Auxter Leatherite Gym Bag Review

Auxter is a local bag manufacturer that is based in Jalandhar and has been producing high-quality bags for various purposes. So if you are currently looking for a gym bag that will bring you a premium experience that can help you with your fitness goals. This is why we would like to introduce to you a leatherette bag that is made by them. It is crafted to perfection to ensure superb durability and comfort.

Zip Closure Compartment

This is where you can actually put a lot of things inside the bag safely with added ease and peace of mind.

Superior Leather Rite Brown

This material makes the bag so durable and classy which allows you to use the bag with confidence and ease.

Webbing Cord Stitches

These are integrated at the inner sides of the bag to provide more safety and stability on the things inside.

Anti-Rust Zippers

The zippers of this bag can endure exposures to liquids and moisture which makes it completely rustproof.

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What Do We like

Easy to Clean

Since it is made of leatherette material you can easily wipe it off when it is dirty providing you a much hygienic usage of the bag.

Classy Design

It has a look of elegance that is attributed to its classic leatherette texture and color that will surely add up some wow factor to your personality.

Competitive Pricing

It has a price that will surely fit the budget of every people.

Extremely Durable

The leatherette material that it is composed of is built to last meaning it will not deteriorate easily even if you use it on a daily basis. Most especially, it has an anti-scratch feature that will make it’s surface completely tough at all times.

What We Don’t Like

The bag is smaller in size but is lengthy which makes it consume too much space.


This classy bag has nice features just like Zip Closure Compartment, Superior Leather Rite Brown, Webbing Cord Stitches, Anti-Rust Zippers, and etc. You have learned it all on this review article and we hope that you now have an idea of what you’ll get if you will buy this product.

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