Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Review

Procter and Gamble is the one who created this famous Diaper brand. They have been manufacturing this premium diaper, and people truly loved it. Just like this Pampers Baby Dry Diapers (Large), it is lightweight and has a cotton-like outer cover.

It is very comfortable to wear because of its magic gel and aloe vera lotion that gives a moisturizing feel on the skin of your baby. It is one of the best selling diapers in the market right now, and you should surely have it for your little one.

Aloe Vera Lotion

It lubricates the skin of the baby so that it will be moisturized at all times to prevent rashes and irritations

Tape Sticks

These are known to stick really well and will not fall off easily while your baby is wearing it

Magic Gel

It will help your child to enjoy up to 10 hours of the dryness away from irritation

Suitable for babies of 9 to 14 kilograms

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What Do We like


It comes in 60 pieces diapers so that you will surely give you a lot of peace of mind that your stocks of diapers will not run out quickly

Affordable Price

Despite having made by a premium brand, the price remains to be very affordable


Since it is made with extra layers, you can expect that it will not wear out easily

Comfy to Wear

The soft texture and feel of this diaper will allow your child to wear it with a lot of comforts. It has an s-shape curve which allows the diaper to be stretchable for more comfort of movements

Easy to Use

You can easily wear it on your baby because of the easy strap on tape that is integrated on the diaper

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product


This premium diaper from pampers is truly worth considering to buy for your baby because of its wonderful features such as the Aloe Vera Lotion, Tape Sticks, and Magic Gel. You will surely get the best value for your money because of the amazing benefits that you’ll get from it.

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