Polestar Rocky Travel Backpack Review

Polestar is known to have a massive manufacturing plant that has provided market with high-quality bags that are stylish and effective. So if you are currently on the move to shop a new backpack for your next outdoor adventure, then this brand could be a great choice.

Since this is locally made, you can expect that it is specially catered to fit the needs of every Indian people. So if you are an adventurer like us, then we highly recommend for you to try this backpack out!

Snap Buckle Compartment

This makes it easier for you to put or get your valuables inside the backpack.

Polyester Lite Material

It guarantees topnotch durability and lightness, are making the bag super comfortable to use at all times.

60-Liter Capacity

This allows you to put a lot of things inside the bag, making your outdoor experience more complete, fun, and exciting.

Multiple Pockets

It will give you the privilege to organize your things in a more proper way according to their respective size.

Drawstring Closure

It keeps your things secured and still while you are in motion.

Adjustable Breathable Padded Shoulder Strap

It will make your wearing experience more comfortable as it will minimize sweat and provide softness on your shoulder area.

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What Do We like

Made for Tough Conditions

This backpack is loaded with security features that will make sure that it will not deteriorate even if you use it on extreme activities.

Amazing Design

When it comes to looks and shape, this backpack will never let you down. It is pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to the shoulders and back upon wearing it and even if you wear it for prolonged periods.

Competitive Price

Despite its premium look and features, the price remains to be budget-friendly so that people from all walks of life can be able to afford it.

Easy to Clean

Its material is very responsive to cleaning, and spacious interior will allow you to remove dirt easily, making your usage of this bag really hygienic.

What We Don’t Like


There are some portions of the bag wherein the stitches fall off easily.


This backpack has a number of useful features such as Snap Buckle Compartment, Polyester Lite Material, 60-Liter Capacity, Multiple Pockets, and etc. The good thing is you will experience all those wonderful features at a very affordable price.

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