Lenovo B515 Everyday Laptop Backpack Review

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company that manufactures tech products. It is famous for its premium quality products, and just like the other big brands, they innovate a lot on their products. That is why it is a good choice to buy a product that is made by them.

With regard to that, we would like to introduce to you this Lenovo B515 15.6-inch Everyday Laptop Backpack. It is a premium backpack that will keep your laptop safe at all times. The elegant look of this bag will also make you look more elegant while wearing it.


This is a guarantee that the things inside the bag are completely safe from experiencing liquid damage.

Breathable Mesh Pads

These are made to provide more comfort and prevent you from sweating hard while wearing this bag.

Multiple Compartments

These are made for you to store other kinds of things aside from the laptop, making this bag super multifunctional.

Padded Straps

It functions as a support for the suitcase for better stability and comfort.

Laptop Compartment

It can fit laptops for up to 15.6 inches of size.

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What Do We like


Despite its spacious interior, the overall size of the bag is not that bulky, which allows it to fit even on limited spaces for easy storage.

Elegant Design

It is pleasant to look at and comfy to wear, making it one of the most desirable bags to have.

Easy to Clean

The fabric of this bag is washable, meaning you can easily sanitize it when necessary for better hygienic user experience.


This bag is in the lower price range; that is why it will surely fit the budget of everyone.

What We Don’t Like

It cannot fit bulky laptops in the bag.


In this bag, you can enjoy nice features such as Water-Resistant, Breathable Mesh Pads, Multiple Compartments, Padded Straps, and etc. This will make you satisfied and comfortable every time you will bring your bag with you anywhere you go.

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