Nike Women’s Gym Duffle Bag Review

We always want to maintain and improve our figure, both men and women. One way of doing it is by hitting the gym and performing some good exercise routines. So if you plan to do so, then you’ll need something wherein you can store your valuables whenever you go to the gym such as your extra clothes, towel, water tumbler, gadgets, and etc.

This will make you equipped whenever you are trying to achieve your fitness goals for a healthier new you. With regard to that, Nike Women’s Gym Club 22 Ltrs is the real deal. It is equipped with modern style and functionalities that is truly suited for modern women lifestyle.

Carry-On Strap

This will allow you to carry the bag easily wherever you go providing you the comfort and ease that you deserve.

Multiple Compartments

It gives you the power to put as many things as you want inside the bag.


It comes with a 90-day warranty to ensure that you are completely secured in case there are some issues with the item.

High-Quality Zips

This is an assurance that you’ll have a smooth zipping and unzipping experience so that you can put or get things from your bag easier.

22-Liters Maximum Capacity

This will allow you to put as many objects as you want inside the bag.

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What Do We like

Great Design

It has a girly-looking exterior that is fashionable and, at the same time, portable.

Comfortable to Wear

Since this bag is made of gentle materials, it is guaranteed that it will not irritate or harm your skin whenever you are wearing it.


It is expected that this bag will last for longer periods of time because it is made of high-quality materials.


This bag will surely fit the budget because it does not costs that much despite that it is made by a premium brand.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


We have finished discussing this wonderful bag, and we have proven its amazing quality because of its nice features such as Carry-On Strap, Multiple Compartments, High-Quality Zips, Warranty, and etc. You can experience all of those features at an affordable price.

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