Chris & Kate (CKB_205KF) Travel Backpack Review

Chris & Kate, a local bag manufacturer brand, has been producing high-quality bags throughout the country. It is headquartered in New Delhi, and all of its products are patronized not only in that area but on other provinces and cities as well.

This is why we will introduce you to a very nice backpack. It is perfect for people that are looking to have outdoor fun. The bag is called the Chris & Kate Black Travel Rucksack. It is reliable and stylish, which is just perfect for professional and newbie trekkers.

Multiple Pockets

There are large and small pockets integrated on the bag to provide you with roomy compartments to accommodate all your things.

Padded Mesh Hip Belt

This is an added support for a more stable wearing of the bag.

Adjustable and Breathable Shoulder Strap

This is perfect for providing you better comfort because you can adjust easily according to your size and minimize sweat while you are wearing the bag.

45-Liter Maximum Capacity

It allows you to put as many things as you want inside the bag without having difficulties.

Polyester Material

It is guaranteed to promote water resistance and durability to the bag itself, making it perfect to use, even on a daily basis.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It gives you some sort of protection in case there are some issues with the item.

High-Quality Zipper

This is a guarantee that the zipper of this bag will not deteriorate easily.

Drawstring Closure

It gives easy access to some of the pockets so that you can get certain things easily when needed.

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What Do We like

Exquisite Design

It is really amazing to look at, comfy to wear, and easy to store, making your outdoor experience more memorable.

Easy to Clean

You can sanitize it easily because of the wide compartments that it has so that you can easily fit your hands while cleaning.

Super Durable

Since it is made of premium materials, you can expect that it will not deteriorate easily.

Low Price

Despite its premium features, the price remains to be very affordable.

What We Don’t Like

Zip and its runner

The quality of the zip and its runner is not great and can be damaged easily.


In this backpack, you can expect nice features such as Multiple Pockets, Padded Mesh Hip Belt, Breathable Shoulder Strap, 45-Liter Maximum Capacity, Polyester Material, Drawstring Closure, High-Quality Zipper, and Warranty. 

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