Skybags 55 cms Hardsided Cabin Luggage Review

Skybags brand has proven its dominance in the bag industry by producing high-quality bags for us Indian people. It allows us to have an organized travel experience wherever we want to go. Just like this luggage bag that they are selling, it has a combination of a trendy style and functionality that you’ll surely love.

Introducing the Skybags Polycarbonate 55 cms Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage, it is one of the most premium bags that you can give to yourself as a gift. With its spacious interior and reliable features, you’ll surely never go wrong.


This bag has a 2-year international warranty to ensure that you are protected in case you found some issues with the item.

Polycarbonate casing

This material is known for being extremely durable that will surely provide a lot of reliability and stability to the bag.

Number Lock Security

This will provide the utmost security feature to ensure that your belongings inside the bag are completely safe from intruders.

28-Liter Capacity

It gives you the power to place a lot of things inside the bag easily and comfortably.

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What Do We like

Amazing Design

It has a beautiful-looking exterior, topnotch portability, and comfy handle that you can utilize for a more satisfying experience.


It has a scratchproof surface that will guarantee that this bag will be free from abrasions that will increase the lifespan of the bag.

Easy to Clean

You can easily clean this bag when it is dirty by wiping it off with a moist cloth and dry it off afterward by sunlight or dry cloth without any hassles.

What We Don’t Like

This bag is not water-resistant.


We have learned that this bag has exquisite features such as Warranty, Polycarbonate Casing, Number Lock Security, and 28-Liter Capacity. You will surely have a wonderful experience using this product without spending that much.

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