Skybags (TROP45BLK) Weekender 49 Ltrs Hiking Backpack Review

If you are currently on your way to your next weekend getaway with your family and friends, then you will need a reliable backpack to hold all your items. And so here we introduce you to Skybags Weekender 49 Ltrs Black Hiking Backpack. You’ll surely indulge yourself with the wonderful benefits it offers and the quality that it has. The combination of durability along with the rugged yet elegant design that this backpack possesses is truly one of a kind.

Side Mesh

It allows you to put your tumbler and other things. It also has an integrated earphones port on that area for better satisfaction.

Rain Cover

The package includes a free rain cover in which you can use to protect the bag from getting wet on a rainy day, thus keeping all your belongings inside the bag safe at all times.

1-Year Warranty

It gives you some sort of security that you will be protected in case there is something wrong with the item.

Nylon Material

This makes the bag really durable and washable for a better storage experience.

Multiple Compartments

Since this bag has multiple compartments, you can expect that you will be able to put more things on it.

Padded Shoulder Straps

This will provide more comfort while you are wearing it.

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What Do We like

Beautiful Style

It has a nice design not only in terms of its exterior look but also has a nice shape that promotes excellent ergonomics so that you can wear this backpack comfortably.

Easy to Clean

You can clean this backpack easily because it is washable and has a spacious interior in which you can easily dust it off easily when dirty.

Low Price

It has an affordable price that allows all kinds of people to have it regardless of their financial status in life.

Astounding Durability

You can truly expect that this backpack will last for extended periods because it is made of high-quality materials that do not deteriorate easily.

What We Don’t Like


The maximum capacity is not that accurate, you can only accommodate up to 45 liters of maximum capacity.


This backpack has a great feature, just like the Side Mesh, Rain Cover, 1-Year Warranty, Nylon Material, Multiple Compartments, and Padded Shoulder Straps. The good thing is you do not have to spend that much in order for you to

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