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Dolly is a part of the content creation team at Her strength lies in creating content about sports, fitness and lifestyle. Creating art, drinking coffee and reading books, makes her happy when not working with reviews.

Importance of Environment

The importance of a healthy environment is beyond any description.  The existence and sustainability of our life on this planet are possible only due to our environment.  It comprises every living and non-living entity in our surroundings including human beings, plants, animals, soil, water, air, etc.  Our earth provides us everything we need to live […]

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Common Refrigerator Replacement Parts

Refrigerators are one of the essential kitchen appliances given the role they play in keeping your food fresh. Stocking your supplies in this appliance for several weeks or even months shows how much trust you’ve put on it. As such, to avoid disappointments, your refrigerator has to be at its optimum performance always. However, sometimes […]

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How to Organize Your Refrigerator

So you’ve got a new refrigerator in your kitchen and wondering how to organize it? Well, stick with this guide and make sure everything is in the right place. Many people have a tendency of sticking their shopping where they can squeeze it.  Apart from a neat appearance, organizing your refrigerator will also make it […]

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How to remove paint from hands

Painting is an entrancing experience that keeps you engrossed completely for hours. Whether you’re painting walls at your home or painting images for any artwork, your focused creative exploits invariably leave you with painted hands and skin. While some paints are easily removed by washing with soap and water, others are hard to remove paints […]

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