Dyazo Design 3 Type Anti Theft Backpack Review

Dyazo is a well-known Indian brand when it comes to bags, electronics, and travel accessories. Throughout the years, they have built this nice reputation in their brand. So if you are on your journey in finding the perfect backpack for you, then this brand must be on your bucket list. We would like to introduce you to this Dyazo Design 3 Type Anti Theft Backpack. This backpack is made of the finest materials that are really evident in its exquisite look. It has all the features that a modern human needs to be more comfortable than ever.

22 Liters Maximum Capacity

This is a pretty decent maximum capacity already wherein you can put a lot of things on it without compromising the portability of the bag.


This is a guarantee that your valuables inside this bag are completely safe from any contact with liquids.


The soft padding minimizes any form of shocks making you wear the backpack in a more comfortable way.


This backpack can be turned into a suitcase easily, making it super versatile that will surely suit your needs.

Multiple Pockets

It allows you to put other kinds of stuff on the bag for multipurpose use.

Charging/Headset Slot

You can insert the USB cable on a small hole so that you can charge your devices while you are wearing the back and using your device.

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What Do We like


Your belongings, most particularly your laptop, will truly be safe from thieves and other bad elements.

Ergonomic Design

Because of the ergonomic design that it has, your shoulder and back will be at ease and comfy even if you wear this bag for extended periods.


Despite the premium quality and features that it has, the price is still super affordable for ordinary people.

Stylish Exterior

While wearing this backpack, you will surely look fashionable and trendy.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points found on this product.


In this backpack, you can experience nice features such as 22 Liters Maximum Capacity, Waterproof, Shockproof, Convertible, and etc. Those features are the assurance that you’ll have promising experiences while using this backpack, which can help you become organized individuals.

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