Best Back Support to Help You Work Longer

Back pain is literally a pain in the back! Whether it is because of age, pulled muscle, or just because of sitting for too long, we have all experienced some sort of pain.

Back pain can make day-to-day activities difficult and can put a hold on your life, which is quite annoying. Of course, there are specific exercises that you can do to relieve the pain.

However, this is not always possible, especially if you are in the office. For this reason, back supports help out a lot. They give you the support your back needs to carry on day to day chores and activities.

This review will give you information about its workingdifferent types, a buyer’s guide, and the 8 most recommended back supports that one can consider before buying.

Read on to learn more.

How a Back Support works

The backbone of the body consists of vertebras or spines.

When one sits, the whole body’s load comes to the lower spines called the lumbar spine and to the muscles associated with it, i.e., lumbar muscles.

These lumbar spines are naturally curved and thus provide a proper curve and posture to the body while sitting.

Maintaining that posture for long exerts stress on the muscles and the lumbar spines, leading to diseases and pains.

A back support fits in that curve like a ball and socket joint and thus reduces the lumbar muscles’ tension, keeping them relaxed and healthy for long.

Types of Back Supports

Though all the back support instruments are supposed to serve the same job, yet based on the way of their use, they have been classified into two types:

Lumbar support Braces

It is the belt-like lumbar support instruments.

Like a belt, it fixes to the user’s body and settles properly in the curve of lumbar spines, giving proper shape to the body and support to the lumbar muscles as well.

Though it remains attached to the user’s body, it can be carried and can be used anywhere and everywhere.

It is generally lightweight and can be covered inside the cloth, making it highly portable and comfortable for the user.

Portable lumbar support for Chair

As per its name, these back support instruments are also portable. But unlike the braces, it is made for chairs. 

It is placed and fixed to the chair and can be used in conjunction with most chairs to fit the individual’s needs best.

Some of these lumbar supports are like a curved cushion or a roll of towel that, along with support, also serves enough comfort and pleasure to the user’s back.

These types are attachable to chairs, so one doesn’t need to carry it all the time, making one feel light when not in need of it. It is highly adjustable as per the needs of the users, making it one of the most considered types in the market.

Buyer’s Guide


As soon as you have decided to get lumbar support for the chair, you should think of the instrument’s size. The shape and size of the body matter from person to person, so do the lumbar muscles’ curve. 

This makes it important for you to keep your body’s size or shape in mind at the time of buying. It must fit in that curve for the best result.

This fitting comes only with the perfect sized back support. Hence, at the time of buying back support, you should check the instrument’s size to get the most comfort from it.


As mentioned above, every person has a different body size and shape. Thus, the back’s posture, i.e., the curve of the lumbar muscles, changes from person to person.

Sometimes one finds it difficult to find the proper back support as even the perfect size doesn’t fit correctly to the curve of the back.

Thus one should make it very essential to check the posture of his body and the back support before buying one. Some people who have a deeper back need to have a more shallow or D-shaped back support.

Those with a flatter back need to have a flat back support that would comfortably fit the user’s back.


If you are wearing a back support while at the office or doing there’s, sometimes it can be challenging to adjust your back support as you move around.

A temporary pillow type lumbar support can be a little fussy and annoying as it will need to be adjusted frequently. Thus, at the time of buying, keep your movement routine in mind while buying a back support for yourself.

Existing chair

It is also essential to keep in mind the type of chair that you will be sitting in.

If you have a chair that is a bucket-style seat, pillow, or cushion type, then your back support may not fit properly when you are in your chair. You should thus look for a firmer back support that can easily be attached to the chair.

If your chair has molded or upward curved seats, you can go for either back support type.

Other features

Apart from the above features, there are certain other features too that qualify back support.

As we all know, back pain does not occur in only one place in the back. It varies from person to person.

It can vary from the shoulder to the hip or even in the mid-region of the back. Thus some back supports are manufactured to provide support to a particular region of the back.

Also, certain back supports, especially braces with extra straps, provide additional support and comfort to the user.

8 Best Back Support Products

1. Go Lumbar Support

Go Lumbar Support
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This breathable mesh lumbar support sits perfectly to the curve of the spines. Its design gives firm and comfortable support, and its air circulating ability keeps the user cool.

Main Features
  • Made of nature-friendly polypropylene and silicone resin
  • Durable and breathable material
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Got innovative massage bumps
  • Versatile, i.e., can go with almost all type of chair
  • 43.2 x 23.4 x 11.4 (LWH) cms
  • 159 gms weight
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its new, improved design and strong and adjustable straps serve good support to the back of users
  • Its breathable material keeps the body, especially the back of the user, cool, making it one of the most asked type, especially in the summer
  • Its wide and curve shape gives proper support to the back and cures several back diseases
  • It is extremely light in weight and also occupies less space on the seat of the chair
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Got some issues with massage bumps
  • Sometimes create difficulty in fitting with certain types of chairs or seats, especially a driving seat
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2. Grin Health Support Pillow 

This is one of the best soft pillow lumbar back supports available. It will give you relief from pain and allow you to sit comfortably. It is 30% softer and sleeker than other pillows and is suitable for your office and car seat.

Main Features
  • Soft and sleek cushion
  • 46 x 38 x 12 cm
  • Made of soft firm memory foam
  • Covers most of the back
PROS (What we liked)
  • High-quality buckle and durable zipper
  • Provides the gentle comfort and firmness that your back needs
  • Soft breathable cover that protects the skin from any discomfort
  • Comes with a free carrying bag for easy portability
  • Will relieve pressure and strain caused by sitting for a long time
  • Easily fits any seat whether at home, office, or in the car
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points have been observed so far

3. ComfiLife Back Pillow

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow
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This lumbar support cushion pillow, as per its name, actually makes life quite comfortable by its padded cushion and other features that serve to relieve pain from the back.

It also provides support to the lumbar region. This lumbar support is highly reliable as chiropractors also recommend it.

Main Features
  • Made of high-density memory foam
  • Orthopedic design
  • 3D breathable cover
  • Removable cover
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easily portable
  • Extremely versatile
  • 454 gms weight
  • 38 x 31.75 x 11.94 cms (LWH)
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is ergonomically designed that provides proper support to the back all day and also promotes good posture
  • Highly effective for lower back pain and is mostly used for one with a long sitting routine
  • High-quality elements make it durable and portable
  • Breathable and removable cover maintains the flow of air and helps in keeping it clean
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A bit too thick and bulky for small seated chairs
  • The curved shape makes it difficult sometimes to fit into the chair
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4. Cloud Hut Back Support

Cloud Hut Unisex Neoprene Back Support
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Cloud Hut Unisex Neoprene Back Support is an all-new product that helps you get relief from all the back pain and recover from injuries fast. It is a unisex product and can be used by men and women alike.

The product is adjustable and comfortable. Made of neoprene, the material is breathable for better use. Wear it for 1 or 2 hours every day to gain a better result.

Main Features
  • This back support can be worn by both men and women alike, and it helps you to correct the back posture by shifting shoulders forward to achieve the best back alignment
  • You can wear it under your clothes as well while you are at home, work, and outdoor, making the product versatile
  • Wearing back support every day for 1 or 2 hours will develop muscle memory
  • The material made for using the product is neoprene, which is very breathable. This will make the product comfortable for use
  • It is fully adjustable to fit any body frame of size 28″ and 48″
PROS (What we liked)
  • This back support provides relief from pain in the upper back area, which will exert much less pressure on your shoulders
  • postural resistant strap is provided along with it. This light-resistant band can be used for warm-up exercises
  • It is made up of good quality material
  • The material is soft and comfortable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a little overpriced
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5. Optp Mckenzie Lumbar Roll

Optp Mckenzie Lumbar Roll
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This lumbar roll by OPTP is considered to be one of the best lumbar supports. It helps with back problems and back pain.

It also has certain ecstatic features like the removable cover, polyester fabric, etc., that make it one of the most opted types in the market.

Main Features
  • Made of 100% polyester fabric
  • Non-wrinkle and moisture-wicking material
  • High quality and long-lasting foam
  • Highly adjustable built-in straps
  • Extremely versatile
  • Cylindrical in shape
  • 27.9 x 12.1 x 12.1 cm (LWH)
  • 156 gms weight
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is lightweight and is easily portable
  • Easily removable cover and washable
  • Adjustable elastic straps give it proper grip to the chair
  • Its polyester fabric and moisture-wicking material makes it less messy and increases its durability
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Straps give it grip but aren’t much help in keeping it a few inches up from the seat
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6.Luhi Support Belt

BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Support Belt
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At first sight, one might think that if this odd-looking device could be a good back support brace or not? But its alluring features, such as dual adjustable straps, answer this question very well and don’t leave any reason for the buyer to let it go.

Also, its breathable material and other features are equally comforting. It is a good posture corrector and back pain healer that further cements the reason to opt for this.

Main Features
  • Made of soft polyester
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Got dual adjustable straps
  • Approx 187 gms weight
  • Impressively thin layout
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its perfect curve and adjustable straps give it perfect fitting to the lumbar curve
  • Breathable material keeps it cool and doesn’t let the user feel warm much
  • Its got an impressive layout that gives it a proper grip to the back, reducing slipping and bunching
  • Eight stays give additional support to the back, and lightweight makes it easily portable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Its fabric sometimes causes itchiness
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7. Fellowes Back Support

Fellowes Professional Series Back Support
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This clever and unique design from Fellowes is a good back support for office chairs. As called by Fellowes, its’ tri-attachment system gives it a perfect grip on the chair that makes it the perfect and highly demanded one, even for those with a case of wiggle.

Main Features
  • Made of memory foam
  • Got mid spinal support
  • Three sectioned lumbar support
  • Has tri-attachment system
  • Got micro ban antimicrobial protection
  • 5.1 x 38.1 x 36.8 cms
  • 513 gms weight
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its unique design provides enough support to every part of the back as it has a separate supportive part for a separate part of the back that makes it more comfortable and user-friendly
  • Its tri-attachment system gives it a perfect grip on the chair that makes it hassle-free and easy to handle
  • Its exclusive design gives it a professional look making it highly suitable for office chairs
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It doesn’t fit every chair
  • Sometimes does not go well with the heights of the back of certain users
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8. Homysnug Back Support Pillow 

Homysnug Lumbar Cushion Back Support Pillow
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This penguin-shaped back support instrument has proved itself a good friend of lumbar spines by safeguarding the natural S-Shape of spines that gives the right posture to the user’s back.

Main Features
  • Made of memory foam
  • Ergonomic design
  • Got the adjustable elastic strap
  • Removable cover
  • 38 x 45 x 7 cm dimension
  • 748 gms weight
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its efficient design provides support to every part of the back, be it a lumbar region or lumbar lateral region, and targets back pain and provides relief from it
  • It is easy to install at any seat that makes it usable with both an office chair and driving seat
  • Its removable cover makes it easy to clean
  • Its lightweight makes it highly portable and easily adjustable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Its width occupies so much space on the chair that sometimes gives comfort issues
  • Overweight people felt little difficulty in adjusting to it
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are back support belts effective?

There is a lack of scientific evidence that proves that the belts are useful for back pains, as relying on them alone cannot prove to be helpful.

The back belts support your spines and decrease the chance of causing injury again. It helps to support weakened muscles and gives a good posture.

2. Is it OK to wear a back brace all the time?

The duration for which you should be wearing the back brace depends on various factors such as the injury caused or the depth of the pain. You should consult your doctors who will guide you about those things. Wearing the back brace for a long time gives you good posture.

3. How can I straighten my back naturally?

Some of the tips which can be followed at home to straighten your back naturally are:

  • While you are lying on the side, put a pillow in between your legs to keep your spine straight and aligned.
  • While sleeping, always choose to sleep on the back or the side rather than sleeping on your tummy.
  • Avoid rounding your shoulders while carrying a backpack along with you. Lean forward a little bit if the weight feels like more.
  • Keep the weight as little as possible if you are carrying a purse or a backpack.
  • While lifting heavy things, use your stomach or legs rather than your lower back.
  • While you are walking, keep your shoulders aligned with the rest of the body.
  • Do not push your head forward while walking.

4. Do back braces work for lower back pain?

Yes, back braces work for lower back pain. It unloads some of the lower back’s weight, which reduces pressure on the spinal joints, discs, and muscles.

5. Do lumbar support cushions work?

Yes. Lumbar support cushions rest on your back while you are sitting on a chair or something. This helps you to reduce the ligament creep and significantly lowers back pain.


It is essential to get the right back support as needed by you. Each one of us deserves to live a pain-free life without the stress of a backache.

Since many different types are available in the market, you will find the one that matches your need. Our top three include the Grin Health support pillow, Go lumbar back support, andComfilife back pillow

Remember not to put a price on your pain, and back supports can help relieve the pain a lot. Back supports can help you carry own your life without having to worry about your pain too much. Always consult a doctor if your pain does not go.


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