Best 180 Degree Protractors

Students and artists use protractors to get accurate measurements when it comes to angles. A good quality protractor is a must before going to a math’s exam, and to help you out, we have reviewed top protractors. The article shall discuss a few tools that are multipurpose in usage, are sturdy and long-lasting.

1. Thermo - Protractor

Made up of stainless steel with oozing durability and a smooth surface to work with, the thermo protractor is the first choice of painters, carpenters and other professionals dealing in creating accuracy.

The tool has screws that can be rotated to adjust the angle with no worry of getting hurt. From a student to a teacher, from a mechanical engineer planning to construct bridges to a carpenter, it improves the efficiency and quality of work for everyone.

It has a 200mm ruler and 180 degrees protractor. So, this is not just a protractor. It carries the dual functionality of a ruler as well. The marking is the most important thing that a good measuring tool needs. This has easy to read and deeply etched readings filled with black color.

2. Awakingdemi 180 Degree Protractor

Awakingdemi offers a 2-in-1 protractor and ruler for measurement purposes. It can be used by professionals in a workshop as well as students for school work.

The markings are etched on the instrument, so you need not worry about it fading away. The back end of the ruler doubles up as an accurate angle reader for the protractor.

The dimensions of the product are 20 x 20 x 5.0 cm and weigh just 450 grams, making it easy to carry along.

3. Westcott 6 Inches Plastic 180-Degree Protractor

It is a protractor with the numbers in print, which are very easy to read and makes the recording of angles very precise and quick. This protractor is made up of transparent and plastic material, which is very durable.

It enables measuring off angles very effortlessly from both sides. It is a perfect device for mathematical calculations at home, as well as in your classroom.

The size of this protractor is 6 inches and is generally meant for the elementary grade level. This tool has multiple purposes, such as a measuring tool that can be used ideally by artists, designers, engineers, students, and architects. This 180-degree protractor can be used from left to right as well as from both sides. This plastic protractor is scratch-free as well as resists breakages.

4. Lovely Degree Protractor and Angle Finder

This tool is a protractor made from stainless steel, which is perfect for schooling, home, mechanical work, commercial work, and woodworking applications. This protector has a dialed head which can be disassembled and has a protractor ruler arm as well.

This protractor, as well as ruler, is suitable for drawing radial lines, setting bevels, and best for measuring and marking mathematical angles. It is an adjustable protractor that can be held in place and enables quick and easy measuring and noting tips.

Therefore, since it is a miss from stainless steel, it is scratch-free and breakage free. This ruler’s weight, protractor, is approximately 100 grams and has a very high material quality. This holds multiple functionalities making it the best and let it stand apart from the crowd.

5. Helix 180-Degree Ultra Flex Protractor

This protractor is made from a flexible material, which is ideal for curved and non-standard surfaces. It is graduated on outside and inside, which enables precise measuring of angles. This protractor is easy to fit in the pencil box since it is compact.

It measures angles up to 180 degrees and is perfect for classroom work and working in the office or at your home. This protractor will make measuring angles the most straightforward task ever.


Tools are one of those things that helps an individual perform with perfection and fetch the desired results. Professions like a teacher, carpenter, student ,and artist need the help of some instruments that help them learn and make them self-sufficient in whatever they do.


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