Bean Bags

Comfy, cozy and just right to be playing video games in or just lounging, Bean Bags are at your service. These bags of joy are fun to lounge in at any time, they are comfortable enough for you to go to sleep in, work or just relax.

These bags filled with expanded polystyrene which feels the same way that styrofoam does but they are much more comforting in comparison to styrofoam.

Every teenager is always out in the world, grabbing the latest game available, be it in the form of an app, a board game or even a video game and bean bags are perfect for any of those activities. Bean bags are a part of almost every household, so why shouldn’t there be one at your place now?

Before starting selecting from the online sites, let us give you a rundown of exactly what you need to be looking for.

 Bean Bag Buyer’s Guide

  • The Type of “bean”

This is what you will be filling your bean bag with if you buy the beanbags that come without beans and this will require manpower and it will also require you to buy a bag of beans separately.

Usually, the beans are expanded polystyrene which is a hard-celled plastic material. These “beans” are also used as cushioning material for packaging and shipping, so you may already be familiar with them.

These beans can come in different forms as well, as you may find if you put in extra effort and go researching but I’ll tell you a little more about these different forms; so you don’t have to go anywhere else, so the different forms are:

  • Thermocol
  • Styrofoam
  • Polystyrene

It would be recommended that you buy the beans offline for a fair judgment of exactly what you will be putting into your bean bag or, to avoid the hassle of choosing beans you may have to resort to choosing from our list of bean bags as they are pre-filled bean bags, ready to be your comfort-companions.  ( Check here for Bean Bag Refill )

  • Bean bags that come in different sizes

They range from small to XXL, you can find bean bags in all sizes. They can be made specifically for babies, teens or adults, there is a bean bag for everyone out there.

Bean Bag Types

Armchair bean bag

This is an armchair filled with beans for added comfort and it always remains in shape no matter how long someone sits on it and they usually come with a bottle holder and a newspaper cabinet to add to the aesthetic of a regular armchair.

Chair bean bag

These are bean bags shaped in the form of a chair. They have a cushioned back support and give you the same feeling as a chair does, except the comfort level is ten times that of a chair.

Classic bean bag

This is the bean bag that we have all seen growing up and for the vintage lovers, there is a whole new range of colors for you to choose from. They are shaped like a pear with a fold in between the top section and the bottom section to create a sitting space.

Top Ten Bean Bags

1. Comfy Bean Bags XX-Large Bean Bag With Beans (Wine)

Comfy Bean Bags XX-Large Bean Bag With Beans (Wine)

Comfy bean bags, as the name suggest are very comfy in nature. The design allows you to add this bean bag as an extra seating place at any location without going through much of a hassle. This bean bag is easy to maintain as all you have to is wipe it with a dry cloth if needed otherwise just dust it slightly and it is as good as new.


  • Low maintenance requirement
  • 6 months quality guarantee
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Cleaning


  • Perfect addition to any social gathering
  • Easy to move around as it is a lightweight seat
  • Cleaning is easy as you can just wipe it clean of any dirt


  • Sizing – Buy one size bigger than your requirement to get the perfect fit
  • The stitching is a little on the loose side
  • The “wine” color may not be as rich as it is depicted in the picture above



2. Orka Digital Printed Bean Bag XL 

Orka Digital Printed Bean Bag XL 

The print of this bag is the catch, it is blue in color and it will definitely be a conversation starter due to its modern design. The print is digital so even after multiple uses, the stitch will remain intact. Also, It does not hurt that the bean bag comes with beans, just makes it easier to assemble. The soft artificial leather makes the bean bag comfortable to sit on and environment-friendly, a plus point for you and the environment.


  • 6 months warranty
  • Made of soft artificial leather material
  • Double layer childproof locking at the bottom
  • Digital print


  • Digital print – means the print will not wear off after a few uses
  • Handle at the top to hold and lift the beanbag
  • Filling – high-density beans which give the beanbag an extra bouncy feel
  • Double layer childproof locking at the bottom


  • The durability – stitching and how long the beans remain, the beans cannot be changed so that may prove to be a problem if the beans already within the beanbag loose their bounciness
  • Not many cons to this product



3. Orka Arm Chair with Beans 

 Orka Arm Chair with Beans 

An armchair is always a comfortable seating option and whenever you find a comfortable armchair there is no way that you would leave the opportunity to take a seat in it.

Orka’s arm chair style bean bag comes with two additional features which will definitely seal the deal, you get a bottle and magazine holder, for all the times you had to leave the water on the table or the floor now it is just an arm’s length away. You also get to leave your magazine in your chair in case you want to go out for a stroll and come back to it later.

This arm chair is also not as heavy as other armchairs, which makes it super easy to shift around and if needed you can empty the bean bag and refill it once you have reached your desired destination.


  • Bottle holder
  • Magazine holder
  • Back and arm support
  • Comes with a zipper for personal preference of the amount of bean filling


  • Posture is same as an arm chair except this is a thousand time more comfortable
  • Easy to move, high mobility
  • Double stitch hemming, making the arm chair as strong as you want it to be
  • Comes with a zipper through which you can add beans if need be, although this product comes pre-assembled


  • Although this product comes with beans, you may need to buy a bag of extra beans to fill the bean bag to a comfortable level



4. Orka Big Boss Chair Cover

Orka Big Boss Chair Cover

Made for the bosses at home, it may look small on your screen but once you sit on it, you will surely feel like a boss. The dark black color of the bean bag just accentuates this feeling.

Orka, is a very dynamic brand as they sell all different types of bean bag, this one, in particular, is made for someone who needs to constantly be in a sitting position to complete their work and this bean bag will add a little comfort to the work environment.


  • Only a cover
  • 270 degree Back and lumbar support available
  • Double layer childproof locking at the bottom


  • Shaped like a chair, gives back and side support without the need of the bean bag being pushed up against a wall
  • Adds to the elegance of a room and also is a great accessory for a gamer due to its build
  • Strong stitching
  • Made of Vinyl material and ultra tough denier fabric


  • Does not come with beans
  • You will need to buy beans weighing 4 kilos for the bean bag to be completely filled



5. Can XL Denim Bean Bag and Round Pouffe with Beans (Blue)

Can XL Denim Bean Bag and Round Pouffe with Beans

The bean bag plus pouffe combination is a perfect addition to any household and makes a great set for a casual study or work session. It is comfortable, sturdy and a perfect setting as a lounging area. The pouffe has its own set of advantages, it can act as a table and a seating area, it can be used as a leg rest or as a place to keep your belongings on, it definitely does not take up a lot of space.


  • Made of soft denim fabric
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Double layer child proof locking system at the bottom
  • Comes with a stool or a pouffe
  • Made of soft denim fabric for the ultimate comfort
  • High-density beans add to the comfort and gives a bouncy feel


  • The sizing may be smaller than expected
  • The Denim material may pull out with too much weight on it
  • The feel of the denim may not suit well with a few or it may take a while to feel comfortable


6. Bayb Baby Bean Bag – Filled(Blue/Multi)

Bayb Baby Bean Bag - Filled(Blue/Multi)

For your child you would always look for ultimate protection and comfort when your eyes are off of them for even just a second, Bayb is here to offer you that kind of a product. It is a bean bag specially designed for babies.

It looks at safety and comfort and a way to lower the risk of a few common problems babies face otherwise, such as developing gas, developing a flat head if they are left on their back for too long and the usual acid reflux problem.


  • Overlocked and double stitched for extra security
  • Perfect for newborns and growing toddlers
  • Relieves acid reflux
  • Tendencies of developing gas
  • Prevents the potential development of a flat head


  • Overlocked and double stitched for extra security
  • Prevents the potential development of a flat head which is caused by laying the baby on its back too much and for an extended period
  • There is an attached comfortable seat belt for extra protection
  • Portable for overnight trips


  • Always will have to overlook the child as you need to be careful and make sure the child is facing upwards to avoid the risk of suffocation
  • The price is on the high end
  • Although the seat belt adds extra protection, it limits the movement of the child


7.  Style Homez Classic Bean Bag with Fillers 

Style Homez Classic Bean Bag with Fillers 

This is a classic bean bag, giving you exactly what you want at a reasonable price and allowing you enjoy the feel of a classic creation. The color choices available to you are definitely limited but brown and black work with every setting possible, it is an easy addition to any arrangement and it will not disappoint you or stick out awkwardly. The bean bag being light weight will help in constant movement as and when needed.


  • Classic
  • Lightweight
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Made of Leatherette
  • Works with every setting
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Two color options: Chocolate Brown, Black
  • Made of Leatherette Material


  • The maximum the bean bag can withhold is a person of 5ft 10inches and up to 100 kilos.
  • This particular bean bag (color black) may not allow for a lot of fluid movement, but if you are just looking for a comfortable place to sit at, this is perfect.

8. AdevWorld Football XXXL Bean bag With Bean Filling (Black & White)AdevWorld Football XXXL Bean bag With Bean Filling

Football or Soccer fanatics, this is a perfect addition to the area where you choose to cheer your team on, whether you are a player or just an overly enthusiastic watcher, this bean bag is made for all.

It will hold anyone and hug their body in a way that will be the most comfortable for that person. The additional stool is also a plus point for this product and lets you use it as a leg rest or a personal mini table.


  • Shaped like a football (a plus for people interested in football)
  • Can fit people of all shapes and sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Made of Leatherette
  • Comes with an extra stool
  • Does not require bean filling as it comes pre-assemble
  • Can fit people of all shapes and sizes
  • Durable fabric
  • Waterproof which means zero stain troubles
  • Made of Leatherette material


  • The beans may not be filled up to the mark
  • Over priced product but with the extra stool it is worth if it is within your budget



9. Comfy Bean Chair XXL Size Net Black Filled with Bean Filler

Comfy Bean Chair XXL Size Net Black Filled with Bean Filler

In today’s world, everybody wants to have their own aesthetic and style, this would be an addition to your personal style if you feel like this bean bag speaks to you.

It is an elegant addition to your indoor and outdoor setting, it can be placed anywhere and the bean bag will fit right in. The expanded front allows the bean bag to pass off as a lounge chair as well, perfect for you to lounge on and soak in the evening sun from time to time.


  • The style is very modern
  • Expandable sides
  • Made of Leatherette
  • Easy to maintain


  • The style is very modern and only adds an element of elegance to your indoor and outdoor ambiance
  • The build is perfect for all types of activities
  • The expandable sides allow the chair to regain its shape immediately after use
  • Does not need a lot of manpower in setting up as it comes pre-assembled
  • Easily fits anywhere as required
  • Easy to maintain the figure of the chair
  • Made of Leatherette (faux leather finish)


  • May loose its shape depending on the usage
  • The size of the chair fits a person of 5ft 10inch height easily, beyond that it may fall short for you



10. Sattva XXXL Bean Bag without Beans (Brown/Red)

Sattva XXXL Bean Bag without Beans (Brown/Red)Sattva XXXL Bean Bag without Beans (Brown/Red)

A classic look, giving you the feel of an original bean bag. It is designed for the lounger, gamer, and relaxer as you can see by the shape it holds, the bean bag will be perfect to lay back on and play video games or casually watch television. This product is just the cover so if you are looking for a pre-assembled bean bag, this is not what you are looking for.


  • Made of Premium Leatherette material
  • Can handle up to 120kg
  • Two color options: Red, Brown
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Since they come without beans, they will be easy to carry around as you can keep adding or removing the beans as you wish.
  • Made of Premium Leatherette material
  • Can handle up to 120kg
  • Pricing is at a very reasonable level


  • Needs to be filled with approximately 2 kgs of beans due to its size
  • Only come in the excel variety
  • Needed to be refilled in a time span of 6 months with 500 gms to 1 kg of beans to enjoy the bean bag as if it was the first time all over again (although the refill frequency depends on the usage, so this may vary for you)
  • Spot clean only




Bean bags are an addition to your living space and of course, you would want them to be a perfect addition to your home, and to help you with that, these are the top choices

Orka Digital Printed Bean Bag XL (Filled With Beans) – It comes pre-assembled, the price is worth spending on this product and it is a perfect, quirky addition to your room. It also comes in different prints which you can view on the link given under the product description. 

Orka Arm Chair with Beans – Without the addition of the weight of an armchair and the comfort of a beanbag, you have the combination of the best of both an arm chair and a beanbag in this arm chair style beanbag. 

Comfy Bean Chair XXL Size Net Black Filled with Bean Filler – Stylish design, perfect for outdoor and indoor lounging or seating areas, this bean bag is sleek and brings an aura of elegance to any setting. It is a must have and the price does not put a dent in your bank account either so definitely go for it. 

Now, we have definitely suggested the best of beanbags out there, so what is holding you back? Grab your favorite beanbag as fast as you can!

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