9 Best 4K TV: Better Viewing Experience

We provide a detailed guide to the best 4 K TV from trusted brands like Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia, Panasonic, etc.

With advancements in technology, everyone is looking to upgrade their electronic devices to meet the latest standards. One such electronic device is Television. The increase in the availability of 4K content makes 4K TV more critical. The advent of smart TVs has also made it easy to access 4K streaming services directly from your television.

We have mentioned all the essential details that you need to know before buying 4K television. You will get the answers like what it is, how does it work, the different typesbenefits of buying one, and the features to look out for when purchasing this television. To make your search simpler, we have also listed the best 4K TVs recommendation.

Top 9 Best 4k Smart TVs

What is 4K TV?

A 4K TV  offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160. This resolution is also referred to as Ultra HD. The higher pixels imply that you get a better picture from the TV.

In comparison to HD resolution, 4K televisions offer four times the resolution of the HD TV. The difference in picture quality is the major difference between 4K TVs and regular HD TVs.

4K TVs are much better on a larger TV screen. This is usually from 55 inches upwards. Although there are limited content sources for 4K TVs, there is an upscaling feature that allows these TVs to improve the picture quality of any source content.

How Does a TV Work?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the type of TV in question. The most common method in which a TV works is noticeable in either an LCD or a Plasma TV format.

An LCD TV consists of two main parts, which are the light source (backlight) and the liquid crystal display. For light uniformity across the TV screen, there is a light diffuser between the LCD screen and the backlight. The main function of the LCD screen is to serve as a filter that blocks light. This is done on a per-pixel basis.

It doesn’t emit any form of light on its own. The application of an electric field provides a means through which the pixel opacity is controlled. By blocking the light totally, the LCD pixel can create a black display on the screen.

On the other hand, it will allow light to pass through to display a white screen. Comparing this display to the Plasma screen, it does not produce a black, which is as deep. This is because it only serves as a filter. There will always be a small amount of light that will pass through an LCD pixel even while it is displaying a black color.

Although there are certain LCD TVs which flicker during brightness adjustment, most LCD TVs do not flicker. The picture is on throughout using the sample and hold method. Compared to the Plasma display, the cost of operating an LCD TV is much cheaper. This is because exciting electrons in Plasma TVs cost more energy than simply illuminating the back of the screen through the application of an electric field. Depending on the brightness of the backlight, the screen luminosity can also be a lot higher.

In a well-lit room, LCD TVs are more beneficial than a Plasma TV. Due to the depth of the LCD filter screen, there is a limited viewing angle. In modern LCD TVs, the reduction in the LCD layer depth has enhanced the range of the viewing angle.

An LCD TV can be either an LED or CCFL depending on the type of backlight in use.

In a plasma screen, the functioning of the TV is based on the excitation of tiny pockets of gas. This gas can either be Neon or Xenon. By exciting the gas, they can be changed into a plasma state. In the plasma state, although not visible to the human eye, the electrons of the gas begin to emit ultraviolet light.

Each cell contains phosphor, which then absorbs this ultraviolet light and re-emits it into the visible light spectrum. There are three subpixels present in each pixel. These include red, green, and blue subpixels. The brightness of the color depends on how much gas is excited.

Excitation of the pixel is done in short pulses. Although some individuals may not notice these short pulses, those who are very sensitive observe it as flickering on the screen. On the more expensive plasma models, the flickering occurs at a faster rate making it difficult to notice.

When the TV needs to display a black screen, there is no light emission from the selected pixels. It produces very deep blacks since each pixel emits its light. Since light emission stops once there is no excitation, motion blur is less frequent in comparison to LCD TVs.

If there is a particular image on display for a long period, it is common to notice image retention occasionally.

Plasma TVs are no longer as popular as they used to be since the production of the TV has stopped.

Benefits of a 4K TV

Most are Smart TVs

Smart TVs are becoming more popular, and most recent releases come with this feature. A unique benefit of most 4K TVs is that they are Smart TVs. This is a key necessity for users to enjoy 4K content streaming from 4K streaming services.

It makes large TVs better.

A common problem of buying a regular large screen television is a noticeable flaw in the source content when shown on a large screen. The high-quality image which 4K provides makes it difficult to notice any issue with the pixel structure.

More details on pictures

Combine a good 4K TV with an excellent 4K content source, and you have a picture quality, which is four times your regular HD picture quality. This high-quality picture makes it easy to focus on minor details like the grass on a pitch or hair on a person’s head. It also eliminates jagged edges on an image and visible pixel structure.

Increase in the availability of 4K content

There is a rapid increase in the number of streaming services available. To outdo the competition, most streaming services are offering 4K content to attract various customers. To enjoy the 4K contents which these services offer, a 4K TV is important.

Types of TVs


The CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) is an older technology that is being faced out through the implementation of LEDs in televisions. The CCFL is usually always-on but is cheaper than the LED method. Nonetheless, LEDs have become the standard even for very cheap television models.

Direct LED TV

In contrast to the CCFL TV sets, LED TVs to offer wider color gamut and improved power efficiency. The Direct LED display uses an array of LEDs that are placed directly behind the television screen. This method provides improvements in contrast since the LEDs can be darkened or lit up individually, depending on the zone. Setting up the LED arrays is quite expensive, which is why Direct LED TVs are not very cheap to purchase.


To produce LED TVs, which are much cheaper for commercial use, the Edge LED arrangement is implemented. In this method, the mounting of the LED backlights is along the various edges of the TV panel.

Although the picture quality is not as high as that of Direct LED TVs, it is still a lot better than the CCFL televisions. This is the more common method on most LED TVs due to the cheap cost of production.


The OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diode. These TV sets use an emissive, electroluminescent film through which electric current passes through. The control of the TV is at the Pixel level. One design feature of these TV sets is the flexibility and extremely thin appearance. It also provides better contrast and colors. The technology is still quite new, so it costs quite a bit to purchase.

Curved TVs

In contrast to the CRT TVs, curved TVs have a screen with an inward curve. The main benefit which this design boasts is the ability to make all pixels on the TV equidistant to the eye of the viewer. Nonetheless, depending on where the viewer sits, there may be issues with the display. Such issues include the compressing of the image’s center and content foreshortening.

Plasma TVs

These televisions contain glass panels with a mixture of inert gases filled into a large number of tiny cells. The electricity passing through the Plasma Display Panel excites the inert gases, which then results in illumination of the pixels across the television screen.

Although there are a few manufacturers still producing Plasma TVs, they are not very common. The reason being they are only suitable for larger TV screens of over 42 inches.

Quantum Dots TV

Usually referred to as QLED TVs, these televisions do not use the combination of a color filter and white light in the production of colors. A QLED is an LED TV that improves picture performance through the use of quantum dots. It offers better black levels and brightness levels than other TV technologies.

Features to Look Out for When Purchasing a 4K TV

Curved vs. flat

You do not find much difference between a curved and a flat TV when you are viewing movies and videos in it. Keep in mind that curved TVs are more sensitive to reflections, and the viewing angles are not as good as the other. In terms of design and looks, the curved TV is brilliant. If you have a high budget, you can opt to buy it.

Voice control

Your TV becomes smart if you have features such as voice recognition. You need not have to use a remote control to operate it. It has built-in microphones to recognize your voice. Most of the Samsung TVs have this feature.

Remote control

The range of remote control matters when you are buying a television. Some TV’s remote are short-ranged, thus making it difficult for users to operate it.

Sound quality

Built-in speakers such as Dolby speakers give a vast theatre-like experience at home itself. This adds to the pros of buying a good television. Hence, you do not have to rely on any other home-theater system or exterior speakers.

Faster refresh rate

The refresh rate usually determines the clarity of the picture. Although a 60Hz refresh rate is the most common, there is a faster 120Hz refresh rate, which provides better picture quality. Some specifications may state an ‘effective’ refresh rate of 120Hz. In an actual sense, this is still a 60Hz refresh rate.

HEVC Decoding

High-Efficiency Video Coding is a standard with a primary function of delivering 4K content. This can be either through Blu-Ray or streaming. The HEVC coding allows streaming over a broadband connection and efficient copy of a 4K content onto a Blu-Ray. An HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 feature is necessary for HEVC decoding of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.

A built-in HEVC decoding is very important if you want to enjoy the latest 4K streaming services.

HDCP 2.2

HDCP is an acronym for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. Initially developed by Intel, HDCP is a type of copy protection that stops video content and digital audio from getting copied. At the same time, it is being transferred from one connected device to the other. Connection types like HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI implement the use of HDCP.

Transmitting devices need to check that a receiver has authorization before it transfers data. As soon as the transmitter determines that the receiver is authorized, it encrypts the data and begins to transfer. This prevents copying by any device which is modified for HDCP copying or unauthorized devices. The version 2.2 of the HDCP is the latest version which offers copy protection for 4K content.

10-bit Panel

The bit number on a color component of one pixel is the bit depth. This can also be called the color depth. The color accuracy level is greater if the number is higher. The 8-bit used to be the standard color depth on all TVs. The 10-bit is a more common adaptation for 4K Ultra HD standards.

This color depth provides a wider color space and better HDR implementation. The higher color depth also prevents banding in blocks of color, as well as a few other issues.

Built-in casting

The built-in casting functionality, which is now appearing on some televisions, is a feature that eliminates the need for a separate Chromecast dongle. Although some televisions are cast enabled, this is not the same as a built-in Chromecast.

The cast enabled TVs usually appear in the Cast dropdown menu of your connected phone but do not respond to the Google Home Speaker. Also, you cannot add these TVs to the Google Home.


This is a feature that lets users power on their television using any device connected through HDMI. CEC is Consumers Electronic Control through which a connected device, like an Apple TV, can power on the TV and switch to the correct output without the use of the television remote.

Gaming mode

The gaming mode on a TV helps in reducing the severity of input lag. An input lag can have a serious impact on your gaming experience. It is easy to notice the time difference between – when you press a button on your controller and when the action is performed on the television.

Sleep Timer

Asleep timer or inactivity timer is a feature that powers off the TV after a period of inactivity. Although CEC is becoming popular with lots of users, one feature which it lacks on some televisions is power off functionality. If this feature is unavailable, setting a sleep timer can save you the stress of searching for a remote.

Connectivity and ports

Various features make Smart TV. One of such is Wi-Fi connectivity, which is available on most of these TVs. On the other hand, Bluetooth connectivity is another feature that is not usually available on all televisions.

The availability of Bluetooth connectivity allows the connection of an external sound system and other peripherals. The quality of the Bluetooth connectivity will also determine if there will be a time-lapse between the audio output and lip movement.

Ports on television include HDMI and USB ports, which allow connection of USB devices, Blu ray players, and audio gear.

Screen size

Although TVs are available in various screen sizes, not all sizes will fit into your living space. This is why you need to measure the space you have available before making a purchase. You will find various scree sizes right from 24 inches TV, 43 inches tv, 28 inches tv, and many more.

9 Best 4K Smart TV’s

1. Samsung 43 inches 4K LED Smart TV – Our Pick

Samsung 43 inches 4K LED Smart TV
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Samsung 43 inches 7 Series 43NU7100 4K LED Smart TV (Black) allows you to watch all your favorites shows and movies in an Ultra HD viewing experience with natural bright colors. It is equipped with a Quad-Core Processor, which makes it a Smart TV.

It supports multiple applications such as Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube Kids, Facebook, Apple TV, Spotify, Hotstar, Jio Cinema, Zee 5, Sony Liv, Eros Now, Big Flix, Sun Next, Aaj Tak, Gaana. Let us look at all the other features of this product.


Main Features
  • This product has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which gives quality experience in viewing movies and videos on television.
  • It has a refresh rate of 60 Hertz.
  • Along with viewing, this product offers the best and superior sound quality. It gives a 20W output using Dolby Digital Plus.
  • It is made with an A+ LED panel that offers UHD resolution viewing.
  • The looks are very good. It has a good Slim design, which adds elegance to the interior of your house.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has good connectivity with 3 HDMI ports and USB 2 ports.
  • Download & Install the SmartThings App. It is a one-stop solution for all the smart features. It also offers Mirror screening.
  • Using Steam Link, you can easily enjoy PC games on a large screen.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product does not have Smart voice control and a smart remote.
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2. LG 49 Inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV – Sleek Design

LG 124.5 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 49UK6360PTE
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LG is a household name when it comes to products like home theatres, refrigerators, televisions, and other consumer electronics. This TV has an AI ThinQ feature for voice control. Another great feature to look out for is the Multitasking feature through which users can go on the internet while still enjoying regular TV content.

Main Features
  • A Multitasking feature on the TV allows users to view TV content while surfing the internet at the same time
  • The AI ThinQ feature on the TV gives users full control of the TV using their voice
  • The LG Magic remote offers universal control, voice control, single-click access, point & click, hotkey, and scroll functions
  • Cloud photo and video app allows users to view videos and photos from the cloud
  • The Share and control feature allows users to share their mobile phone screen on the TV and then use the magic remote to control the smartphone
  • 4K support allows users to enjoy faster access to the premium 4K HDR content on Netflix
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a great choice for use as a monitor since there is a very low input lag on the TV
  • High-quality Webos operating system offers a fresh breath different from the common Android OS on most TVs
  • It offers Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • The sound and picture quality of the television is appreciable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not possible to use the multitasking feature on TV channels
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3. Sony Bravia 55 Inches Smart TV KD-55X7500F –  Multitasking functionality 

Sony Bravia 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KD-55X7500F
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Sony is one of the most popular consumer electronics manufacturing companies in the world. A lot of individuals will be more familiar with the company as a gaming giant due to their PlayStation platform. The Bravia TV grants great support for gaming on a PlayStation console, Clearaudio+, 4K picture quality, and many more features.

Main Features
  • The excellent cable management system allows wires to be arranged across the TV back and in the TV stand to make it tidy
  • Google Play connectivity offers access to a large number of apps and offline games which are downloadable for play at a later time
  • Clearaudio+ improves and fine-tunes the audio from the TV for better clarity and improved the listening experience
  • Built-in Chromecast supports casting from other devices without the need to purchase an external dongle
  • The bass reflex speaker provides extended lows, crisp highs, and clear, rich sound outputs
  • The TV has a slim design, a narrow frame, and an aluminum finish which occupies minimal space in the home
  •  4K picture technology enhances the picture quality and clarity of the content
PROS (What we liked)
  • The TV offers excellent support for gaming on PlayStation consoles providing great picture quality, vivid textures, and a better gaming experience
  • The TV is well protected with an anti-humidity coating to prevent short circuits and advanced protection against damage due to electrical surges
  • The picture quality is commendable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It doesn’t support the connection of Bluetooth speakers
  • Setting up the tv is difficult if the technicians don’t turn up
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4. Panasonic 55 Inches Smart TV TH-55FX650D – User-friendly features

Panasonic 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV TH-55FX650D
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Panasonic is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, with over 500 subsidiaries, including Sanyo. Other products from Panasonic include refrigerators, washing machines, blenders, and more. The TV supports Bluetooth 2 Way Audio link and a SWIPE feature to easily drop content onto the TV from a Smartphone.

Main Features
  • The SWIPE feature allows users to add content to the TV screen from a portable device by simply swiping towards the TV
  • Voice command is available for control through the Viera remote app
  • There are built-in special speakers for Home Theater for high-quality sound output
  • It has a USB port which allows users to connect USB devices like hard drives to view content
  • Watch 4K content from a Blu Ray player by connecting to any of the two available HDMI ports on the TV
  • 1500Hz Backlight Motion Rate provides a smooth reduction of fast motion by turning off sections of the backlight in sequence
  • Hexa Chroma Drive uses six color reproduction in delivering beautiful, natural colors
  • The 4K Ultra HD provides a high-quality picture display
PROS (What we liked)
  • The Bluetooth 2 way audio link allows the connection of a speaker using Bluetooth for better sound quality
  • Most of the popular 4K content streaming services are built-in
  • The ‘my Home Screen’ allows complete customization of the UI by the user
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It doesn’t come with a voice remote
  • The TV is not a 10-bit panel
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5. CloudWalker 32 Inches Smart TV 32SHX2 – small size TV

CloudWalker 80 cm (32 Inches) 4K Ready LED Smart TV Cloud TV 32SHX2
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CloudWalker is another company that provides great services to improve your TV viewing experience. In addition to its TV releases, streaming devices like Android TV Sticks and Android Smart TV box to convert any TV to a Smart TV. A built-in air mouse on the remote offers easy control while its unique Content Discovery Engine assists users in finding a great program to watch.

Main Features
  • OTA software updates provide an upgrade to the performance, settings, and interface of the TV
  • The Content Discovery Engine helps in finding apps and digital content which are trending online for your viewing pleasure
  • The remote has a built-in air mouse with dedicated hotkeys for features like subtitle, home screen, screenshot, Wi-Fi, and others
  • There is a Movie Box app support which grants access to a collection of short films, movies, and documentaries
  • The luminous Display which uses the DCTI/DLTI technology provides sharper and smoother pictures for high-quality videos and images
  • The Cshare mobile remote app allows users to share media wirelessly from the phone to TV
  • It uses an Android interface and supports play and download of Android apps  
PROS (What we liked)
  • The remote has a built-in air mouse for better control
  • It offers 4K viewing at an affordable price
  • The surround sound quality is amazing
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It lacks a premium look due to the plastic table stand, all-plastic body, and thick bezels
  • It doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity
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6. Sanyo 43 Inches Smart TV XT-43A081U – Best processor and graphics coprocessor

Sanyo 107.95 cm (43 Inches) 4K UHD IPS LED Smart Certified Android TV XT-43A081U
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Since 2011, Sanyo has become a full subsidiary of Panasonic. Nonetheless, the company is still quite popular in India for the production of Air conditioners and Televisions. An IPS 4K display is available on the TV with Google Assistant to support voice commands on the TV.

Main Features
  • A wall mount is available in the package to give users more installation options
  • Enjoy stress-free connectivity with three HDMI ports and two USB ports to eliminate the need to switch cables
  • The Google Assistant obeys your voice commands as soon as you press the mic button on the remote
  • The TV is running on the Android Oreo with access to all the apps on the Android TV Play store
  • It has a slim bezel and a brushed metallic finish for an easy fit in any space
  • There is a 1-year warranty on the product from the date of purchase
  • It offers an IPS 4K Display which combines seamlessly with the HDR 10 for clarity on the display
PROS (What we liked)
  • There is a USB 3.0 port available on the TV which is great for streaming HD and 4K content
  • It supports Dolby Digital with a Sound Out feature for use on home theaters
  • Quick installation
  • Voice commands work perfectly
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Installing applications which are incompatible with the television may cause boot loops
  • The mouse cursor is very small and sometimes difficult to locate.
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7. Mitashi 48.5 Inches Smart TV MiCE050v34 4KS – Curved screen TVs

Mitashi 123.2 cm (48.5 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV MiCE050v34 4KS
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Founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Mumbai, Mitashi is a leading electronics manufacturer in India. In addition to TV production, it is also very popular for the production of DVD players. This TV offers very low power consumption with screen mirroring to cast your movies or games from your laptops or Smartphones.

Main Features
  • The Agile remote server/client app allows users to use their smartphone as a TV remote control
  • It has a very low power consumption with a 60 watts power consumption and less than 1-watt standby consumption
  • It has a wide viewing angle and allows side viewing without any distortion to the picture
  • There are two HDMI ports which support the connection of Blu ray players, gaming consoles, etc
  • Screen mirroring allows users to cast their games, movies, pictures, or videos from a laptop or Android device for better clarity and viewing
  • The use of the Android OS in the TV design provides access to a large collection of apps
PROS (What we liked)
  • The curved screen display of the TV and the 178 degrees viewing angle makes it great for view at any location in the room
  • Enjoy applications and games on the dual-core 1GHz processor and a VGA port for connecting laptops
  • Easy access with air mouse
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity feature available on the TV
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8. Onida 43 Inches Smart TV 43UIB1 – Great Speakers

Onida 108 cm (43 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 43UIB1
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The production of high-quality CRT TVs is one of the reasons why Onida is quite popular in India. It was also the 27th most trusted bank in India in the year 2014. This smart TV provides an easy connection to the internet through Wi-Fi with excellent viewing from any angle.

Main Features
  • It comes with a table stand and a wall-mount for users to choose the most suitable option for their needs
  • There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports which includes a single USB 3.0 port for rapid data transfer
  • Built-In Wi-Fi connectivity allows easy connection to an internet network
  • There is a 1-year manufacturer warranty available on the product
  • It has a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal memory for the TV operations
  • It offers a 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • The 16W audio output provides a better sound output
PROS (What we liked)
  • The picture quality is great when viewing from an angle
  • There is no need for an external speaker since the speaker is very loud
  • The OS of the TV can be upgraded to a newer version
  • Comes with air mouse for easy access
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The TV takes a bit of time to boot up
  • The blacks on the TV are not very deep producing a poor color display output
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9. Kevin 49 Inches Smart TV KN49UHD – Quality on a Budget

Kevin 124.5 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV KN49UHD
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Kevin is an electronics company providing washing machines, air conditioners, and Televisions to its Indian consumers. Most of the products are made in India, which makes them quite affordable to consumers. The TV has a very narrow bezel and a Dynamic Crystal Color to improve the viewing experience

Main Features
  • The dual-core processor of the TV allows users to run multiple apps simultaneously without lag
  • For brighter whites and deeper blacks, the TV combines HRDD and Dynamic Crystal Colour
  • It uses high fidelity box speakers with a 30 Watts output
  • Built-in Wi-Fi provides easy connectivity to the internet
  • There is a 1-year standard warranty from the manufacturer
  • Screen mirroring feature allows users to view their Smartphone screen on the TV
  • The narrow bezel on the TV increases the view area of the TV
PROS (What we liked)
  • The PAN India presence ensures fast delivery to any part of India
  • A Smart Hub provides most of the TV content on the screen with one remote to control all
  • Has specific buttons on the remote control for Youtube, Hotstar, etc.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Screen mirroring doesn’t work with all devices
  • The actual storage space available to users is about 4GB
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 4k better than 1080p?

As the name suggests, 4K has a considerably higher amount of resolution as compared to 1080p. A 4k has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, while 1080P consists of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This makes the picture quality clear and crisp making it more convenient for you to watch videos and movies and makes 4k better than 1080p.

2. Is it worth buying a 4k TV?

Only if you sit close enough to look at the extra details and you are watching native UHD content, you should opt to buy a 4K TV. 4K has better color, sharpness, brightness, and contrast, which allows better viewing experience.

Only if you have the budget to buy a 4K TV, you should choose it. The technology of 1080p is as good as 4K, but still, it does not get up to the mark as the former.

4. Is 4k a smart TV?

The products which are being released nowadays are all Smart Tv due to the increased competition in the market. If your 4K TV could be connected to an internet connection, it is a smart TV. Along with that, it should support applications such as Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube Kids, Facebook, Apple TV, Spotify, Hotstar, Jio Cinema, Zee 5, etc. Most of them do support these apps.

5. Is there a resolution higher than 4K? Why shouldn’t I go for this higher resolution?

4K is great, but you will be swept off your feet by the 8K resolution, which has recently made its way into the market. The 8K resolution offers 7680X4320 pixels Full Ultra HD. Nonetheless, there are a few reasons why you should not jump on this train. The first is the fact that it will require more from your internet connection.

Considering how demanding it can be to stream 4K content, you can only expect a higher demand with 8K content. The second and most important reason why you should wait is the availability of an 8K content source. The 8K is not yet very popular, so it will be difficult to get a content streaming service that offers content in 8K resolution.

6. Do I need to buy a Soundbar for my 4k Television?

With most of the TVs available, the audio quality is usually an area where they are lacking. This is often due to the flat panel design, which doesn’t offer a lot of space for adding a large speaker. The lack of a large speaker means the TV can’t produce full, rich sounds. To improve the audio quality of the TV, you can choose to buy a surround system, use a TV headphone, or buy a soundbar.

The use of a headphone may not be the best option for home use, while a surround system can take up a lot of space and be quite stressful to set up. Soundbars are the best option for various reasons. This piece of hardware is available at very affordable prices and can be mounted on the wall under your TV. It also eliminates cable clutter with most soundbars offering support for Dolby Atmos.

7. Are there special accessories I should purchase to make use of a 4K TV?

Although there are no external accessories that you necessarily need, purchasing a few can boost your viewing experience. An accessory that can go a long way is a universal remote. It can be quite stressful to switching between remotes all the time. So why not get one that controls all your devices?

An HDMI cable is another important accessory, but you don’t need to have too many. The cables are all the same. So getting a single high-quality cable should meet all your needs.

As we stated earlier, the audio output of a TV may not always be perfect. For this reason, we recommend buying a soundbar or speakers to improve the audio quality of the TV.

8. How can I get 4K content?

4K content is usually available in Blu-ray or through a streaming service. If you are interested in streaming services, then you can get 4K content from YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. For viewers who prefer to use physical media, then the Blu-ray option is open. In this case, you will need to search for Ultra HD Blu-ray player to purchase.

Cable providers and over-the-air broadcast television don’t offer 4K content yet. In most cases, you may find 4K content for special sporting events like the Olympics.

9. What are the 4K streaming sources available?

There are various 4K streaming sources available. Each of these sources usually has specific requirements in addition to the subscription fees for the services. Here is a list of some of these sources:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Itunes
  • Vudu
  • UltraFlix
  • YouTube
  • PlayStation Video
  • Google Play Movies and TV

10. Is there a difference between 4K and UHD?

Although there is a difference between these two terms, most people regard 4K and UHD as the same specs.

In actuality, 4K resolution refers to the 4096 x 2160 resolution, while the UHD refers to the 3840 x 2160 resolution.

11. Can any cable transmit a 4K signal?

When transmitting a 4K signal, there are two common cables that you may use. These are the HDMI cables or the DisplayPort cable.

The DisplayPort cable is used in transmitting 4K audio signals and images from a graphics card to the monitor. There are no noticeable delays or artifacts when using this cable.

HDMI cables are the common cables used in connecting 4K TVs. There are four types of HDMI cables available, which include the standard speed without Ethernet, the standard speed with Ethernet, high speed without Ethernet, and high speed without Ethernet.

Standard speed cables support 1080i but do not support the 4K bandwidth. The high-speed cables support above 1080i. HDMI cables are available in HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and HDMI 2.0a, which determine the speed of the connection.

HDMI 2.0a supports HDR while the HDMI 2.0 supports Ultra HD resolution output at 60 frames per second. The HDMI 1.4 connector is slower and supports a resolution of 3820 x 2160 at 30 frames per second.


Depending on your needs, there is always a TV you can buy. They are usually available in different shapes and sizes with various features which meet the specifications of a user.

The best 4K televisions on the market are not based on the brand name but the high-grade features which they offer the users.

From our review of the best 4K TVs, we have recommended some products which can meet your needs and some which also suit anyone shopping on a budget.

The Kevin KN49UHD is our pick for anyone with a strict budget looking for both functionality and affordability. It offers some of the excellent features which are available on the most expensive lines.

The Sony Bravia KD-55X7500F  and LG 124.5 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV 49UK6360PTE is our pick from the expensive range. In addition to the backing of a well-known brand, it also offers some excellent features, including great compatibility with the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console.

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