Skybags Komet 51 Ltrs (SBKOP02PPL) Laptop Backpack Review

When buying a laptop backpack, one thing we keep in mind is that it should last long because nobody wants to waste their money on a subpar product. Having said so, you must always consider buying from a premium brand.

With regard to that, Skybags is the one that you should trust; with their four decades of experience, you will surely never go wrong with them. This is why we would like to introduce you to this Skybags Komet 51 Ltrs Dark Pink and Purple Laptop Backpack. You will surely be amazed at how it will transform you into a more organized person.

Nylon Material

This will give you an assurance that this bag will not deteriorate easily because nylon is known for its superb durability.

1-Year Warranty

It has a year of manufacturer’s warranty so that you will have some sort of protection if you found some defects on the item.

Multiple Pockets

You can put various things aside from your laptop, making this bag multifunctional.

51-Liter Capacity

The 51-liter maximum capacity of this bag makes sit’s interior super spacious so that you can fill it with all your valuables without having difficulties.

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What Do We like

Excellent Design

This backpack is good-looking, portable, and comfortable to wear, which will surely make the most out of your money.


It does not cost that much, which will surely save you some money when you buy it compared to its counterparts.


It will not deteriorate easily because it is made of the finest materials that are proven sturdy.

Topnotch Security

It has secured zippers and hidden pockets that allow you to protect your valuables at all times from intruders.

What We Don’t Like

This bag is not waterproof also it does not have a key holder which many models offer.


This wonderful bag is filled with nice features such as Nylon Material, 1-Year Warranty, Multiple Pockets, and 51-Liter Capacity. You will surely have a wonderful time using this bag, and the good thing is you will not have to spend that much money to experience premium features and quality.

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