Best Air Purifiers for Bedrooms

With increasing pollution day by day, the quality of the air we breathe is also affected. You might not notice, but if you have trouble sleeping at night, the bad air quality could be one of the major reasons. So getting an appropriate air purifier for your bedroom is something you should do.
The air purifier will keep your surrounding air clean, which will get rid of the dust and allergens, allowing you to fall asleep easily. This will also improve your overall health and contribute to a long life.

To help you in making the right choice, we have included a guide where you can explore the types of air purifier technology, specifications of air filters, buying guide, FAQ, and the top 6 best quiet air purifier for bedroom.

Top 6 Air Purifiers for Bedrooms

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Our Pick
Excellent air circulation
Four Stage Filtration
Remove Pollutants Effectively

Specifications for Air Filters

Filters are an integral part of an air purifier because they filter out the bad air particles. They operate by physically eliminating the sizeable airborne particles. So the efficiency of an air purifier relies on the type and quality of its filters.

Filters are the only components of an air purifier that requires periodic replacement. Therefore, the durability and lifecycle costs of the filters should be your two key priorities when purchasing an air purifier.

Here are a few types of air filters available:

HEPA Filters

The high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) is the first type you should look for.

HEPA is equipped with interlocked fibers that physically eliminate particle pollutants from the air.

This type of filter has the ability to filter out at least 99% of the 0.3-micrometer particles from the air. HEPA filters demand regular cleaning, with increasing frequency if you live in dusty environments.

Carbon Filters

This type of air filter works by providing clean air by adsorbing volatile chemicals. The carbon filters clean the air by converting the gaseous contaminants in it to their solid states.

Some air purifiers feature compound filters that combine many filters in one, while others just have multiple filters. It is up to you to determine what works for you at your budget and meets air cleaning efficiency needs.

Types of Air Purifier Technology

Here are a few examples of air purifier technologies you may not be aware of:

Photo-catalytic Oxidation (PCO)

This air purifier technology is new in the market.

Besides preventing the entry of unconditioned air into a building space, it also improves good air quality indoors.

The ability to oxidize and destroy organic contaminants is what makes photo-catalytic oxidation powerful in cleaning your air.

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) Technology

Calcium carbonate blends with nanoparticles of titanium oxide to jointly neutralize the adsorbed acidic gases. The decomposition of pollutant particles begin from the surface by a process called photo-catalysis.

Cell Technology

A bioreactor cell attracts charged pollutant particles to get rid of the microscopic contaminants present in the air. It also starts an enzymatic action that makes the pollutants harmless.

Thermodynamic Sterilization

This system adopts heat sterilization through a ceramic core to kill germs (viruses, allergens, bacteria, fungi, molds, and the likes). Air is heated up to 200- degrees centigrade and then passed through heat transfer plates for cooling and let out.

Thermodynamic sterilization neither filters out nor traps pollutant particles. This process only ensures the disease-causing microorganisms in the contaminants have been dealt with.

Photo-electrochemical oxidation

This is a type of photocatalytic oxidation technology. The process uses catalyst materials and reactive species interacting in an electrochemical process to boost the quantum efficiency.

With better quantum efficiency, it becomes easy to adopt a light source with less UVA radiation energy and still achieve maximum efficiency.

Buyers Guide

Apart from the type of filters, there are many other factors that must be considered when purchasing an air purifier for the bedroom.

The different filtration and cleaning system dictates the ability of the purifier to effectively purify the target area. There are several other factors to consider when purchasing an air purifier for your bedroom.

These include:

Noise Level

This is of critical importance in the bedroom because you deserve a silent night and peaceful rest. Unlike the living room, you will need a purifier with a lower Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

In other words, you will need a machine that cleans the air in your bedroom at a slower rate as compared to the one you need for your living room.

Design Parameters

This can be broken down to the size and weight of the air purifier.

Lightweight purifiers can be shifted from one room to another easily but are less effective in air cleaning. Heavier models, on the other hand, are bulky to carry around but have a great impact on the air around.

Recent models have been able to adopt a system that combines the functionalities of an air purifier and a fan. And that’s aimed at achieving both lightweight and efficient models.

Size of the room

You have to be exact and precise when it comes to picking the right purifier for the size of your room.

Experts advise that you interpret the architectural drawings of your building so as to determine the accurate measurement of the area. With that information, you can calculate the volume of the room and find a purifier that meets the requirement.

Initial & Lifecycle Costs

Apart from the buying cost, there will be a certain amount that will be spent on repairs and maintenance during the life of the product.

It is important to check these types of costs to ensure they fall within your budget. Changing the air filters is a simple DIY operation that will take you less than five minutes.

5 Best Air Purifiers for Bedroom

1. Mi 2S Air Purifier – Our Pick

Mi 2S Air Purifier
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Xiaomi has grown to become a tech giant over the years. It is well-known for selling quality smart home products, smartphones, drones, internet services, and much more -all at very affordable prices.

This Mi Air purifier is one of their products and has all the features required in a bedroom purifier. Xiaomi’s app called Mi Home, supported by both Android and iOS operating systems acts as the central control system of all Xiaomi electronics and appliances you have in your home.

Mi 2S purifier has three distinct layers of filtration. The outermost layer eliminates large air pollutants like dust and pet dander, while the middle filtration layer removes smaller particles and bacteria.

The innermost layer is lined with highly absorbent activated carbon that absorbs formaldehyde and other toxic elements of air like a bad odor.

Main Features
  • There are three modes of operation of the Mi 2S air purifier. There’s the manual mode that’s super noisy and should not be used while sleeping. The second type is the auto-mode, which allows regulation of the fan speed and PM reading. Sleep mode is the third type of control and is the best option for a good night’s sleep.
  • The device features a compact design that produces minimal noise while cleaning the air.
  • It comes with an OLED display, which shows the humidity, AQI, and temperature levels.
  • It is great for a room of 400 sq ft which is generally in the bedroom.
  • The Mi 2S features a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310m2/hr that can efficiently clean air on a 21 square meters room and 2.4 meters high in less than 10 minutes.
  • It has a high-quality laser sensor that enables it to instantly detect and reflect particles as tiny as 0.3 micrometers on its OLED screen.
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty with the product.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Has a sleek and modern design.
  • Seamless control of the device using the smartphone
  • It is very effective in purifying the air.
  • Comes with a child lock system.
  • The all-in-one single cylindrical filter makes its replacement easy and cheaper.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Difficulty while cleaning the filters.
  • Becomes noisy in the manual mode.
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2. Honeywell Room Air Purifier – Excellent air circulation

Honeywell Room Air Purifier
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The Honeywell Air Purifier is on our list because it does the job quite efficiently.

When it comes to the air circulation system, this air purifier has tiny molecular pores strategically placed on the sides and bottoms to allow air intake.

Then pure air is released from the top with the pores on the curvy top surface inclined in a way that lets out air at an angle to allow for the maximum circulation of it. Unlike other purifiers, the Honeywell room model is absolutely free of ozone.

The technology adopted in the filtration system does not release harmful gases during the cleaning process. The setting up and use of the Honeywell room air purifier together with its replacement are simple tasks that you can easily do them yourself.

Main Features
  • The number of filters in this type of air purifier is the possible maximum of three.
  • The surfaces of these filters are absorbent of air pollutants like toxic gases and formaldehyde.
  • It removes dirt from the air, frees your nose ducts and respiratory ducts of particle deposits and clogs.
  • Honeywell room air purifier has a CADR of 250m3/hr, and for a room that is 9 feet high, the maximum area of coverage is 323 sq. ft.
  • The purifier has pre-filter that is washable, and its main function is to absorb large air pollutants dust, smoke, pet hair, and much more.
  • This particular air purifier has a child lock function that prevents kids from interfering with its working.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The front cover features a magnet arrangement that seamlessly opens and closes.
  • The quality of air in the serviced area is high. There is a notable difference between the area with purified air and that of the surroundings.
  • Very quiet while it’s functioning.
  • It’s not bulky and hence can be moved from one room to another.
  • Both the design and colors are commendable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • In full mode, it might become a bit noisy

3. Philips Air Purifier

Philips is a well known and trusted brand famous for the quality and reliability of its products. This air purifier from them is no different.

It is perfect for a master bedroom having an area of 269-409 sq ft. It features 3 smart pre-settings that you can choose from General, Allergen, and Bacteria & Virus modes.

Main Features
  • It monitors and displays real-time numerical PM 2.5 levels.
  • It removes 99.97% airborne pollutants as small as 0.003 microns.
  • Purifies a room in just 10 minutes with a CADR of 333.
  • Removes 99.90% bacteria and viruses and dust mites.
  • The life of the filter is accurately calculated based on the indoor pollution level, airflow and operation time.
  • You are quickly alerted when replacement of filter is required.
  • It operates noiselessly in silent mode.
  • The light of the user interface can be brightened or dimmed as per requirement.
  • Aerodynamic design ensures efficient airflow.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Extremely helpful in winter when pollution levels are high.
  • Drastic improvement in air quality is noticeable.
  • Professional grade sensing technology.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Functional features are low-end compared to other products.
  • Vibration might be disturbing.

4. Dyson Pure Air Purifier – WiFi-Enabled

Dyson is one of the most ell known brands for their premium and high quality products. This air purifier also meets those standards and automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns.

The air purifier is engineered to project and circulate purified air across large spaces. It has dual functionality with fans along with air purification. It has a lower face velocity compared to standard purifiers. 

Main Features
  • It is equipped with a 360° glass HEPA filter and tris-coated activated carbon filter.
  • The H-13 Glass HEPA filter is  densely packed with borosilicate microfibers.
  • You can keep track of the purifier via the Dyson Link app that provides real-time air quality reports.
  • It has 10 air-speed settings with auto mode, night-time mode, sleep timer, and an easy-to-clean aperture.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The 360 degree design allows easy placement anywhere in the room.
  • It automatically monitors, reacts and purifies the surrounding air.
  • Oscillation feature makes sure air is circulated in all parts.
  • The blades do not spin too fast so it is safe for paws and  little fingers.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quite expensive.
  • Fan functionality might not be strong enough.

5. Purita Bliss HEPA Air Purifier – Four Stage Filtration

Purita Bliss HEPA Air Purifier
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Purita Bliss HEPA air purifier is best suited for medium-sized bedrooms. Purita Bliss is an advanced model with a number of elegant features that enhance the air cleaning process.

It’s a high performing product with a multi-layer purification system that does not leave a chance to even the tiniest particles.

Also, given that it works perfectly in all mid-size rooms, the purifier features a compact design that only weighs 6.2kg for quick portability in between rooms when necessary.

Main Features
  • Purita Bliss has its central control system in a touchscreen panel, where you can easily adjust the settings to your air circulation needs.
  • It features a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 220m3/hr. This airflow rate is substantial to clean filthy air in a relatively short time efficiently.
  • The Purita Bliss air purifier has an operational Air Quality Indicator (AQI) that promptly alerts you when the pollution level gets out of hand in your bedroom.
  • Purita Bliss can adequately cover an area of 300 sq. ft.
  • It comes with an auto mode function that automatically increases or decreases the speed according to the air quality
  • The 4-stage filtration has four distinct filters that work independently to eliminate different sizes of air pollutants.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The Purita Bliss air purifier has a timer of up to 8 hours.
  • Works on both auto and sleep modes.
  • The effective multi-layer purification system.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Cannot be paired with a smartphone for convenient control through Wi-Fi.
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6. JSB HF 131 Air Purifier – Remove Pollutants Effectively

JSB HF 131 Air Purifier
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We chose the JSB HF 131 as our top pick for many reasons but mainly for the advanced gadget that it is at such an affordable price. It has a 6-level filtration system that is tightly held in place to remove all sorts of pollutants from the air effectively.

The first stage has a cold catalyst filter that gets rid of antigens and allergens. Stage two has activated carbon whose adsorbent surface absorbs harmful chemical elements in the air, including formaldehyde. Stage three is made up of an anti-bacterial filter that purely eliminates any elements of bacteria in the air.

The fourth step uses HEPA filters, which removes particles as tiny as 0.1 micron. Destructive pollutants like pet dander, human hair, dust mites, and pollens don’t stand a chance where there are HEPA filters.

The fifth stage adopts UV sterilization technology that emits negative ions that freshen the room and also kill viruses and bacteria. The final stage has an ionizer that negatively charges oxygen in order to attract positively charged particles like smoke, bacteria, and viruses.

Main Features
  • The device has a remote control and an LED indicator that enables convenient control of it.
  • JSB HF 131 provides room for keeping a mosquito repellent in it.
  • It has a moderate size with a lightweight that makes it super portable.
  • The build quality, too is okay made of high-end plastic material with a dual tone that looks attractive.
  • The JSB HF 131 machine can effectively cover an area of 625 sq. ft. This translates to about 60 square meters.
  • It features a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 350m3/hr at a power consumption rate of 50 Watts.
  • This machine has timer functions that give you alert reminders whenever an action is required.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The air filters have a relatively long lifespan, about 18 months.
  • It is very silent while working.
  • It has a low consumption power making it economical in its usage.
  • Simple operation with feather touch buttons.
  • The auto mode comes really handy for people.
  • The air purifier improves the quality of air in your living room.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No way to check the Air Quality Index.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do air purifiers for bedrooms help you sleep better?

Yes, air purifiers remove large air pollutants like dust and pet dander. It further frees the air of any allergens that might complicate your asthmatic situation from the air.

Pollen grains, human hair, viruses, bacteria, and other air pollutants are a thing of the past if you set up an air purifier in your bedroom.

2. Can I leave my air purifier on all night?

Yes, you can leave the purifier running all night without worrying about the side effects. An air purifier is an air cleaning machine which if you find the right quality, there will be no negative effects on your health.

Ozone is the only detrimental chemical component that is emitted from ionic air purifiers. Unless, of course, you want to conserve energy, it is advisable that you reduce the fan speed to the lowest level or keep it running on auto mode. This also minimizes the noise levels in your bedroom.

3. Do air purifiers really work for dust?

Most advanced air purifiers have a pre-set filter that eliminates huge air particles like dust and pet dander.

However, if you are so specific about getting rid of dust in your home, it is important to look for High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. They have a high degree of accuracy in filtering out dust. 99% of airborne particles do not survive HEPA filters.


Air purifiers undoubtedly improve your health and well being. It is a must-have product in any urban area as there is a large concentration of particulate matter and dust particles. Having gone through our article, we are sure you will find a purifier best suited for your needs. However, we do have a few favorites.

Dyson air purifier is the hands down best purifier you need to go for, without much thought. However, it is on the expensive side and if you are on a budget, the Philips purifier will do just as fine at a lower price. The Mi 2S is another popular choice that you can go for.

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