Aura Hibiscus Flower King Size Cotton Bed Sheet Review

Good quality bed sheets are essential for a good night’s sleep. With all the focus on pillows and mattresses, while shopping for sleeping accessories, bed sheets become one of the most overlooked products. 

Without a decent bed sheet, you will never feel comfortable sleeping, no matter how good your mattress or pillow is. You do not want to end up with a scratchy sheet while spending a lot of money on the mattress. 

A good sheet will not only enhance your sleeping experience but also make your other purchases worth it. 

We got our hands on one of the best bed sheets in the market from Cosee that checks all the requirements. We had a good time using it, and we have outlined some of the features and our experience with it.

Aura Hibiscus


There is no denying the beauty of this bed sheet with a hibiscus flower design that immediately catches your eye. It is pretty and soothing to look at. 

The colours are vibrant, and the sheet itself feels sturdy yet comfy.

The moment we put it on our bed, it instantly enhanced the room’s vibe and gave it a different feel. This is probably due to the floral and natural artwork that puts the mind at ease. 


This is a well-made bed sheet from Cosee that redefines luxury. The huge 300 thread count is far more than standard bed sheets at the same price. 

The individual threads have a size of 60’s x 60’s made using fine combed cotton that is the base material for this bed sheet. If you do not understand these terms, it simply translates to a luxurious product in market language. 

The use of superior cotton material is a testament to the high quality of this bed sheet. The sheet felt nice on the skin and provided us a very comfortable feeling. 


Cosee bed sheets are made from a unique satin drying process that makes it extremely smooth. 

A lot of effort is put into the manufacturing process to ensure that the colour does not fade away after a few washes, unlike other sheets in the market. 

We did not see any change in the colour or even the sheet’s texture after washing it. It retains the colour palette and a comfortable feel. 

This ensures longevity, and you will not need to replace it frequently, making it the best one-time buy option. 

Design and size

Aura Hibiscus 1

Cosee has employed some of the best designers to provide you with intricately designed bed sheets, with this hibiscus floral design being one of them. 

They are quite different from regular sheets that are commonly used. The attractive looks of the sheet perfectly compliment the quality and make it a good all-round product.

The sheet has enough fabric suitable for any type of bed. The massive dimensions of this sheet can fit even a king-size bed. 

The sheet comes with two pillow cases, which have the same printed design as your bedsheet. This will allow you to have a complete set and give your bed a uniform look.


  • Vibrant colour and eye-catching design
  • Comes with two free pillowcases allowing you to have a matching set for the bed.
  • The overall comfort offered by the sheet improved the quality of our sleep. 
  • Long-lasting durability. Buying one of Cosee’s bed sheets will ensure you do not have to buy another one for a long time.


  • No major negative point observed while using the bedsheet just that the floral design may not be appealing to everyone or match the decor of all bedrooms. 


Overall, this is a premium quality bed sheet that comes at an affordable price, giving you a bang for your buck. It is packed with good features and guarantees improved sleeping habits. 

If you wish to get a comfy bed sheet at a reasonable price, you need not look further as this is the product you want.