American Tourister Columbia Travel Bag Review

When it comes to bags, we always want to make sure that it is not only functional but also great to look at as well. This is why we have a suggestion for you. Introducing the American Tourister Columbia Polyester 21.7 Inch Black Travel Bag, this bag will give you a sense of security while you are outdoors.

It is well-built and will surely give you all the expectations that you have in a bag. With this bag, you can surely go places because of its nice style and high-durability, and we can prove it to you as we will discuss more of its benefits below.

3-Year Warranty

This bag comes with a 3 years warranty that will keep you protected in case there are some issues with the item.

Dual Compartments

It has 2 compartments along with extra pockets that allow you to put more objects inside the bag.

Polyester Material

This material is known for its high durability making the bag last extensively because it will not deteriorate easily.

Number Lock

In this feature, you will surely have a peace of mind that your belongings are completely safe at all times from bad people.

39-Liter Capacity

This maximum capacity is sufficient enough to hold a massive number of objects already that you can use for your trips.

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What Do We like

Great Design

This bag is known to have a beautiful-looking exterior, highly-portable, and ergonomic shape that will give you a lot of pride and comfort while you are using it.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can clean this bag easily because it is made of washable materials so that you can use this bag with better hygiene.


It has an affordable price that will surely not hurt the budget.

Extremely Durable

This bag is made of premium materials that will surely last long and will not deteriorate easily.

What We Don’t Like

The zippers on this bag do not glide smoothly as expected.


This bag has a lot of useful features, just like Warranty, Dual Compartments, Polyester Material, Number Lock, and etc. and we have learned all of those in this review article. We have proven that a high-quality bag must not always be expensive.

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