Skybags (WKRTRD35BLK) Weekender 36 Ltrs Hiking Backpack Review

Skybags are providing a strong statement when it comes to fashion and functionality at the same time. They are the pioneer local brand that specializes in polycarbonate luggage. They also innovated and diversified their products throughout the years also offering nice laptop bags, trolleys, rucksacks, duffels, and many more.

We are actually discussing an outdoor bag that is made by them. So if you are an adventure seeker and a casual hiker then this bag is perfect for you. Introducing the Skybags Weekender 36 Ltrs Black Hiking Backpack, you will surely never regret buying this bag because of its tremendous quality and wonderful style.

Aer-Zone Back Comfort

This is integrated into the bag to provide better back comfort while you are wearing it.

Bottle Holder

It allows you to bring your tumbler or bottled water safely with you on your travels.

Free Rain Cover

It is an added accessory in which you can safeguard your belongings from having contacts with liquids.

1-Year Warranty

It gives you the ability to enjoy topnotch buyer’s confidence because you will be secured in case there are issues with the item.

Multiple Compartments

It provides you more storage for your belongings so that you’ll have complete travel experience.

Polyester Material

This makes the bag water-resistant and durable for better user experience.

Extra Back and Shoulder Padding

It adds up more comfort to the people who are wearing it to avoid strains, especially when carrying heavy loads.

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What Do We like

Lets You Organize Your Things Well

It has a multi-level organizer that will give you space for every category of the things that you’ll be putting inside the bag.


It has a nice-looking exterior and shape that will let you wear it with pride and confidence.


Since this backpack is made of premium materials you can expect that it will not deteriorate easily.


It does not cost that much making it really affordable for people from all walks of life.

Easy to Wash

You can clean this backpack easily making it super hygienic every time you will use it.

What We Don’t Like


This hiking bag is not waterproof and can damage your belongings in rain.


In this backpack, you will experience amazing features such as Aer-Zone Back Comfort, Bottle Holder, Free Rain Cover, 1-Year Warranty, Multiple Compartments, Polyester Material, and etc. All of those features are very attainable at such a very low price.

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