Avishkaar IoT Super Starter Kit Review

Avishkaar is a leading innovative STEM toys brand that has been churning out toys based on next-generation digital technologies since 2009. 

It focuses on preparing future makers through its brain-stimulating and creative tech-oriented toys.   

It offers courses with detailed projects on Coding, Robotics, and App development for crafting the geniuses out of young kids. 

Its tech-oriented range of toys and courses aimed at boosting the problem-solving skills, coding skills, and app-development skills among kids at an early age.

Avishkaar IoT Starter Kit is a brain-booster Kit for introducing the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) among kids. 

This kit builds a deep understanding regarding the futuristic digital technology – IoT, automation, and robotics in kids while keeping them engaged for hours in fun-filled learning.

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40 Plus Components

Avishkaar IoT Super Starter Kit 40 Components

Avishkaar IoT Starter Kit comprises 40 plus electronic components that can be assembled for creating various IoT and electronics projects. 

This mega kit features a maker board, mini breadboard, resistors, jumper cables, crocodile clips, USB cable, LDR sensor, IR sensor, raindrop sensor, air-quality sensor, servo motor, 9-volt battery, etc.

We observed that the different components come in handy while creating different types of projects. 

It also helps to build a detailed understanding of various sensors, underlying circuitry, and various concepts related to electronics and automation.

100 Plus Projects

With this Avishkaar IoT Mega kit, your kids can unleash their creativity by building over 100 Internet of Things (IoT) and electronics projects such as automatic night lamp, spy catcher, pollution badge, etc.

All the projects are powered by Avishkaar Maker Board, advanced sensors & various other electronic components.

We found this kit to be very impactful in boosting creativity and providing immense learning opportunities for kids. 

With so many projects to work on, your kids would stick with it for months and get ample opportunities for mastering their skills. 


Avishkaar IoT Super Starter Kit age group

This innovative brain-booster (IoT) mega kit is suitable for kids of 8+ years. It is designed for introducing the concept of the Internet of Things along with automation, robotics, electronics, and engineering terminologies. 

Working on the IoT projects teaches the kids about how to create projects and build circuits with electronic components. 

Free Course Material/Tutorial Videos

Avishkaar IoT Super Starter Kit Free Courses

With this Avishkaar mega kit, you get free online course material along with detailed project tutorial videos. This helps you to learn the basics well and then apply them practically in your projects.

We found the online tutorial videos to be very helpful in explaining the concepts to the kids and completing their projects easily.

Free Subscription to Avishkaar Maker Studio

You get a complimentary subscription to Avishkaar Maker Studio with this mega IoT kit. 

It is a block-based visual programming software tool that is used for developing apps, games, and IoT projects. It also acts as an online simulator. 

With this Maker Studio, your kids can get the chance for participating in robotics competitions.

Mobile Apps Controlled Projects 

It is a robust mega IoT kit that enables your kids to unleash the power of IoT. 

Your kids learn to create automated and advanced electronic projects that can be controlled using smartphone apps developed by using MIT App Inventor.

As the name suggests, MIT App Inventor is an online tool for creating mobile apps that can be used for controlling the IoT projects prepared using this kit.

We found the MIT app inventor to be a reliable and useful tool that teaches the kids to develop mobile apps and use them for controlling their IoT projects.

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for kids in the age group of 8 years and above for developing problem-solving skills and coding skills. 

It works great for introducing the concepts of the Internet of things (IoT), automation, robotics, and programming; among kids. 

It is an ideal gift for all the kids in its targeted age group as it keeps them engaged for hours while completing their DIY projects.


Learning of Futuristic Skills

Avishkaar mega kit is an excellent educational kit for your kids as it provides the learning of futuristic skills including the Internet of things (IOT), app development, programming, and wearable technologies.

As per our observations, it provides a great opportunity for your kids to learn the advanced concepts related to modern-day technology including robotics, automation, coding, etc.

Easy and Understandable Curriculum

This mega kit is suitably designed for kids above 8 years as it features an easy and understandable curriculum that can be easily grasped by the kids. This curriculum is prepared by mapping to International accredited systems.

Our research with this mega kit indicated that it comprises a simple electronic design system that is designed to teach advanced technological concepts in an effortless manner.

We are sure your kids would easily create various electronics and IoT projects with this kit. 

Easy to make DIY IoT projects 

Avishkaar mega kit comprises a block coding based software interface that makes it unbelievably easy for your kids to learn high-level coding and build many electronic projects at such a young age.

Your kids would feel a great sense of accomplishment in learning programming skills and completing various projects.

Boost Creativity and Imagination 

It is an excellent mega kit that helps to boost creativity and imagination in your kids. Your kids would be thrilled to complete over 100 projects using this mega kit.

We observed that this mega kit provides exciting and engaging playful learning for your kids.

It encourages the kids to unleash their imaginative skills and develop an immense interest in coding and robotics; which are shaping our current and future world.  

Detailed Project Tutorial Videos

With this mega IoT kit, you get access to comprehensive project tutorials that explain in detail by using easy-to-comprehend language. 

It also explains the process of assembling the project accurately in a step-by-step manner.  

We found that these videos help a lot in understanding the basic concepts and work-flow required for completing the project.

Access to Worldwide Maker Community

As your kids start tinkering with various components of the mega IoT kit, they would be amazed to interact with the worldwide maker community for sharing their thoughts and learning. 


We don’t find anything negative about this IoT kit.


Our research with the Avishkaar mega kit indicates that it is an ideal kit that stimulates the brainpower and creativity among kids. 

It also develops their interest in the Robotics, Apps Development, and Programming fields; that are shaping our current and futuristic world.