Skybags Cardiff 52 cms Duffle Bag Review

A lot of us do love to travel, that is why we would want to have a good bag that can be with you outdoors. The bag must be reliable so that you will have hassle-free trips all the time. With regard to that, we have a good suggestion as we would like to introduce to you this Skybags Cardiff Polyester 52 cms Red Travel Duffle.

It has premium features and modern functionalities that will provide you with a lot of ease and comfort. Moreover, you will have all the freedom to put a lot of things inside because of the spacious interior that this bag has.


This bag has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that allows you to be secured in case there are some defects in the bag.

Butterfly Lock

This is an added security feature on the bag so that your valuables are safe at all times.

Polyester Material

This material is known for its high durability, which will make the bag last for longer periods of time.

Strong Base

It provides a strong sense of stability to the bag so that if you place it on the ground, you can prevent the presence of abrasions beneath the bag.

39-Liter Capacity

This is an assurance that you can put many objects inside the bag so that you can utilize it more for your travels.

Extra Pockets

These pockets are very useful because you can put up more objects inside the bag, especially your essentials, making you utilize the bag more and become more organized on your travels.

Ergonomic Handles

This allows you to carry the bag easily when necessary without exerting too much effort and force for a more comfortable carrying feel.

Bag Stopper

It is an assurance that your valuables inside the bag will be safe at all times whenever you are strolling the bag even on high slopes.

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What Do We like

Exquisite Design

This bag has a beautiful-looking exterior, outstanding portability, and comfy fabric that will give you a whole new level of excitement on your travels.


Despite its premium features and elegant look, its price is still in the affordable price range, so that it will not hurt the budget if you buy it.


Since this bag is made of sturdy materials, you can expect that this bag will surely last long.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

This bag will not give you any difficulties because it has a washable fabric and roomy interior that you can easily fit your hands on when you want to clean this bag.

What We Don’t Like

The stitches are below average because it comes off after a few months of use.


We have learned that this bag has a lot of useful features such as 3-Year Warranty, Butterfly Lock, Polyester Material, Strong Base, 39-Liter Capacity, Extra Pockets, Ergonomic Handles, and Bag Stopper.

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