Mamaearth Sunscreen for Babies Review

Mamaearth specializes in manufacturing unique skincare and baby care products using the goodness of nature. This review is about their breakthrough product which is basically a sunscreen meant for babies. Kids love exploring the environment and understand it in their own way. However, this process can harm your baby’s delicate skin due to many factors like pollutants, free radicals, and even sun rays. This Mamaearth sunscreen is mineral-based that gives your baby the much-needed sun protection so that your baby has a fun-filled day.

How to use

  • Apply the sunscreen to exposed skin before taking your baby out for any activity.
  • It is recommended to do a patch test on the baby’s forearm before using the product.

Enriched with SPF 20

This sunscreen has the best mineral zinc oxide and is enriched with SPF 20 that provides the best form of sun protection for your baby.

Protects against UV rays

It forms a protective layer on the baby’s skin and protects it from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Moisturizes skin

The sunscreen has cocoa butter and shea butter that keep your baby’s skin moisturized.

Soothes skin

Aloe vera soothes skin and keeps it away from infections, redness, and rashes.

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What Do We like


The sunscreen does not fade in contact with water and hence can be used for water-related activities like swimming.

Made Safe certification

It comes with a ‘Made Safe’ certification and hence is the best product you can choose to keep your baby’s skin protected.

100% toxic free

The sunscreen is completely free from chemicals like parabens and sulfates.


The cream is tested to be allergy-free.

Dermatologist tested

It is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

Matte texture

The cream does not leave any white cast on the skin and has a mild herbal smell.

What We Don’t Like

Thick texture

Blending the cream takes a bit of effort.


The Mamaearth mineral-based sunscreen is perfect for daily use and is meant for toddlers between 0-5 years. The sunscreen is clinically tested and free from chemicals thereby making it ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. It does not make the skin oily or greasy and stays even in water. Apart from protection, sunscreen also keeps the baby’s skin moisturized and relaxed. There are very few baby products that are mild for the baby’s skin and yet effective. This sunscreen is one of them, you must definitely give it a try.

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