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Dolly is a part of the content creation team at Her strength lies in creating content about sports, fitness and lifestyle. Creating art, drinking coffee and reading books, makes her happy when not working with reviews.

6 Best Coconut Oil for Hair and Cooking

Coconut oil is the most versatile oil in the world. It seems like every other day, someone is coming up with new and genius ways to use coconut oil. Do you want silky, smooth, long, and thick hair? Apply coconut oil on your hair! Want to get rid of that garlic smell from your hands […]

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Do Ceiling Fans Save Energy?

In India, ceiling fans are installed in almost all the houses. Not all the houses have the luxury of using air conditioners due to the practical challenges of installing an air conditioner in the property or due to budget of Air Conditioner Even in the properties, both residential and commercial, where air conditioners are installed, […]

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Bottled water vs purified water

Optimal water intake is essential for your overall health. Every cell in your body requires water to function efficiently. This is why you should keep yourself hydrated throughout the day as it also reflects our health.  Most of you might know how important it is to drink water and stay hydrated but might be confused […]

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Best Garam Masalas

It’s impossible to imagine Indian cuisine without spices. Among the various spices, Garam Masala rules supreme as it makes up a vital part of your everyday meals. The freshness and aroma of the spices provide a distinctly rich flavour and taste to the dishes. Garam masala is the soul of Indian cuisine, and it is […]

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Godrej WS Edge 680 CT 6.8kg Washing Machine Review

Godrej is among the most trusted and famous brands in India. The brand has been in existence in India for over a decade, earning trust from Indian clients because of its quality, efficient, durable, yet effective washing machines. The WS Edge 680 CT 6.8kg is a semi-automated washing machine from Godrej that comes loaded with […]

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Best Charcoal soaps

You can not miss activated charcoal, especially in the health and beauty line. This one ingredient is everywhere – in hair care like shampoos, skincare like face washes, face masks, and even oral care. It has multiple benefits! It draws out pollutants, oils, and other impurities from the skin. Due to all these benefits, charcoal soap bars […]

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Zebronics Zeb-Masterpiece BT Portable Speaker Review

The Zeb-Masterpiece BT Portable Speaker comes from the renowned brand Zebronics. The brand was founded in 1997, and it prides itself on providing quality, affordable, and durable sound systems, gaming peripherals, and mobile accessories. The brands’ mission is to offer products that have great designs and excellent performance. This particular model comes with all these […]

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