DELL 15 Essential Backpack Review

Dell is known as one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world and has built its good reputation with its high-quality products. In recent years, they have innovated a lot and integrated a lot more products in their catalog.

This is why if you are currently looking for a laptop bag, then this brand is truly the one that you should buy. This is why we would like to introduce you to this Dell 15 Essential Backpack. It is made of the finest materials that guarantee superb user experience, and we can prove you that by enumerating its nice features and advantages down below.

Padded Handles and Shoulder Straps

It allows you to hold and wear the backpack with comfort and ease.

Multiple Compartments

It gives you the ability to put more things inside the bag so that you can utilize it well for your needs.

Polyester Material

This 15.5 inches backpack bag is made of polyester material that is the primary culprit on why it is durable, comfy to wear, and easy to wash.

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What Do We like


Since it is made of premium materials, it is guaranteed that it will last for long periods of time.

Great Design

Aside from being good looking, it is compact and comfortable to wear as well.

Affordable Price

Despite that, it is made by a premium brand. The price remains to be very affordable, which will surely fit everyone’s budget.

Easy to Clean

It has a gentle surface that is washable and spacious interior that allows you to clean this backpack easily when necessary.

What We Don’t Like

Built quality is not that great.


This backpack has premium features, just like Great Paddings, Multiple Compartments, and Polyester Material. Those features will bring you all the satisfaction and comfort that you deserve. All come at a very affordable price.

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