health and beauty.
  • It is available in packages with varying weight making it easy for the user to pick the right package that he/she needs.
  • It is rich in fibre that keeps you full for a long time and helps in having an energy-filled day throughout.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Might be allergic, as it is packed in an integrated facility that processes other nuts and dried fruits.

6. Happilo Californian Almonds

Happilo provides you with premium California almonds that are packed with healthy fats, protein and fibers. Located in Bengaluru, Happilo has been providing us with nuts and spices since 1969.

Main Features
  • Available only in 200 g pack
  • Almonds come in reusable packs so that you don’t need any separate storage
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes without shell and can be eaten directly as a snack
  • The pack comes with a seal that will maintain the freshness of the almond.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points found.

7. Spicy Carte Premium Almonds

Spicy carte offers whole unsalted, unroasted almonds so that we get pure California almond goodness. The almonds come with shell and can be directly eaten without any hassle.

Main Features
  • Available in 500g and 1kg pack
  • The almonds come in a sealed container
  • The almonds are considered best when consumed within 6 months.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The almonds are almost the same size and offer great texture.
  • After removing the seal the almonds can be stored in the container itself.
CONS (What we didn’t like)

No negative points found

8. Naturoz California Almonds

Naturoz has been offering 100% pure nuts without any artificial flavours. Naturoz almonds are straight from California and offer all the goodness in the packet.

Main Features
  • Naturoz almonds are available in 200g and 500g pack
  • The almonds are in a reusable packet and has been vacuum sealed
  • Almonds are packed in FSSC : 22000 and HACCP certified plants to meet all food safety measures
PROS (What we liked)
  • Because of the reusable packet, you don’t have to buy another container for the almonds
  • Almonds have a crisp texture
CONS (What we didn’t like)

No negative points found

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is almond milk as good as almond nuts?

The almond milk will have the same nutrients but very less as compared to the almond nuts. Almonds have high protein and fiber which will be eliminated if you use its milk. But in case you are intolerant to dairy then almond milk is a great alternative.

2. Which country has the best almonds?

Many countries grow almonds but California in the United States offers the best quality almonds. Hence you will find many companies selling their almonds as California almonds.

3. Is it better to soak almonds?

We all have argued if almonds are better if they are soaked. While the brown skin layer of the almond contains fibers and protein the inner part has the vitamin E. You can have almonds either way.

4. Does almond really help with memory?

We all have grown up listening to our mothers saying eat badam as it will increase your memory. Well a mother is never wrong, almonds have Vitamin E which helps in boosting and preserving our memory longer.


To maintain a healthy life we need to include different types of fruits, vegetables and nuts in our diet. If you are thinking of bringing a healthy change in your diet then you can always start with almonds. Having a handful daily wil show good benefits in the long run.

Hope this article helped you in selecting best quality almonds. If you are still confused about which almonds to go for then check out the Top 5 almond brands we have listed in the article along with the buyers guide before making any purchase.

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