Top Selling Bean Bag Refill

Bean bags needs to be filled with either virgin bead bean, shredded form beans or synthetic form beans. This guide will help you find the best bean bag refills for your bean bags

Bean Bags are something that almost all homes have these days. They are not only comfortable but also aesthetically appealing. It can match with any kind of interiors.

Bean bags come in different, quirky, and fun designs as well as colors. There is a colossal variety to pick from. These bean bags come in handy, especially when there are extra guests at home or less space for people to sit on. These can prove to be very useful, and they provide excellent support for your back and make you feel totally relaxed.

These bean bags are filled with beans which are like small confetti balls and are super smooth and soft. Thus they are the ones who provide the actual comfort, hidden behind the exterior of the bean bag. Thus when we feel that the bag is not giving the support and softness as promised, that means that we need a refill. The refills should also be picked up very carefully. You must definitely have several questions based on what exactly to purchase when it comes to refills since it’s not a product which is commonly spoken about.

But worry not, we have come up with a perfect guide to help you pick up the best refill for your bean bags, types, FAQ’s and list of top bean bags refill. All of your questions will be easily answered if you follow the instructions correctly.

Bean Bag Refill Types

The Virgin Bead Bean Bag Refill

This one is made up of around “BB” kind polystyrene particles. These beads cannot be recycled. These beads bounce right back to their original shape when they are squeezed. This will thus help your bean bags be soft and fluffy. These are recommended, especially for children’s bean bags.

The Recycled Bead Bean Bag Refill

The Recycled Bead is polystyrene particles that have now been grounded into chunks. These are less expensive as compared to the others. However, these are high-quality refills.

The Recycled Shredded Synthetic Foam Refill

This one primarily consists of a mix between the recycled foam and Styrofoam pieces. This one is not very expensive and is also used more for kids’ beanbags.

The High-Quality Shredded Foam Bean Bag Refill 

This one is a mixture of shredded foam with the Styrofoam and is of very high quality, making sure your bean bags are entirely comfortable. These are used for all kinds of bean bags.

Bean Bag Refill Buyers Guide


Price is the most important factor to be taken into consideration while making a purchase of any kind whatsoever. If you buy a product which does not serve the price, it is an indication that your money is wasted. Thus the price of the product must be thoroughly checked before purchasing.


Every bag is constituted of different sizes, and thus you must be well aware of exactly what size you are going to require for what bag. Make sure that you have gotten the quantity right and purchase, respectively.


The quality is very crucial here. You must make sure that you purchase good quality beans so that it can provide you the kind of comfort you are looking for.


The durability of the product is also vital. If the refills that you purchase start shrinking quickly, it again means wastage of money and the product. Thus always make sure that the product shows a promise of longevity.

The material/type of Refill: 

The type of beans filled inside the bean bag determines the level of comfort you get while using it. Know about the types/materials of bean available and buy accordingly.

Best Refill for Your Beanbags

1. Style Homez 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill

Style Homez 2 Kg High-Density Bean Bag Refill
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This Original Bean Bag Refill from Style Homez promises the best comfort with excellent packing. These beans are white in color and will prove to be very useful for your bean bag. It provides a different comfort, a different layer of softness that will give you the feeling that it is as good as new, plus crazy comforting.

Main Features
  • It is packed very tightly.
  • It comes with full 2000 grams beans.
  • This is viable enough to be used with all branded bean bags.
  • This product is made in India.
  • The item weighs 2 Kgs
  • The primary material used is polyurethane.
  • The dimensions of the product are 54 x 24 x 19 cm.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The quality of this product can be assured.
  • It is an indigenous product.
  • This item is not very heavy.
  • This is moderately priced.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no information given about the warranty by the seller.
  • The quantity delivered can be lesser than promised.
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2. HomeStrap™ 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill

HomeStrap™ 2 Kg Premium A Grade High-Quality Bean Bag Refill / Filler
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This product by HomeStrap is used to refill your old bean bag to give it the feel of a nice new cushy couch.

This product will bring back life to your most beloved bean bag. It comes in a variety of sizes, to suit your needs and will let you pick out the most suitable one for you. 

A dry bathtub can prove to be an ideal location for filling the bag.

Main Features
  • This product weighs approximately 1880-1920 grams.
  • The bag should be refilled in a dry area, without any breeze.
  • Superfine Best Quality Beans Which Gives long lasting Durability
  • Every 100-percent virgin polystyrene bean comes up to the approximate size of a large pea.
  • Size requirement for each age group is different.
  • Kids need approximately 800 grams.
  • If you are purchasing for an XL Size: about 1 to 1.5 KG Filling
  • If you are purchasing for  XXL Size: approximately 1.5 KG to 2.0 KG Filling.
  • If you are purchasing for XXXL Size: approximately 2 KG to 2.5 KG Filling.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This product comes with the promise of durability.
  • The quality can be vouched for.
  • It promises longevity.
  • This product can be used to refill stuffed animals as well.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no mention of the warranty period on this product.
  • The product is not easy to measure.
  • This product is slightly expensive.
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3. Topshop 1.5 Kg Bean Bag Refill

Topshop 1.5 Kg Bean Bag Refill for Bean Bags
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A durable option which can last for years, Topshop 1.5 Kg Bean Bag Refill for Bean Bags is one of the newest arrivals in the market.

Main Features
  • The beans are made up of 100% virgin polystyrene, which can last long years and are durable. You need not change it regularly even if you have kids at home.
  • Quality of the product is assured, and this bean bag refill can be used with almost all the branded bean bags available in the market.
  • The packaging comes with a capacity of 1.5 Kg.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Now enjoy your bean bag with quality fillers that ensures comfort and long life.
  • Offers 1500 gms of beans that will last longer so the users won’t have to replace for next 4-5 years.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • If the bean bag fabric is torn somewhere, the refill will get clinging to your clothes and would be difficult to be removed.
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4. SGS Industries Bean Bag Refill

SGS Industries Bean Bag Refill
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This beautifully designed product by S&G is a good package with a lot of features which will help you make sure that your bean bag feels just like the way it has ever been used to.  This comes in subtle white color with a good enough quantity to last you for a while. This product goes well in your pocket and performs well.

Main Features
  • The dimensions of this product are: Length (30 cm), Width (30 cm), Height (40 cm)
  • It comes in the color white.
  • The style is also very modern.
  • This product comes in a pre-assembled state.
  • No warranty is applicable to this product
  • This product is ergonomic.
  • This refill weighs 998 grams.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The quality of this product is well assured.
  • It can be filled very quickly.
  • This product is less expensive.
  • This item is also not very heavy in terms of weight.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • This product does not have any warranty.
  • The durability of the product cannot be guaranteed.
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5. Rest n Sleep Bean Bag Filler

Rest n Sleep Bean Bag Filler
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These beans which are sold by Rest n Sleep are simple, stylish, and very easy to carry. These might be less in volume, but the quality makes up for that fact.

The plus point about these is that they do not burn any hole in your pocket and still help your bean bag feel new and relaxing. Just check the bean bag for holes before refilling it.

Main Features
  • The density is 14.
  • The size of each bean is 5-6 mm
  • The product is less in volume.
  • The quantity of these premium quality beans will be required more as compared to the others available online.
  • These are original.
  • The dimensions of this item are 100 x 70 x 100 cm.
  • This refill weighs 998 grams.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The quality can be vouched for.
  • The size of the bean is pretty uniform
  • The product is light in weight.
  • This one is very affordable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The volume of this item is less.
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6. Uberlyfe Bean Bag Refill

Uberlyfe Bean Bag Refill
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This Uberlyfe refill is mainly used to refill your existing bean bag chair or to fill up an empty bean bag cover. These beans are smooth and soft, also sturdy at the same time. They have proven to be extremely comfortable and will help you get rid of the whole day’s stress when you finally come home and relax on this uncomfortably filled bean bag.

Main Features
  • Every 100-percent virgin polystyrene bean comes up to the approximate size of a large pea.
  • The bag must be refilled in a dry area where there is no breeze.
  • An ideal location for filling locations are dry bathrooms.
  • The standard deviation in Weight is+- 5%.
  • This product weighs 2 Kgs.
  • This comes in different sizes which are appropriate for different bags.
  • Kids usually need approximately 800 grams.
  • Whereas XL Size requires approximately 1 to 1.5 KG Filling.
  • As far as XXL Size is concerned, approximately 1.5 KG to 2.0 KG Filling is needed.
  • Lastly, for XXXL Size, about 2 KG to 2.5 KG Filling is required.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The quality of the product can be vouched for.
  • This can be used to stuff stuffed animals as well.
  • The longevity of the product can be promised, as well.
  • The durability is also well defined.
  • These are very smooth and comfortable as well.
  • It is not heavy either.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no mention of the warranty of the product whatsoever.
  • This product is slightly expensive.
  • These aren’t packed very well.
  • The quantity can come down to be slightly lesser than mentioned.
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7. ORKA Candy Beans Bean Bag Filler

ORKA Candy Beans Bean Bag Filler
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This cutely packaged bean bag filler by OKRA has been attracting a lot of customers due to its innovative packaging. This packet also is extremely light in weight, but it still makes sure that it gives the perfect amount of support and comfort to your body after a very tiring day. This little piece is a must-have.

Main Features
  • Bean Bag Cover Filler
  • This package contains 600 Grams of Bean Bag Refill.
  • This product is manufactured by SETNER.
  • This product comes in different sizes for different bean bags.
  • Use 1-2P for XL.
  • For XXL, we use 2-3P.
  • As far as XXXL is concerned, we use 3-4P.
  • These contain high-density beans.
  • Dimensions of the product are 100 x 34 x 30 cm.
  • The size of one bean is 6-8 mm.
PROS (What we liked)
  • These beans are packed in a polythene bag and then again are repacked with another waterproof jute bag.
  • The packaging is done very well.
  • It attracts the attention of the younger crowd due to the styling and packaging of the product.
  • These are super light and can be carried easily.
  • They provide a good comfort level.
  • This product is cheap.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The durability of this product is questionable.
  • The quality is not considerably moderate.
  • There is no mention of the warranty by the manufacturer.
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8. Story@Home 5 kg Beans Refill Filler

Story@Home 5 kg Premium Quality White Beans Refill Filler
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This fancy package from Story redefines how small things can bring you an immense amount of happiness. These little beans are incredibly soft and smooth and come with a promise of providing maximum comfort and support for your bean bag. The material used is also specialized in providing a relaxing feeling to a person. Dry bathtubs can also be used as ideal locations for refilling.

Main Features
  • The color of these beans is white.
  • The material used is 100% Virgin Polystyrene.
  • The contents of this package include a 5 Kg  Bean Bag Refill.
  • The item weighs 499 grams.
  • The dimensions of this product are 73.7 x 38.1 x 38.1 cm.
  • Each bean is the approximate size of a large pea.
  • This can only be refilled in a dry area with no breeze.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It promises a premium quality product.
  • This will help in increasing the life of your bean bag.
  • The quantity offered is abundant.
  • This can be used for stuffing stuffed animals as well.
  • It promises durability.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • This product is costly.
  • It is also heavy in terms of weight.
  • It can only be refilled in a dry area.
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9. K-ROCKS 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill

K-ROCKS 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill
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As the name of the product implies, these bean bag refills by K-ROCKS are a very fancy deal and are one of those tiny things which help you feel a lot better only with the ease and comfort they provide. The attractive packaging helps bring in a whole lot of customers who are curious about the product and are surely not disappointed.

Main Features
  • These are original bean bag refills from K-ROCKS.
  • This product is also manufactured In-House.
  • This product is packed very carefully.
  • This product weighs two kgs.
  • It is made in India.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with the assurance of good and premium quality.
  • It provides very good comfort level as well.
  • It is very durable.
  • It is also not too heavy.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There is no mention of a warranty by the manufacturer.
  • It is suitable mainly for branded bean bags.
  • This product is not cheap.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can be filled in bean bags?

Most of the bean bags are filled using expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is a hard-celled plastic material which is similar to Styrofoam, which is extruded polystyrene.

2. Can you wash a bean bag with beans in it?

It is recommendable that you remove the bean bag filler before washing it. Unzip the bean bag and remove all the fillers before washing the outer bean bag.

3. How do you clean a bean bag?

Some of how you can easily clean a bean bag are as follows:

  • Unzip the bean bag and remove all the filler from it. Machine wash the bag cover in cool or warm water using a detergent and air dry it.
  • Another way in which you can clean the bag is by using a vacuum cleaner if there is heavy dust on the bean bag.
  • You should dust the bags with wet towels regularly.

4. How long does a bean bag refill last?

You should refill your bean bag only if you have kids at home who are jumping over it regularly. A good quality bean bag refill is supposed to last for about 3-4 years.


Purchasing a product that fulfills all of your requirements is not an easy task. Thus we sincerely hope that our detailed guide helps you pick the product which proves to be good for your pocket and for your bean bag. Go through all the products, their features, their pros, their cons, etc. After carefully studying all of these things, see what matches your requirements and based on that pick the product which suits you most. Thus makes an informed decision which promises your money’s worth. However, if we had to suggest, we would definitely go with Style Homez 2 Kg High-Density Bean Bag Refill.


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