Baby Safety Equipment

There comes a period when you become very concern and aware about the safety of your baby around the house. These concerns about the safety of the baby usually arise as the baby becomes mobile and can move freely, as they learn how to crawl and walk.

Baby can be curious with things around their surroundings. They can quickly pick on what people are doing and tends to copy these behaviors. In such cases, it is advised to keep the sharp objects and other harmful objects away from the baby. And also keep an eye on the baby and their movements in the house.

You should do more than just being careful and watchful on the house. You should go the extra mile to purchase appropriate baby safety products and equipment to aid in keeping the baby safe.

There is numerous safety equipment explicitly designed to keep your baby safe. These equipment are easily found in most online stores, and you can find the ones that are suitable for you and your baby. However since the market provides you with a lot of choices, here we are available to provide you with a complete guidance on safety equipment. This guide will include safety tips, advantages, frequently asked questions and the top 10 baby safety products.

Top 10 Baby Safety Equipments

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Pick
Best Affordable Door Slide Protector
Best Smart Door Protector
Best Latch Door Protection for Kids
Best Electric Insulation Protection for Kids
Best Safety Instrument Crowded Environment
Durable Door Cushion
Portable Safety Equipment
Best Easy To Fix Door Protector
Perfect Wall Protection for Kids

Safety Tips around the House for Babies

Now before we look at suitable safety equipment for your baby, we are going to highlight some simple home tips to keep baby safe.

These are simple things you can do or fix in the house for extra safety of the baby. Before you think of purchasing any safety equipment, you must have made some safety considerations in the house.

Smoke and Gas Leak Detector

You should install a smoke detector and gas leak detector in every room in the apartment.Babies are very fragile, and gas leak or smoke can easily damage their vital organs or cause a fatal accident.

It is appropriate that you have smoke and gas leak detectors installed to alert quickly when there is a slight leak and prevent further damage.

These equipment are affordable and easy to install and manage. It is vital that you change the batteries of these detectors from time to time to ensure that they are in good condition. You can as well try them at times to further confirm the excellent condition.

Make Use of Window Lock and Safety Catches

Babies can be inquisitive and will tend to move towards open doors and windows. These curious babies can endanger themselves.

“You must keep doors and windows open, make use of child safety locks for doors and windows to keep the door slightly ajar. With this equipment used, the baby cannot push the doors and windows further which keep them safe for wondering outdoors.

Make Use of Door Slam Protectors

Kids are very curious about the door, whether they are open or not. An Open door can cause more harm to kids in several ways. An open door can slam on the fingers of kids as well as lock baby up out or in a room.

Door slamming against the kid’s tender arms can be painful and damage delicate tissue. Also, the baby may be locked out when the door slammed against them, and this may put them in danger when they cannot be supervised.

Keep Knives and Kitchen Objects Out of Reach

Baby can be very unpredictable when they start moving and get attracted to shiny objects such as knives and kitchen objects.

Kitchen objects and knives should be kept as far away from the reach of the baby. You should keep these sharp objects in locked cupboards or high up away from the reach of the baby. After each use, keep these sharp objects back in their rightful places and don’t keep the lying on the floor.

Baby Cams

One other safety equipment you can consider is the use of a baby cam to monitor your baby. You can put the cam on the baby while he plays on his bed or safe corner and put the monitor close to you.

With this, you can be aware that the baby is under stress and need assistance or crying. You can all use this for your newborn baby as you monitor them and listen to them while you are busy somewhere else in the house.

Baby Car Seat

This is essential for car owners for the babies to sit comfortably as you take them for a ride. Get them to strap up properly and secured when you get them in the car as you drive without worry about the comfort of the baby.

Normal car seats are not designed for a baby to be comfortably strapped and they might slip off. It is advisable to use this car seat for the baby until they are grown before they can be allowed to use the car seat.

Advantages of Using Baby Safety Equipment

People are not usually keen on baby safety equipment, and the main reason may be accorded to ignorance. Most people are unaware of this safety equipment, and those who know about them, do not pay much emphasis on using them.

Here are some of the advantages of using baby safety equipment:

  • Prevent accident and keep the baby safe and in perfect condition. With the use of safety equipment and using the right safety tips, you can secure the baby in a safe condition.
  • At the long run, it is cheaper to make use of this safety equipment than spending much after accidents may have occurred. It is more expensive to spend money on hospital bills than on such equipment especially when the case is severe.
  • They are much fun for the kids to use especially the gates that are designed with beautiful colors and toys. They usually keep the baby engage and happy using such playful safety equipment.
  • They are suitable for house use and can be fixed easily for home use.
  • They are relatively cheap to purchase and are readily available if you know what you are looking for in the store.
  • Provides comfort for babies in places that are not suitable or comfortable for them like in using the car seat.
  • Keep them away from hurting themselves and causing pain especially in slamming doors against themselves.
  • Helps in keeping them away from dangerous objects like kitchen knives, working tools and so on.

Buyers Guide for Buying Kids Safety Equipment

Checking precisely is crucial as it is related to the safety of your baby

Visiting a baby store can be eye-catching as you will find a wide range of products up for grabs. There are lots of fancy products, and you will be tempted to get these items for your baby.

You might not need most of these products you see displayed. However, it can get confusing looking for the right items for your baby. The first thing you should consider is how safe is the products for the baby.

You can follow these tips when next you decide to visit the baby stores, as you save yourself some money while buying the needed baby stuff.

  • You should check the safety requirement of the safety equipment and ensure they meet up to specifications. If you are buying used equipment, ensure that they are adequately fastened and the joints are still in place.
  • Make use of waterproof materials in beddings and cover for your baby. These waterproof materials are much cooler and comfortable than rubber or plastic materials. The waterproof material will prevent cold and keep the baby dry and warm in their bed.
  • You are using a large bathtub for your baby that meets all safety requirements. These baby bathtubs are explicitly designed for this purpose, providing enough room for the baby to feel comfortable when in use.
  • Ensure that the baby equipment does not contain sharp edges that will be harmful to the kids.
  • You should also be conscious of the kind of materials used in making the equipment. These materials should not contain any chemical that may be harmful to the baby in any way or cause some irritation.
  • The equipment should be easy to clean so you can keep them in good conditions always for baby use.
  • You should purchase equipment that the baby can use for a longer time, till a much older age. Equipment suitable for babies less than a year will be useless after the baby clocks a year and grow older. It is best to look for quality equipment that the babies can use.
  • Make use of baby car seat for babies less than three years of age as the car are not designed to carry these babies. It is not safe to place the bay of the car seat while you drive.
  • Always check the instructions on how to use these baby safety equipment before you make use of the equipment. They might be as easy to use as possible, but you have to make sure that you stick to the instructions to be able to use them properly and keep them in good conditions.
  • Check for warranty of the product in case you are not sure of the brands. This will enable you to return the products if it does not meet up to your standard.
  • Check out reviews about the safety equipment before you put your money on them and see if they will be suitable for you. You will get accurate reviews from those that have made use of that product and check if they will be suitable for your use.
  • Also, determine how safe the products are and if they have passed the quality test. Also research about the kind of materials used in manufacturing the products and if they are safe for your baby.
  • You do not have to buy all safety equipment as you will check for the ones that you will need for your kids and surrounding. Not all baby equipment is suitable for your baby based on their age and level of awareness.
  • Think of the essential safety equipment like a doorknob and window catch before venturing into other equipment. These sets are equipment essential for the safety of the baby in the house before any luxury equipment.
  • Check for popular items as it proves to be of more beneficial since they have high demands.
  • Ensure you buy fancy products especially for those that will keep baby in a restricted area such as the gates. This will keep the baby happy inside the restricted area as they play with the fancy stuff around.
  • You also have to put the durability of the product in view when looking for the best safety equipment for your baby. The material should be tough enough to withstand stress to save money by not buying because of the poor quality material used in manufacturing.
  • You do not have to spend a fortune on safety equipment rather focus on what the equipment can do for you.
  • Easy to use and fix with no stress and you do not need to find an expert to fix it for you.

1. Jool Baby Products Child Safety Door Knob Cover (Multicolour)-Pack of 4 – Our Pick

 Jool Baby Products Child Safety Door Knob Cover (Multicolour)-Pack of 4
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Jool baby, child safety equipment, is suitable to keep your baby safe from unlocking the doors or locking themselves up in a room. The door knob cover lock is designed to fit into most round door knobs and designed to fit into the design of the room.

It is easy to install and keep your baby safe as they cannot open the door or lock themselves out in the room.

Main Features
  • Made compatible with most spherical doors.
  • The dimension is 7.6 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm
  • It does not require the use of the battery.
  • It is designed to fit into more spherical doors than most products.
  • It is compatible with common spherical doors.
  • Unobstructive safety design that blends into the house decor.
  • It is manufactured by Jool Baby Products
  • It is easy to install.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Babies find it hard to open the door with this safety door knob.
  • Installing without the use of any equipment is easy.
  • The safety equipment blends well with most house design.
  • It fits perfectly to most spherical doors.
  • It is portable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is expensive.
  • With a little bit of luck, the baby can get to open the door with this device.
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2. Sliding Door Lock for Child Safety – Baby Proof Doors &Closets. Childproof your Home with No Screws or Drills by Ashtonbee – Best Affordable Door Slide Protector

 Sliding Door Lock for Child Safety - Baby Proof Doors &Closets. Childproof your Home with No Screws or Drills by Ashtonbee
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You can maintain your sanity with these child safety locks for doors. Keep your mind at ease when you install this easy to use equipment on your sliding door.

Kids become curious and put themselves in harmful way with the use of sliding doors. You can’t keep an eye on them all the time, so this equipment will keep them safe in the house.

Main Features
  • The brand name is Ashton bee.
  • The product dimension is 22.9 x 7.6 x 0.1 cm
  • It does not require a battery.
  • It comes with a set of 2 white safety door equipment.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • It requires no screw or drill.
  • It can be used on doors and closet.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Installing on your doors and closet is easy.
  • You can open your doors and closets easily when in use.
  • You do not need any equipment to install.
  • It will stick to the door and will not fall off.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No locking mechanism
  • A few users have had an issue sticking it to the door
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3. Safety 1st OutSmart Child Proof Door Lever Lock – Best Smart Door Protector

 Safety 1st OutSmart Child Proof Door Lever Lock
Amazon Buy Button

This is a smart device that will prevent the most curious child from opening the doorknob. It comes with a decor button that will keep the baby busy till they get tired.

It is easy to install and use, and you can quickly deactivate it when not in use. It is a unique device and can fit on most door knobs.

Main Features
  • The functional buttons are hidden in plain sight.
  • It is designed with a decoy button to distract curious babies.
  • It has a unique design.
  • It can easily be deactivated when not in use.
  • Requires no tools to use.
  • Dimension is 19.4 x 9.2 x 4.8 cm
  • Requires no batteries.
  • Requires to fit most doors.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is difficult for even the smartest kids to open the door.
  • It can fit into most doors.
  • It has a unique and beautiful design.
  • It does not require a battery to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is not portable.
  • You can get yourself locked behind the door using this device.
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4. Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks, U Shaped Baby Safety Locks, Childproof Cabinet Latch for Kitchen Bathroom Storage Doors, Knobs and Handles – Best Latch Door Protection for Kids

 Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks, U Shaped Baby Safety Locks, Childproof Cabinet Latch for Kitchen Bathroom Storage Doors, Knobs and Handles
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Keep your storage house, cupboards and wide doors locked with this u shaped device that keeps your door secured. With these devices, you can keep your doors properly locked, and the kids cannot access the doors.

Keep storage items, working tools, and other sharp object away from the reach the children, with this secure device for locking up the huge doors.

Main Features
  • U sharp design locks for storage room and bathroom.
  • It has a product dimension of 24.6 x 7.1 x 4.1 cm.
  • The brand name is adores.
  • It does not require battery use.
  • It has four packs in white color.
  • It is made up of plastic material.
  • The button to unlock is inaccessible for kids.
  • Easy lock and easy to open.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Keep your storage equipment secured from your baby.
  • It is suitable to lock big doors and keep your baby from accessing this room.
  • It is easy to lock and unlock.
  • They are multiple in a pack.
  • Wide enough for huge storage doors.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They are not suitable for all kinds of doors.
  • The latches can get stock and be difficult to open.
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5. Adofo Child Proofing Electric Cover Guard – Best Electric Insulation Protection for Kids

 Adofo Child Proofing Electric Cover Guard
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Keep your baby safe for potential electric hazard especially as they start moving and become curious about things like sockets.

The outlet plugs are safe to use and can be fixed and remove easily. It is hard for baby to remove them and they keep the baby safe against electric shock. You can fix these by just plugging them into the open electric outlets in your house.

It fits so tight that the baby will not be able to remove them from the sockets.

Main Features
  • It has 5 in a pack
  • It plugs I properly and prevent accidental shocks.
  • It is easy to plug in.
  • It is made up of safe plastic materials.
  • Product dimension of 12x10x2 cm
  • It does not require the use of the battery.
  • It is an individual outlet cap.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is easy to use and plug into the socket.
  • Protect the baby from electric hazards.
  • It is transparent.
  • It is extra tight and fit in properly.
  • They are affordable and durable.
  • Portable safety equipment.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The clear color makes the baby curious, and they tend to play with it too much.
  • They pose a hazard for the babies when you leave the plugs lying around.
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6. LifeKrafts Kid’s Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link (Orange, 2 m) – Best Safety Instrument to Keep Baby Secured In Crowded Environment

 LifeKrafts Kid's Anti Lost Safety Wrist Link (Orange, 2 m)
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If you feel uncomfortable taking your baby out especially in a busy environment like the shopping mall, then the anti-lost wrist link is perfect for you. This child safety wrist strap keeps your baby firmly secured in your wrist when in a busy environment.

It is very comfortable for both the baby and the user, and they can freely move their hands about easily. You can use it in the busy shopping mall on the wrist of your baby, belt or on their trolley as they are easy to fix and use.

Main Features
  • It is made up of material that is comfortable on the wrist for both parents and kids.
  • It is made up of material that can stretch up to 2m apart.
  • The materials used have passed all standards of safety test and suitable and safe for the baby’s use.
  • Soft and breathable materials that prevent sweats.
  • 360-degree rotating stainless steel connector.
  • Resilient Velcro that makes it easy to attach and hard to remove.
  • Dimension of 20 x 20 x 5 cm
  • Made up of quality elastic rope.
PROS (What we liked)
  • You can keep your babies at hand reach and move freely when you go out in the shopping mall and other busy places.
  • It feels comfortable and soft on the hands without leaving marks or irritation on the hands.
  • You can use it on almost anything aside from keeping your baby safe. You can also use it on your shopping cart and briefcases.
  • It is easy to use and fix on the hands.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It feels more like a leash, and one feels restricted using this safety equipment.
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7. AMAZARA Baby Proofing Corner Guards Pre-Taped Corner Protectors Child Safety Edge Guards 10 Pieces Brown – Durable Door Cushion

 AMAZARA Baby Proofing Corner Guards Pre-Taped Corner Protectors Child Safety Edge Guards 10 Pieces Brown
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This is an amazing product to reduce your worries and anxiety as you keep your baby safe from door slamming and hitting table edges.

These cushions are soft and durable, and they recommended as safe product to use around the baby.

Main Features
  • It is made up of soft foams to provide cushion and reduce noise.
  • Pre-installed with adhesive tapes which make it easy to install.
  • It is made up of nontoxic materials which make them suitable for kids.
  • They are soft and will not damage your furniture or door edges.
  • Dimension is 18.2 x 13.8x 6.6 cm
  • Does not require batteries.
  • Lead-free
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to use and fix
  • Lead-free and nontoxic materials make it safe for use.
  • You do not have to worry about buying a new one soon because it is durable.
  • Does not make noise when the door slammed with it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The adhesive is not as strong as it should be.
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8. Safestor Finger Pinch Guard – Portable Safety Equipment

 Safestor Finger Pinch Guard
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Keep your baby safe from injuries with this flexible and easy to use door guard as you set your mind at ease.

The Safestor guard is made up of quality flexible material and easy to fix and remove on the door.

Main Features
  • There is about 1.5 inch between doors when in use to prevent injuries from door slamming.
  • Made up of non toxic material.
  • Quality materials that is durable.
  • C- shaped
  • Soft and flexible material.
  • White color that can easily blend in the design of the house.
  • Dimension is 9.5×8.5×1.7cm
  • No batteries.
PROS (What we liked)
  • You can easily fix it yourself with no equipment
  • Affordable and safe to use.
  • Safe for the children because of its non toxic material
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is fragile.
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9. Store2508 Premium Quality Child Safety Lock– Best Easy To Fix Door Protector

 Store2508 Premium Quality Child Safety Lock
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This is an easy to install flexible safety latch that can be used on doors, drawers, cabinet, toilet seat, refrigerator and windows.

Main Features
  • The latch is adjustable.
  • Comes in a pack of 8.
  • Strong peel and adhesive which makes it stick perfectly.
  • Requires no battery.
  • Dimension is 5x2x1cm
  • Stretchable material
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to install and can be used on doors, windows and fridge.
  • It requires no batteries.
  • Portable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A user complained of the glue coming out easily
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10. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White – Perfect Wall Protection for Kids

 Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White
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Regalo is an industry leader in child safety production equipment that has been around for a long time.

The Regalo wall is one of those baby safety gates that help protect your baby for stepping beyond a certain boundary as you fixed them on a wall or passage. The gate is about 29 to 33 inches wide and up to 31 inches tall to keep your baby in a safe place.

You can keep your mind at ease with this gate as you go about doing your other activities

Main Features
  • It comes with a 6-inch extension kit.
  • It has four pressure mounting spindle rods.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.
  • Its dimension is 97.8 x 5.1 x 76.2 cm; 9.07 g.
  • Safety walking features for the step indoors.
  • It has passed through a standard safety test.
  • Safety equipment for children and pets.
  • Keep children safe in the boundary.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is easy to handle and fix it.
  • It is perfect and unique and looks like the picture on the platform.
  • Hassle free, and you do not need to screw to lock it on walls.
  • They are used on doors and open hallway.
  • Keep kids secured and safe in a controlled environment.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is expensive.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Baby Safety Products?

These are equipment that keeps the baby safe and prevents accidents. These equipment are of various types and sizes and has specific functions in keeping the baby safe.

These equipment are designed with specific function in mind, and each provides particular ways of protecting the baby.

They are different types of baby safety equipment available for various wide ranges of age for children.

2. What Brand of Baby Safety Equipment is The Best?

While there is some notable brand like Regalo that have proven their names over the years and maintained a high standard, I will not recommend any particular brand of baby safety instrument over the other for the important thing to look for is what they have to offer.

Check for the specifications, what they offer and the kind of materials used in making the baby safety equipment. If these are OK with you, regardless of the brand, then you can go for it.

3. Is It Important To Buy Baby Safety Equipment?

You can never be too careful when it comes to babies, so it is important you get this safety equipment. It is difficult to keep an eye on the baby the whole day especially when they learn how to move around.

With this safety equipment such as the baby safety gates and safety door knobs, you can be rest assured that your baby is in a safe environment.

4. How Can I go about this if I Don’t Have Enough Money for This Safety Equipment?

You do not have to buy all the baby safety equipment to keep your baby safe if you cannot afford these items.

However, what are some of this equipment that the cost is friendly? You can also cut down on your budget by analyzing the one that will be suitable for you at the present situation. For example, you can opt to go for the door safety equipment, if you cannot afford the baby gate and as long as you and the baby are always in the same room.

5. Do I Need the Gate for My One Year Old Baby?

Yes, the gate is suitable for your baby that is less than a year old. This will restrict their movement as they become more curious about their environment.

Babies at this age are curious and tend to reach out to unfamiliar objects. You can keep them in the secured gate with enough room to play around while you are busy with something else.

The gate is suitable for kids for range, or 0 to 5 years as they stay secured and safe in a restricted environment.

6. How Do I Confirm the Safety of The Equipment for My Baby?

Some of these materials are made of chemical induce parts which may be harmful to the baby. Most of the baby safety equipment in the market had gone through numerous standard tests before they are placed on the store.

But, you should endeavor to check the safety features and see if it is designated the kind of test they have passed through during the process of manufacturing.

7.  How Does Baby Safety Equipment Affect My Baby?

Baby can get used to safety equipment, and this may hinder their development in terms of their behavior. It is natural for babies to be curious and wonder, as try to play with things with their environment.

Let them be curious and play around as this will aid their development. When you are free and do not have anything to distract you, remove the safety equipment like gates and play with the baby freely.

Remove some of these safety gadgets like the gate and let the baby play freely once a while.

8. How Do I Reduce Time Spent On Safety Gadget?

You can reduce the time your baby spends on this safety equipment by playing with them when you are free. Take the baby for a walk, hold them while you spent time playing with them as you reduce the time they spend on restricted areas.

Watch them play around as you let them get curious but avoid them playing with dangerous objects. This will help develop their brain as they become very inquisitive about their environment.

Take around natural environments as they get used to natural surroundings especially as they are very receptive to bright colors.

9. How Do I Save Cost with Baby Safety Equipment?

The essential baby safety equipment is not as expensive as people may think. You can get those that are necessary such as baby door safety device which is simple to use and also affordable. You do not need most of the sophisticated equipment for you can do with those bigger and expensive equipment.

The ones that are less flashy and does the most straightforward task like keeping the door open or locked to prevent slamming or shutting off of dogs. Straps that you can use to shut off cupboards, storerooms or refrigerator from babies. These simple equipment are cheap and easy to fix and use at home.

10. What Do I Consider in Choosing Suitable Safety Equipment?

There is some safety equipment that you do not need, and it will be a waste of money to buy that equipment. There are certain things you should consider when buying baby safety equipment and they include:

  • The age of the baby as this will determine the kind of equipment that will be useful to the babies at this age. There is no point buying a gate safety equipment for a baby to five years old or fixing a camera around the house for a baby, not more than a few months old.
  • You should also consider the set-up of your house in deciding what to buy for your baby. You might not need a baby gate equipment of you are living in a single room, and this will be useless to you and a waste of money.
  • The level of smartness in a baby will determine the kind of toy you can get for your baby. It is true that some babies are more active and Smarter than some and while some may venture further than others.


Baby Safety is an essential aspect of taking care of the baby, and you have to make a substantial investment in keeping them safe. It is unfortunate that many people are unaware of some of these baby safety equipment to keep your baby in a safe condition. You have to understand why you need this baby safety equipment which we have aligned in this article and their importance. Realizing that they are different types of baby equipment and their uses and sought out which one will be suitable for your baby and use for your home.

We listed 10 of the best baby safety equipment and described them while providing you with advantages disadvantages of these products. From the list above you can choose the suitable baby device that will be good for you and your baby, but here are top 3 baby safety products named Jool Baby Products Child Safety Door, Sliding Door Lock for Child Safety, Safety 1st OutSmart Child Proof Door and Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks. These are the products that you can afford and comes with various features. This is because the price is another important factor in purchasing a baby safety equipment.

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