Baby Bouncers Under INR 10000

Baby bouncers which are also known as bouncy seats are a safe place for the baby to play. Along with entertaining the child, it also develops sensory and motor skills.

The baby bouncy seat is recommended for the babies up to 6 to 12 months old. It is advisable to check for the weight and age recommendation for the product. Some convertible seats can be used by the older babies also.

Most bouncers are quite spacious for baby to move their arms and legs freely. The bouncing movements and the vibrations help soothe the baby. 

A baby bouncer comes really handy when you have another important household chore to do. These bouncy seats are available at different price ranges depending on the feature. In this article, we are going to talk about the baby bouncers under INR 10,000.

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Features of baby bouncers under INR 10,000


The baby bouncers under INR 10,000 come with various modes and motions. Many bouncy seats come with motions like swaying side to side, bouncing up and down, gentle waves, car ride motion, etc. The motions are extremely effective in soothing the baby. 

Rocker cum swing

The seat does not only act as a bouncer but it can also be used as a rocker or swing. The various modes and motions in the bouncer seat act like a swing or rocker. Thus, it provides true value for money. 

Simple and Easy to use

All the features of the bouncers under INR 10000 like modes, motion, music, vibration, etc are easy to switch on and off. 

Removable and washable material

The fabric cover of the bouncy seat is removable and washable making it easy to clean and maintain. 

Toy Bar

The toy bar that comes with the baby bouncer under INR 10,000 is detachable. It contains at least 2 to 5 toys based on the brand you choose. The toys are soft and safe for the babies so that they do not get hurt while playing. 

The toy bar also comes with the music feature. Many baby bouncers come with white noise to soothe the baby. Moreover, you can also tune in your baby’s favorite tune with the help of the MP3 player. 

Suitable Age

The basic baby bouncers are suitable for babies under 9 months. But, many high ends and advanced baby bouncers can be used by the babies up to the age of 2 years old. It is advisable to check the recommended age and weight before buying the baby bouncer

3 Recline positions

Most of the baby bouncers come with three reclines or infinite recline positions based on the brand you choose. It means that you can recline the seat according to the most favorable position for your baby

Mode of operation

Some of the baby bouncers operate with the help of batteries and some need to be plug in the power socket. 

We advise a frequent traveler to opt for a battery-operated bouncer for convenience. Although, there are many bouncers that can operate on both battery as well as a plugin. 


When you are investing a huge amount in your baby bouncer seat, the design is something that matters. The design is simple, sleek and minimalist with no complex features.

Difference between the Baby bouncers under INR 5000 and Under INR 10,000

FeaturesBouncers under INR 5000Bouncers under INR 10,000
Recline position3 reclinesInfinite reclines
Mode of operationManual or batteryBattery and plug in
Toy bar and musicNo music, only toy barYes
DesignOrdinary designExtraordinary design

Note – The differences are based on the few models under the respective price range. It differs from the product to the product.


You should first consider your budget and space before choosing the best baby bouncer for your kid. According to that, you can go for either the portable model or something with advanced features, etc. The best baby bouncers under INR 10,000 are offered by Frisher-price, Graco, etc. 

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