Avishkaar Robotics Super Starter Kit Review

Avishkaar is a front-running educational toys brand that provides various STEM toys based on advanced technologies like Robotics, Automation, Coding, etc. These toys inculcate problem-solving and logical building skills among kids.

It offers a wide range of tech-oriented toys that develop the interest of young kids in digital technologies and boost their creativity skills at an early stage of their learning curve.

Avishkaar Robotics Super Starter Kit is an excellent STEM toy that enables your kids to explore the world of Robotics and Automation.

This robotics kit teaches your kids to prepare autonomous robots while keeping them engaged in numerous fun-filled learning projects.

Avishkaar Robotics Super Starter kit


35 Plus Components

Avishkaar Robotics Super Starter kit 35 Components

Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit comprises 35 plus electronic components that need assembling in a defined way for creating various autonomous robots.

It’s easy to create robots using this kit without any prior knowledge about coding, automation, or robotics. It comes with a pre-programmed brain that takes care of the intricate programming details.

We unboxed the starter kit and found that it comprises metallic parts, IR sensor, touch sensor, sound sensor, motors, tools, gears, nuts & bolts, control panel, charging adaptor, rechargeable battery, etc.

We observed that these different components can be used for creating different types of robotic projects. It also helps build the basic knowledge regarding various sensors and circuitry along with various concepts related to automation, electronics, mechanical designs, etc

100 Plus Projects

Avishkaar Robotics Super Starter kit 100 Projects

With this Avishkaar starter robotics kit, your kids can exercise their creativity for building over 100 Robotics projects with help from detailed video tutorials.

They can easily master their robotics skills by working on so many projects.

Your kids can add wings to their creativity and create various interesting projects including race cars, boom-barrier, clap-fun, wind-mill, edge-avoider, obstacle avoiders, and the endless possible creations.

We found that this kit provides immense learning opportunities for kids by stimulating their brains and inculcating problem-solving and logic-building skills in them.

It effortlessly engages your kids for hours into interesting and educative learning activities.

Free Video Tutorials

Avishkaar Robotics Super Starter kit Free Courses

With this Avishkaar Robotics starter kit, you get free access to an exclusive video series by the experts that introduce and familiarize your kids with all the necessary concepts. They also guide them with detailed instructions for completing 10 projects.

Moreover, you can also upgrade to access the live online courses with experts for expanding your knowledge further.

We found the online tutorial videos to be immensely helpful and easy to understand. These guide the kids in completing their projects effortlessly and clarify their doubts.

Education about Sensors

Your kids will get the opportunity of learning about sensors and their crucial role in various robotics applications.

It introduces your kids to the touch sensor, sound sensor, and IR sensor.

Introduces Kids to Robotics

Robotics is a futuristic technology and it is going to define how we live our lives in the next few decades.

This starter kit introduces your kids to Robotics and teaches them how robotics and automation can bring efficiency and accuracy to our industries and service sectors.

It is an ideal kit for inculcating robotics skills in young brains for preparing them for a better tomorrow.

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for kids in the age group of 8 years and above, who love to play with blocks or Mechanix sets.

Playing with this kit helps them to sharpen their basic craft skills for pursuing advanced level robotics in the future.

The curriculum for this kit is designed to perfectly match the skill levels and attention span of kids in this age group.

We recommend this robotics starter kit for all the kids in the targeted age-group so that they learn about the futuristic digital technologies like automation and robotics that would drive our world in near future.


Easy to make 100+ Autonomous Robots

Avishkaar Robotics Starter kit comprises a pre-programmed brain that is preconfigured with multiple modes for allowing the kids to unleash their creativity for making hundreds of combinations.

Your kids can start creating autonomous robots by using this starter kit even if they don’t have any prior knowledge of coding or automation.

This makes it easy for your kids to practice their mechanical design and logical skills for creating autonomous robots at an early age.

This gives immense satisfaction and a sense of achievement to your kids.

Boost Creativity and Imagination

It is an excellent Robotics kit that enhances the creativity and imaginative skills of your kids as they try to create robots of varying shapes and sizes.

It encourages playful learning in your kids and inspires them to unleash their creativity by trying out various combinations.

We observed that this kit develops an interest in your kids for learning advanced robotics to create a better world in the future.

Detailed Project Tutorial Videos

With this robotics starter kit, your kids get access to free detailed video tutorials by experts.

These tutorials contain easy-to-understand instructions for completing the robotics projects using the various given components.

We found that these videos to be immensely helpful in developing an understanding of the basic concepts and proper work-flow with steps required for completing the project.

Access to Worldwide Maker Community

Purchasing this robotics starter kit gives your kids the access to “Let’s Avishkaar” community of over 1000 expert innovators and young makers across the world.

Thus, your kids can share their thoughts, ideas, and learning with other members of the community and seek their advice.

We found it to be a great platform for kids to interact with other innovators and share their accomplishments and challenges faced during their learning curve with this starter kit.


We don’t find anything negative about this robotics starter kit.


Our research with the Avishkaar Robotics Starter kit indicates that it is an ideal kit for any child who wants to kick-start his journey in robotics.

It not only introduces and teaches the basic concepts of robotics but also promotes STEM learning and builds logical skills in kids.