RNG EKO Green Anti Theft Backpack Review

RNG’s is truly a great brand as they have a wide range of bags on their product line. This makes you have some sort of guarantee that they are serious about their craft and will give you the quality that you deserve.

This is why we would like to introduce you to this RNG EKO GREEN 30 Litre Anti Theft Backpack. It is one of the most spacious bags that you can have. The whopping 30-liter maximum capacity will surely give you the power to put as many things as you want correctly and efficiently.

Waterproof Feature

The 300D waterproof fabric will ensure that no liquids will intrude on the interior of the bag, protecting your laptop and other valuables from getting water damage.

Anti-Theft System

It has concealed pockets that will give superb security on your belongings that are inside the bag.

USB Charging Slot

This gives you the power to charge your devices as you can put a power bank inside the bag and connect your phone in it while you are wearing the backpack so that you can use your phone while charging.

3D Breathable Sponge Padded Cushioning

This is a great material that is integrated inside the backpack to provide maximum comfort to the person who will be wearing it.

Cut Resistant

The sturdy body of this backpack will allow it to endure contacts with rough surfaces without getting abrasions.

30-Liter Maximum Capacity

This gives you the capacity to put as many items as you want inside the backpack.

Night Safety Reflective Strips

It is an added safety precaution especially when you are always walking outdoors at night,

30 to 80 Degrees Opening

This gives you a lot of freedom when putting and taking stuff inside the bag, making things easier.

Luggage Trolley Strap

It makes things easier for you to integrate it into a trolley whenever you need to.

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What Do We like


The security features and sturdy materials that it has will surely make the backpack endure extreme outdoor activities.

Comfy to Wear

It is loaded with soft cushions that guarantee topnotch comfort and ease while you are wearing this backpack.


The price of this backpack is just right for all people, even the ones with tight budgets.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can easily clean this backpack without having a hard time because it has a spacious interior wherein you can easily fit your hands and surface that is easy to wipe.

What We Don’t Like

The zipper is a little bit fragile.


We have finished tackling this great backpack, and you now know that you’ll get amazing features just like Waterproof Feature, Anti-Theft System, USB Charging Slot, Cut Resistant, Night Safety, and many more. Your money is truly well spent once you buy this product.

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