Wildhorn 25 Ltrs Laptop Bag Review

Wildhorn is one of the most sought brands in the world of leatherwear and accessories. This is why they continue to improve and innovate on their craft. They are headquartered in Kolkata India and had various retail outlets throughout the country.

So if you are currently looking for a reliable bag, then this brand is probably a good choice. So we would like to suggest to you this bag that you can use to store your bag and other belongings. Since it is made of genuine leather, it is guaranteed that you’ll have the style and functionality that you are looking for.


It can resist contact with water; that is why expect that your laptop and other valuables are completely safe at all times from catching liquid damage.

High-Quality Zipper

It has a premium zipper that will surely last long and will let you zip and unzip it smoothly.

Multiple Compartments

Because of this, you can put a lot of valuables inside the bag without having any difficulties.

6-Month Warranty

This bag has a 6 months warranty. That is why you are surely protected in case there are some defects on the item.

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What Do We like

Elegant Design

It looks really classy, which will add up a lot of style to your look while you are wearing it.

Comfy to Wear

It has a soft padding that allows you to wear the bag comfortably wherever you want to go.

Easy to Clean

You can clean this bag quickly and easily by wiping its surface with a moist cloth or leatherette cleaner.

Budget-Friendly Price

This backpack has a low price that is why it will surely fit the budget of everyone.

What We Don’t Like

There are times that the bag loses its shape especially if it is not properly stored or fitted on storage spaces.


In this bag, you can actually get a lot of premium features such as Warranty, Waterproof, High-Quality Zipper, and Multiple Compartments. The good thing is you do not have to spend plenty of money for you to experience such features.

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