Amazon prime membership – worth it or not?

Amazon Prime subscription comes with lots of features. The one month pack will cost you INR 129, and if you plan to recharge the 1-year pack, it will cost you INR 999. The real question is tha,t is this subscription worth it? Can you utilize the money properly, or is it just another waste of money. Let’s find out about that in details that is amazon prime membership is worth recharging or not.

Worth it or not?

More than 100 million people are connected with amazon prime services globally. As a prime member, you will have access to unlimited features at such a limited price. The subscription fee was a little less before and now has increased a bit since 2018.

Free shipping

The first and commonly used premium feature is that the shipping cost will become free. This means if you buy something from Amazon, you don’t have to cross a certain amount to avail of your free shipping. Amazon Prime members are eligible for free shipping no matter what the amount is.

It will also provide you with the prime delivery feature, which means one-day delivery if you live in a proper town area or two-day shipping for semi-urban areas. The one-day delivery usually costs around rs.50 for non-prime users, which will be saved if you have the subscription.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is almost the same as Netflix, but with different shows and movies. The Amazon Prime video has video and music content worth 7 billion dollars as of 2019.

Not only will it provide you with tv-series and movies but also you can subscribe to over 100 channels of your choice, and you will be paying for the channel you want only. This means you can use this on your computer screen or laptop as a tv too. The streaming quality is Ultra HD and comes with built-in subtitles.

Cloud storage

It is a commonly known fact that you have to pay for using cloud services. Amazon Prime subscription will let you use their cloud services for no extra charges. They will provide you with up to 5GB of cloud storage to upload and share photos.

People with Apple devices know how costly cloud storage can be, so this is a great deal, and you can cut out the extra bucks you have been spending to increase your iCloud storage. Also, you will get an additional 5GB space for videos and other files too.

Shopping deals

This is one of the perks of having an Amazon Prime membership. You will be eligible for the offers Amazon put up only for its prime users. The discounts are set differently for prime and non-prime users. You will get early access to a newly launched product; an extra 30 minutes before the actual launch time on the website.

It is called Prime early access. You will get more cashback, offers, discounts on every purchase if you are an Amazon Prime user.

Try clothes at home

One of the best features that are only available for prime users is that you can use the prime wardrobe to try new clothes at home. This means you can order any cloth online, then try them out and decide for yourself that if you want to keep it or not. You will be given seven days to decide, after that time period you will be asked to pay for the item. This way, you can see if the clothing fits you or not before you buy it.

Access to books, magazines, and comics

People who love to read books or comic books will love this feature of Amazon Prime. Prime users are eligible to prime reading, which will let you choose up to 10 titles out of 1000 options as a perk of the subscription. From amazon’s kindle library, you will be entitled to read one book per month for free.

Also, you can choose to pay an additional amount of rs.250 and rs.550 that will give you access to unlimited books out of a thousand options. You can also set parental controls on the books that your kids will or will not be able to read or purchase.

Unlimited music

Music is an important part of our life. Along with all the features that we discussed, you will also get a Prime Music feature with it. Amazon prime subscription will let you choose from a growing selection of 2 million songs to listen to ad-free. You will get the same services as any other music application premium service.

So why waste money separately on any different music apps when you have a prime membership? If you want to expand your options, then you can go for a plan that will allow you to choose songs from a library of tens of millions of songs, and also you can download as many songs as you want to listen to while you are offline.

Twitch services

Twitch is a platform mostly gamers use it for live streaming purposes. Amazon Prime members are eligible for a free Twitch channel subscription, prime exclusive chat badge, etc. Twitch services are primarily connected with amazon services.


You can utilize the prime membership properly if you live in a proper town area. Starting from the same-day delivery to two-hour delivery, you will be eligible to all. The latest mobile phone launches, free delivery, free ebooks, free audiobooks, free podcasts, it is a complete package no matter what you like, it will provide you with all.

The 1-year membership will cost you less than doing every other month, so go for that one. This amazon prime membership service is a very good value for money, and in modern times, every one of us needs services like this in our day to day life.

Koushik Mondal

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