Lowepro Format 150 Backpack Review

Lowepro has been providing high-quality camera bags for more than 50 years already. It started out in Colorado, USA when Greg Lowe, its founder created his initial internal-frame backpack.  Since then Lowepro has been the go-to bag of people if they need storage for their camera and other gadgets when they have some outdoor adventures. So if you are a traveler, content creator, or a professional photographer then you would love to have a bag that is made by them.

Introducing the Lowepro Format 150 Backpack, it is made of the finest materials that will guarantee superb satisfaction. Your camera, accessories, and other devices will be safe at all times when you are traveling. It will also add up style on your appearance while you are wearing it because of the elegant design that it has.

Lifetime Warranty

This bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty which will keep you secured in case there are issues with the item.

Adjustable interior

This lets you utilize and maximize the space inside the bag very well so that you can put more things inside.

Stretchable Mesh Side Pockets

It will give you the ability to put a water bottle, umbrella, or tripod on these pockets for easy access.


It will keep your valuables safe from having contacts with liquids so that they will not get damaged.

Front Zippered Pocket

It lets you put and organized your tiny valuables such as keys, phone, wallet, and many more.

Padded Design

This is integrated on the bag’s surface for better comfort and ease while you are wearing the bag.

Tablet Compartment

It allows you to fit tablets up to 10 inches in size.

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What Do We like

Sturdy Design

This bag is made of premium materials that guarantee the extended lifespan on the bag.

Low Price

Everyone could surely afford this bag because it does not have an expensive price tag.


You can surely have a wonderful time using this bag because of its great style, portability, and security features.

Easy to Use

It has an easy to understand interface that will surely give you a lot of ease and confidence while using this bag.


It has various security features that will keep your valuables safe at all times.

What We Don’t Like

The space inside the bag is pretty limited.


This bag has a lot of good features such as Lifetime Warranty, Adjustable interior, Stretchable Mesh Side Pockets, Water-Resistant, Front Zippered Pocket, Padded Design, and Tablet Compartment. Those features will give you comfort and ease on your trips. The good thing is you can get this bag at a very affordable price and we’ve tackled it a while ago on this review article.

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