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If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the dining table should be the soul. So, no easy-picking when it comes to such an important symbol of our lives. The market is overflowing with options, and choosing the best 2-seater dining table set might prove to be a hard decision. That is why we have made a list of nice products to adorn your home with.

From design, and color, to convenience, size, shape, and materials, every dining table set can be different and unique in its way. So, the biggest question is: how do I know which one is made for me? Let’s take a look at the listed products.

1. Jangid Handicraft Sheesham 2-Seater Set

This 2-seater dining table is made of Sheesham wood in a contemporary, elegant design that could make your dining room look royal. The frame of the table is quite sturdy, with four robust legs.

The chairs feature solid backrests for proper posture. Its considerable weight also assures the durable characteristic of this dining set. The package is 90-Kilograms-heavy, but overall it is quite compact and could save you space.

2. Wood stage Wooden Dining Table 2 Seater

Wood stage brings this high-quality Sheesham wood dining table for two. It has a contemporary design that fits well for small families living in small spaces. It has a simple yet practical design.

The teak finish on the Sheesham wood really highlights the whole table. The set comes with a heavy table and two sturdy chairs. The table measures 71x71x76, while the chair measures 43x43x90 cm.

3. InnoFur Morfos 2 Seater Dining Table Set

InnFur Morfos offers a beautiful and modern dining set that will complement the decor of any house. It elevates the ambience without being too distracting. The set is a Do-It-Yourself item with all the hardware and instructions to assemble it in just 20 minutes.

The set’s base frame is made from strong and durable carbon steel with a 40-micron epoxy powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion. The wood is a laminated engineered wood that is long-lasting and does not wear easily.

4. Mamta Decoration Sheesham Foldable Dining Set

This 2-people folding dining table set features one 58-cm high table and two 74-cm high chairs. All three pieces fold so you can put them away when you don’t need them.

Besides, they’re so little that you can use them on the patio, garden, or even balcony for a romantic Friday night dinner. The set is made from Sheesham wood and adds an overall contemporary charm to your dining room or patio.

The whole set weighs about 20 Kilograms. It makes it very compact and convenient for any occasion.

5. Ramdoot Sheesham Solid Bar Dining Table set

This is a bar-like tall dining set for two people. It is also made of Sheesham wood. It looks very sturdy and robust. The whole set weighs about 100Kg for durability.

The chairs are already assembled in the package; the table needs basic installation. The chairs are cushioned and solid, with a good backrest for good posture.

6. BM Wood Foldable patio dining set

No assembly is necessary for this dining table set. Just open the package, and there you are. The table measures 58cm in length, 58 cm in width, and 60cm in height. The chairs are 74cm high, 48cm long, and 45cm wide.

They are all foldable and can be “hidden” away in case you don’t need them. They’re perfect for garden or patio dining during hot summer evenings.

The seats are nicely-cushioned, and they look comfortable enough for that extra evening time when you just feel you need to unwind and relax.

How Do You Know Which 2-Seater Dining Table Set is Right for You?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the majority of available choices on the market at the moment, and still don’t know what to choose, then you should ask yourself a few simple questions.


How will I use the 2-seater dining table set?

If you know you’re going to use it for everyday dining, then you should choose a solid and durable table with a finish that’s easy to clean and maintain.

If you want a convenient and lightweight set that you can move around from the balcony to the patio or garden, then you should settle for a foldable dining table set with some nice cushioned chairs for extra comfort.

If you have a modern dining room with a bar and whatnots, then you could even consider a tall table set with chairs that you could also use for the bar.


What dining table shape do I like the most?

Interior design specialists might give you a thousand reasons and scenarios to choose a round table, a square, or a rectangular table. However, that’s not the case. The important question is, what do you like the most?

For some general consideration, round or oval tables are more social, so to say. They arguably take less room and offer more flexibility in terms of seating. You might even be able to squeeze an extra third chair there.

Square tables might feel more elegant and spacious, for they offer a lot of tabletop surfaces and usually a more solid design. Rectangular tables are a great match with dining benches or as big-family kinds of tables for gathering together all your dear ones. As a 2-seater, you might want to choose square or round.


What dining table size do I need?

Looking at the dining table size chart might be a tedious task that you just ignore and focus on the design and colors. Quite a bad move.

To make sure your choice is the right one, you need to look at the table and chair measurements. The table height is key if you might want to use it with other chairs than those in the set.

The table length and width are important to decide how well it will fit in your space, and if you can rely on the table ends. There are two other important measurements: the inner leg length (from inside the table legs) and the apron (the depth of the tabletop, which will tell you a lot on the materials used and table design).

So, have you made up your mind about your next dining set-up?

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