Best Air Blowers

If hygiene is a priority for you, then an electric air blower is a must-have equipment. An air blower generates air flow faster, capable of easily blowing away dust particles or trash. This device can also be used to clean hard to reach places. They are extremely efficient and save you a lot of time and energy. If you are confused about how to get this amazing piece of machinery, this guide will help you.

1. Jakmister Electric Air Blower

This electric air blower has a powerful 600-watt motor that produces 15000 RPM. It achieves an air blowing speed of 80 miles an hour or 2.6 cubic metres per second. It has a lock-on air button that provides a constant flow of air without interruption.

The blower is easy to service and maintain. The design allows you to change the carbon brush when it gets worn out. This helps avoid damage to the motor.

2. Cheston CHB-30 Plastic Electric Air Blower

Cheston CHB-30 is an electric air blower with a power consumption of 550W and a voltage of 230V. It is corded and has a no-load speed of 14000 rpm. With this air blower, you can clean your electronics, computers, kitchen appliances and much more.

It has a highly effective motor that blows out a high air volume to get rid of dust and dirt. It can be used for home purposes such as cleaning cars, electronics and lawns. It can also be used for industrial uses such as cleaning, dusting and blowing the waste material.

3. Aegon Ab40 Air blower

This blower provides the desired cleaning result for power-intensive work with its robust and durable 350-watt motor. The copper winding is capable of carrying double the current compared to regular aluminium wiring.

The superior grip ensures that you experience the least fatigue. The blower has a lock-on switch, making it easy for you to use the blower for long periods or for jobs that require many hours of operation.

The efficiency of the blower is improved due to its extended nozzle. The nozzle also has a quick-lock mechanism making seamless interchange possible. It can withstand the strong air force and does not come loose.

4. iBELL Air Blower

This air blower from iBell has amazing blowing power. The 600-watt power generates 14000 RPM fans speed, which propels the air at 3.3 cubic meters per second. It has an in-built vacuum system with self-suction capability for fast and reliable cleaning.

The blower can clean up your home, office, garage, or sidewalk with minimal effort. It can also get rid of stubborn sticky dust particles in the machine vents like an air conditioner. The blower is ideal for workshops or industries because of its immense blowing power, which saves time.

5. Elmico Electric Air Blower

Elmico air blower features a very strong copper winding electric motor that can achieve a maximum of 15000 RPM speed. This results in an air delivery rate of almost 2.2 cubic metres per second. It is suitable for both personal and professional use.

You can be assured of an easy operation due to its ergonomic design. The long PVC nozzle helps direct the air where required. It is quite lightweight and has a perfect weight to power ratio, ensuring easy handling. It has easy to replace carbon brushes.

6. Vormir leaf blower

Vormir leaf blower has a low-noise design, which ensures quiet and peaceful operation. The blower has amazing portability due to its compact design and battery-powered wireless feature. It has variable air speed, which can be adjusted according to your need.

The blower has a superior grip with its ergonomically designed soft padded handles. The blower can operate from 20 to 70 minutes on a single charge depending on the air speed. This is more than enough for one job, so you don’t need to wait for it to recharge between work.

Safety Precautions 

  • Before switching on the leaf blower, scan the area for any hazardous things that could fly off and cause injury.
  • Blowers generate a tremendous amount of air speed. It is advised to wear safety goggles when operating the machine.
  • Make sure you are standing on a solid hard surface before using it. Do not use while on ladders or any unstable surface else you might get thrown off balance.
  • Grip the blower tightly with both hands.
  • Keep a tab on the heat generation. If you feel the machine is getting unbearably hot, let it cool down for a while.
  •  Do not point directly at any other person or a pet.
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