Baybee Shade- Baby Buggy Stroller review

Baby strollers ensure comfort and convenience for both parents and their babies. Baybee is a well-known brand that deals with the manufacture of baby toys, cribs, strollers, and accessories. The Babybee Shade Baby Buggy Stroller is equipped with safety features, including a 3-point harness and lockable front swivel.

The baby stroller comes with an adjustable canopy. It protects your little from the sun, wind, and harmful UV rays. The compact and easy to fold mechanism makes it easy to move around.


Safety and Resting Positions

The stroller is equipped with a three-position backrest and two-position footrest. It also comes with a 3 point harness that features padded and adjustable straps. It keeps your child safe by preventing him or her from falling. The easy recline seats also ensure comfort for your baby.

Lockable Front Swivel

It is designed with the front wheel, measuring 2 x 8 inches. It has a rotating 360-degree swivel that can be locked for safety. The 2 x 10 inch rear wheel includes a one-touch brake to stop the stroller whenever one wants.


It contains an adjustable canopy with a window that protects the baby from harmful rays. Also, it has a large shopping basket and a back pocket that helps in storing the required baby essentials.

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What Do We like

Portable and Convenient

The stroller is portable and convenient that makes it easy to move around on the Indian roads and related terrains. The Baybee pram has a handy adjustable hand strap that ensures maximum mobility.

Looking Window and Snack Basket

One might even store milk bottles or other related accessories that can fit into the snack holder of the stroller. It also includes a looking window that will enable your baby to see the outside environment. 

Single hand Folding mechanism

The baby stroller is equipped with a single hand folding and unfolding mechanism. Hence, it enables you to save space when not in use.

What We Don’t Like

 Cushioned seats

The baby stroller does not include the cushioned seat. Also, the seat does not recline itself to the sleeping position that might be an issue for babies of 1 year and above.



The colorful baby stroller meets all the requirements of your baby. It ensures absolute comfort to the parent as well. It has a specific warranty period from the manufacturer’s end, making it a trusted buy. Thus, this baby stroller can be an ideal choice for those looking for a stroller for their little one.

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Hari Priya

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